Monday, July 19, 2010

Hurry, Hurry, Rush, Rush

My life bolts forward at one speed: fast.

I hate to miss a minute of my morning writing sessions, so I throw a pot of coffee on, take the puppy out, feed the cat, and skip upstairs to my office every weekday. Thirty minutes of catching up on e-mails and social networks puts me in a good mood. I'm ready to plunge into my writing/revising tasks. The time disappears...until life takes over and I have to drag myself out of the office and back into the real world.

Then it's often hurry, hurry, rush, rush. Get the kids out of the house, at least on a bike ride, or run a few errands. Prep dinner, clean up, take the dog for a walk, eat dinner, clean up dinner, and debate exercising.

Do I run? Do I make an ice-cream cone? Run? Ice-cream?


I usually run, come home, and make an ice-cream cone. Best of both worlds, you know?

It's a good thing I'm high-energy, because I'm rarely relaxing on the couch before nine. I love to read a book or magazine at night. But there's always something in the back of my head saying, call so-and-so, or write next week's blogs, or don't forget to update the websites next week, and on it goes.

What about you? Is your life hurry, hurry, rush, rush? Or have you managed to carve out an unhurried order to your days?

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  1. Nope! You described my life exactly! It's often a blur of rushing! I don't get to rest much until the kids are in bed either. And usually my resting involves some kind of writing task, but one that I like. And occasionally I indulge in a great book! But ya know, it's the life stage we're in with busy families and trying to juggle our writing. I don't expect that it will get any easier while our children are young and at home. We'll have to continue to do that balancing act!

  2. My life is hurry and rush and there have been days on the weekend that I have had to force myself to just stop and relax. But lately the only way I have been able to enjoy a good book is by listening to it on CD because I am alwasy going from one place to the next.

  3. I don't like hurrying or rushing. It's too stressful. At the same time, I rarely sit and read a book in the morning but I do carve out afternoons so that I'm either reading, writing or doing something with the kids. I try to use the mornings for errands, appointments, cleaning, etc.
    Life goes fast enough, why rush it? *grin*
    That said, I probably need to get out of the blogosphere now and get to work! :-)

  4. Good morning!

    Jody: True! It is a life stage, and I'm happy. We're blessed to have both the busy family and the writing!

    Amy: I think you're on to something with the audio books. Our library stocks tons of them--I might check it out!

    Jessica: Great attitude! Life is too short! But I kind of like my hurry/rush weekdays. One thing at least, I don't get bored!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  5. Some days you rush, and some days you need to take time to smell the roses.

  6. Blog? Shower? Blog? Shower? *sigh* Procrastinate?

    I struggle with this a lot. yesterday I was so busy and so stressed because it was nonstop rushing around, and I hadn't slept well at night due to my roommate grinding her teeth (shall have to talk to her about it)... just about to burst into tears. I made myself wake up at 8:30 this morning instead of 7, and I feel better.

  7. I have the luxery right now of going as slow as I want but try to get around in the am and do my important things so I can relax in the am. But when I work again, I do know that rush.

  8. Yes, way too rush/rush lately.
    Saturday was the first weekend in AGES that not a THING blemished the calendar.

    Can't wait to meet you, little fireball!


  9. Though the days do fly by each week, wait, is it almost August?? See what I mean? But I try to keep the rush ordered and manageable with weekly itineraries that I write and stick to always.

  10. It is during the school year, for sure! Big time. But the summer is such a slower-paced, lovely, rejuvinating time for me. I love, love, love them!

  11. When we used to live near campus, my husband and I were known to jog to the local ice cream place, get ice cream and walk home. How's that for a great workout! At least I had motivation to run a little faster.

  12. My life is not full of hurry. I've never been ambitious or driven, never in a rush. So many things that could over pack my day and spike my adrenaline just aren't important in the long run.

    Boiled down, life can be good at a slower pace. It just takes thoughtful prioritization to purge the unneeded while keeping what really counts.

  13. Yes, I'm definitely hurry, hurry, rush, rush. I usually have a list of at least two or three more things I need to do before I finish what I'm doing at that moment. I used to keep a list on my kitchen counter of all the things I wanted to accomplish that day. Once I got them done, I'd let myself relax. I think I should go back to doing that some days :)

  14. School days are rush, rush. Summers are relaxing. Mainly because I insist on doing nothing! :)

  15. I have purposely made it so that I do not rush in life. This means I've cut down on my activities, but I had to really look at if those activities were hindering me or benefitting me. I usually found that it was the former. My daughter has followed my role, whether consciously or subconsciously, or perhaps she's just wired the way I am. She has her art lesson once a week, but other than that, she is most content to stay home, draw, play with her Littlest Pet Shops and WebKinz, and relax. The result? We are much more content. We enjoy the simpler pleasures of life - spotting a cardinal flying by, or watching the ducks' lopsided walk, or feeling the breeze on our face when we ride bikes. It's wonderful.

