Friday, July 2, 2010

One Goal Friday: July 2, 2010

Holiday weekend! Do we even want to set goals? Of course we do!

Last week, my goal was to enter in all revisions and send the book to my critique partners. No, I didn't meet my goal. Came close, though. I still have to enter a few chapters' revisions. I was blessed with opportunities to see family, and I don't always get those moments during the school year.

Here are your goals:
Katie: Add another 12k to ms
CJ: Get windshield repaired for inspection
Wendy: Find time to edit and revise while on vacation
Kelly F: Keep eyes open for everything
Lynn: Let go, lay family issues at God's feet, and not struggle to come up with solutions
Janna: Find balance between writing, kids, and home
Julie J: Organize upcoming writing tasks
Sherrinda: Edit one chapter a day
Cindy: Hit 58k
Terri: Hit 75k (Congrats! I know you hit this one!)
Melissa: Complete chapter ten of ms
Nancy: Finalize preparations for daughter's wedding (Congratulations!!)
Quiet Spirit: Help husband and friend get the apartment cleaned
Susan JR: Continue edits and work on non-fiction stuff
Maria: Taking Sunday school class out for swimming and tubing
Loree H: Get through five chapters of final revisions (Welcome!!)
Amy: Exercise four mornings

How did you do? You are ambitious this summer!

My new goal is to find a bit of quiet time for myself each day. We've had a busy pace for summer, and I'm ready to slow down.

What one goal will enhance your life this week?
Please leave your goal in the comment section. Newcomers are welcome to participate, and don't worry if you can't stop by every Friday--my blog's goal isn't to add stress but to be a place of support.

And join me next week for a kick-off of July's topic: The Writer's Life.
Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I am trying to make the most of each day with my kids and summer vacation. I really want to appreciate each and every day! :O)

  2. I got the windshield repaired. Glass company did the repair right in my driveway! This week's goal to get health records and other paperwork needed to send The Young One off to college. I like your idea of me time too.

  3. Got 'er done. Next week's goal is the same - another 12k words.

    Hope you have a super fantabulous holiday weekend, Jill!!

  4. Okay, it may be a trek for most of you, but I HIGHLY recommend the Holy Land Experience to ANYONE!
    At times, it was a little hokey, but it was GREAT!
    We stood there, soaking wet with sweat, and watched a performance, live, about Christ's death and ressurection.
    (Great around Easter for a church group!)
    It was magnificent.
    It was funny, moving, educational...and HOTTTT! oh man! was it ever hot!
    Whew! Thank God for refillable waters!

    I did what I planned. I met my goal!
    I kept my senses open to everything, and really REALLY experienced the place.
    I am trying to train my senses to keep on doing it on a regular basis.

    New goal?
    Hmm..write like MAD over the holiday weekend! :D

  5. I'm picking up my memoir manuscript after letting it rest for three weeks. On to the next draft!

  6. Traveling and writing at the same time - joy ahead!

  7. I didn't quite meet my goal...grrrr. But THIS week I am totally off work, so I hope this is the week to whip it out!

    Edit a chapter a day!

  8. I am writing more! Which is a goal in itself. I aim to write two more chapters this week AND to reach my fitness goals for the spring...(finish the 60 day Insanity Program) Here's hopin'!

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  10. Practice piano every day. Read/write every day.

  11. My week was better last week. I think I acheived my goal! This week's goal is to complete my homework assignments. Happy Independance Day to my American blogging buddies.

  12. Thanks for your comment yesterday! My goal is to stop getting stressed about goals and just get done what I can. I think when I make goals, it makes my life worse! :o)

  13. Didn't quite reach my goal this week but am making up for it today.


    My goal is to get through 4 chapters of revision and to have a great weekend with my kids, family, and good friends.

    Thanks for the welcome and Happy Fourth to all.

  14. I was on vacation and wrote like crazy! Really I should vacation more often. I hope to complete 8 or 9K this week. Fingers crossed! Happy fourth!

  15. Hi Jill -

    I worked on a one-sheet. My week was KO'd by a broken tooth and a dental visit.

    Susan :)

  16. Jill:
    We were able to get some of SIL's personal things distributed this past week.
    This week, I have to edit a script for a skit at church. Also, help husband get more of her personal things out of the apartment.

  17. I'm glad I met my goal, it felt good to make that progress. My goal for next week has nothing to do with writing. It's to make peace with starting over. (I'll explain later.) Hope you have a good weekend.

  18. This weekend, I want to relax on my two days off from work!!! YAY!


  19. I'm with you for next week - more quiet time.
    Happy 4th!
    Karen :)

  20. My goal: get those darling cream bags of watermellon candies done or else. And I want to celebrate the 4th of July, even if it is only with decorating my house a bit and putting out a flag.

  21. The exercising did not go quite at planned. Going to work on it again this week.

  22. To safely travel from Normal to Nashville to Terre Haute and home in just a few days.

    Blessings to you, dear!


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