Friday, March 8, 2013

15 Minutes a Day to a Dirty House

I saw a Pin on Pinterest with the title, "15 Minutes a Day to a Clean House." I thought, well, I could give all kinds of advice on keeping a dirty house.

Don't get me wrong. Cleaning is good. It is. It's just not my top priority. It's more like thirty-seven on my list. It falls somewhere between daydreaming about making a bundt cake and the idea of rolling quarters.

Since I'm so nice and generous, I'm sharing my top five secrets to keeping an unclean house. (You're welcome.)

1. Walk on by the piles. Consider them decorations. Magazines feature oodles of homes with stacks of books and collections. Why not call your piles "collections?"

2. Don't glance at the bathroom sink. What the eye doesn't see, the mind won't want to clean.

3. "Forget" to buy cleaners. I think the benefits of this are obvious.

4. Decide the vacuum is too traumatizing for your pets. Park that machine in the closet. For good.

5. Use the fifteen minutes you could have been cleaning to prop your feet on the couch and close your eyes. You deserve some me-time.

Come on, share your best tip on keeping that house dirty!!

Have a fantastic weekend!


  1. Love it!

    My #1 tip for keeping a dirty house?

    Have kids. It won't be clean AT LEAST until they're in college.

  2. Love this, Jill! And it was great to visit with you in-person yesterday!

  3. I'm really good at this. In fact, I might be the best at this! Excel in this area. :D

    Leave so many piles on your bedroom floor it's difficult to walk. Yep, this is where my clothes live--on my floor.

  4. I can always count on a smile here! :)

    My tip: Give the ceiling fans a workout. That way no one will notice the dust bunnies there.

  5. LOL!!

    Sorry, girl. I'm kind of OCD with keeping a CLEAN house. :)

  6. Hehehe, this is hilarious. I'm pretty sure I don't even need 15 minutes to make a mess. My tip: Let the walk-in closet floor get lost in piles of clothes. (And no, I never walk in to the closet and pick out the day's outfit from the pile...never... :) )

  7. :-D Take photographs of the piles, er, collections, and entitle them Domestic Sculpture

  8. Decide that writing is far more important than cleaning.

  9. Kids. My four-year-old is an expert at keeping my living room floor covered in plastic dinosaurs.

  10. Ahhh!! Love all these (except for you, Jennifer Shirk! How dare you be a clean freak? Ha! Ha!) Thanks so much for adding your tips!

  11. My brother has really bad OCD and HAS to clean. Moi? Seriously, I truly do not care.
    If anyone came here, they'd swear we were trolls.

  12. Watch an episode of Hoarders. Then you won't feel so bad about your slightly untidy house. :)

  13. I heard a saying once that I think you'll appreciate:

    My house is clean enough to be healthy but dirty enough to be happy.

  14. Haha! Your post made me laugh! I guess you’re the first blogger that ever taught me how to make my house dirty, but you see, a lot of dirt can mean a lot of diseases for you and your housemates, specifically speaking, allergies. Bugs love dirty places, you know. I hope you’re not serious about keeping a dirty house, Jill! :)

    [ Kylee Groves ]

  15. Thanks, everyone for chiming in! Loved these comments! Kylee, as much as I hate to admit it, I do clean regularly! :)

  16. I finally found an area suited to my expertise! Thanks ;D


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