Friday, March 1, 2013

New Teas! 2 Minute Resolution Vlog

March is here and I'm trying new tea flavors! I drink a ton of hot tea, so it's fun to go beyond my usual and get a little exotic.

Black teas are my favorite. I love the depth and rich flavors. Herbal teas typically are too weak or something for me, but I have a few I sip now and then.

Last month, my resolution was to sketch every weekday. This didn't happen, but I sketched more than I had in three years, so I'm happy!

Do you have anything you're focusing on this month? I'd love to hear it! And let me know what you're sipping lately!

Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. You're like me, I love to look thru the tea aisle. All the boxes are so pretty and the flavors look so fun. LOL
    Lately, I've been drinking Bigelow brand "Orange and Spice" with a little honey in it. That is my dessert at night with a couple of Girl Scout cookies. HEAVEN!!

  2. Constant Comment is my fall-back tea...good old standard:) I love licorice teas. Stash has a good one, but my favorites are loose leaf teas, and I'll even drop Anise seeds in to strengthen that flavor. I have a little 20 oz. pot Hubby bought me to steep it in. YUM! I've never tried a chocolate tea, and while I love chocolate, I'm not sure about that combo. I may have to trust you on it and give it a try!

  3. I adore loose-leaf teas, and recently I've even started creating my own blends. So much fun, and so addictive! I made one called Winter's Dream that has cinnamon and cocoa nibs in it, and oh, it is amazingly good.

    With all the sickness going around this winter, I've also been experimenting with creating my own herbal tea blends. Peppermint ginger is my favorite! Raspberry-hibiscus-rosehip is also good, if you don't mind some intense brightness in your tea.

  4. It's like sucking on a breath mint! LOL

    I love Irish Breakfast tea with honey and a splash of real heavy cream. But I'm like you, I buy teas all the time. Vanilla Current, Blackberry and spice...but I usually go back to my Irish. :)

  5. Hi Jill - I enjoyed watching your vlog. I had to chime in and agree with Susan on the licorice tea! My favourite brand of tea that I've found is Yogi teas and my favourite of those is their Egyptian Licorice. I love this tea (and I don't like black licorice). They have a whole variety of flavors and are pretty widely available but they will usually be either in the organic section of the grocery store or in a natural foods store.

  6. I love green tea, but, as you said, they are too weak sometimes. Moroccan mint is awesome! Very refreshing, super healthy, try it!
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. Good old Tetley for everyday with a packet of Splenda Vanilla. Earl Grey is special occasion tea. Add hot, frothy milk and a dash of vanilla to Earl Grey and you have a London Fog. I also adore Chai

  8. I am an Earl Grey with cream, and a Green Chai fan.

    If you go to the ACFW conference this year in Indy, there is an awesome tea shop on the circle, right behind Subway.

  9. I've been participating in Curves Complete since the beginning of the year. The diet portion of the program required me to give up sugar. Now, I was a sweet tea addict, so the thought of drinking tea without sugar had no appeal whatsoever. However, since my only other option was plain water, I decided to be brave.

    To my surprise, I've grown to really enjoy a wide variety of herbal teas. My kitchen cupboard is replete with selections now. I vary them throughout the day, starting off with Lemon Zinger to wake my taste buds up and winding down with Sleepytime or a camomile blend.

  10. Ooo, thanks, everyone!! I'm taking notes on all these delicious flavors! I haven't tried many you suggested. Thank you SO much for popping over and sharing your favorites! I appreciate it!!

  11. It's been a while since I stopped by. What fun! Let's see, what do I like to sip, well, Diet Vanilla Pepsi. Only one a day and I'm trying to kick the habit.


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