Monday, July 29, 2013

Gearing Up for VBS!

This week I have the privilege of leading a group of preschoolers at our church's vacation Bible school. When I was young, VBS was always a highlight of summer. I loved singing fun songs, snacking on cookies, and making crafts. My mom usually volunteered, and I would see my friends from Sunday school.

It's been a few years since I've taught VBS, so I had to dust off all the tricks I've learned from various teaching gigs. One thing I'm very grateful for--my classroom helper, my own daughter!

A successful week depends on a number of things.

* Preparing a variety of ten minute activities appropriate for ages four to six.

Our church is using a block-style, rotation schedule, but the youngest kids will be done with the "singing" block well before the allotted twenty-five minutes. It's my job to keep them occupied. :)

    a. 2-3 songs with actions, like "This Little Light of Mine"
    b. Foam sticker projects
    c. Washable markers and paper animals to color
    d. Stickers
    e. Coloring Sheets
    f. A few games geared around the theme, Go Tell It On the Mountain


* Having a relaxed attitude. 

My goal is for the children to learn about God in a fun environment. Aren't we trying to create happy memories? The kids aren't only hearing the lessons, they are watching our actions. Let's let our lights shine!

* Prayer.

Children are precious to me. I pray for them to be saved, to have good home lives, and to let God's love see them through each day.

* Rest.

The exciting week always, always exhausts me! I will be taking naps and taking it easy.

Did you go to VBS as a child? What are your best memories?

Have a terrific day!


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  2. Enjoy your week! Fun age group to work with.

    1. They are a fun group! My daughter and I are really enjoying them. Precious!

  3. Okay, confession: I did not like going to VBS as a kid. Haha!! I was the girl who just wanted to be out in her treehouse reading and writing...not doing crafts inside. Hehehe...BUT probably part of my not liking VBS had to do with the fact that we actually went to VBS at a different church than we actually none of my friends were there. But by the time I was in high school, my church started doing VBS and I helped out with it...totally had a blast with that. So...I came around. :)

    Hope you have a fun week, Jill!!

    1. Hey, I get it, Melissa! It's stressful for kids to be thrust into a group of strangers. We try to keep the kids busy and enjoying themselves!

  4. Oh! Have fun. I never really went to VBS, but they are huge around here. I'll be praying for your week and for the little kids who lives you'll touch:)

    1. Thanks for the prayers, Susan! It warms my heart to hear even our tiny members praising the Lord!

  5. I loved VBS and I remember making the coolest crafts, saying the pledges and puppet shows! Some of my best memories! Have a wonderful time. You'll be a great and fun teacher.

    1. I loved all the songs we sang. And the cookies. I'm always a sucker for cookies! :) Thanks!

  6. I liked the songs we learned, so different from my regular church's songs. These were fun and lively.


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