  16. I have a fairly low busyness threshold. I think that's why I love to escape into my fictional world as often as I can. :)

  17. summer is complete chaos around here. it's all I can do to keep the house from falling apart at the seams.... all the friends over, food flying, pool playing. Good stuff, but crazy. and loud.

  18. CJ: Speaking of roses, a beautiful red rose is about to bloom beside my deck. I will take time to smell it today!

    Abby: I feel your pain. I once had a roommate who ate M&M's at 3am. It disturbed me!

    Terri: You have the right attitude. Some times in life are naturally more busy than others.

    Patti: Nice! I relaxed yesterday too. Great feeling!

    Joanne: Yes! I agree--we have to organize our days, but boy, sometimes they go quick!

    Katie: My summers were less hurried when my kids were younger, and I have fond memories of those days. You made me smile! Enjoy this time!

    Julie: That's my kind of workout!

    Eleven: Too true, and so hard for me to do! I'll keep it in mind. :)

    Cindy: Great idea! I'm better at keeping a daily goal list during the school year, but I could see where that would help in the summer too.

    Sherrinda: Love that attitude!!

    Melissa: Your daughter is being blessed with time. I agree that rushing from this activity to that can be stressful for the whole family.

    Erica: Me too. And my new world is calling out to me!!

    Tess: Wow, you just described my life! Sending you a virtual iced-tea and saluting you!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  19. The only way I've managed to cut a bit of hurry, hurry, rush, rush out of my life is by largely ignoring housework. That only works until I actually do have to clean, though. Then, it's a marathon of exhausting, no time for fun, no time for writing, nose to the grindstone. So I'm not sure it's working all that way in the long run.

    You're definitely not alone.

    - Liz

  20. My life involves a bit of both. Sounds kind of rare! With a college-bound daughter, I'm heading into a different phase of life. I'm committed to several areas of outreach in our church, so depending on the week, it can definitely be described as 'hurry & rush.' But I can honestly say that I've found a bit more time to write this summer, which has been great!! Have a blessed week, Jill!!

  21. Liz: Oh yeah! Housework is never tops on my list. I keep up with the danger-zone areas like dishes, laundry, and general tidiness, but I let mopping and such slide!

    Maria: My heart is tugging--college bound daughter. So exciting, and yet, not easy on mom. I'm so glad you've found more time to write and the outreach sounds terrific.

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  22. It is rush, rush. And I live on a farm. Even though it is summer and there's no home-school, it is canning time. Plus, all our animals. Plus hospital visits.

    I am getting my writing done. And Jill! I am finally ready to query. Start this week. I kinda went in and fixed some things. I am so glad I waited. Anyway, I have missed you. See you soon. *hugs*

  23. Sounds like we're living the same life Jill! Except for the upstairs office thing. How I WISH I had a space of my own!!!

  24. I feel the same...I did a post about taking time to breath. I need to go back and reread it (post flooded basement) and see if it helps.

    Thanks for joining in on the fun on my random question/prize blog party...

  25. I don't do slow well at all. I am learning.

  26. Robyn: A farm! Yum! I know it's a ton of work, but a farm is fun too. We're gardening but I don't can. You rock! And yay on querying!! Good for you!

    T.Anne: I'll share, come on over. :) I have to say, it's been nice to hear I'm not alone on the hectic pace. I thought summer would wind things down, but with the kids home, we're still really busy!

    Sharon: I need to re-read it too! So easy to say, so hard to do. At least for me! And your blog party makes me smile. :)

    Tabitha: When you learn it, come teach me!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  27. I feel exhausted just reading your post.

  28. Many days are hurry rush and crazy. Then something like my recent episode of having trouble breathing happens and I realize I need to slow down. I need to get things done, but also enjoy each day to it's fullest. And some days that's taking the kids to the pool for the afternoon and soaking it all in. Other days it's writing like crazy, doing errands, and cleaning house. I'm trying to take each day as it comes and most of all savor the moment:)

  29. My life is busy right now. I know I need to carve out quiet time for myself to rest, read and think. When the day is too full,I just need to stay up until I get my time. If I tried to sleep after a very busy day, I'd be up all night. So It's quicker to just take the time and then sleep.

  30. I've carved out some semblance of order, but it's still hurry and rush.

    write, kids, work, clean, bed...and it starts all over.

    No. I've not heard of very many people who aren't rushing around...even if they don't work for a living, they're always busy.

    I think it keeps life sane, actually.
    When I didn't have anything to do with my second son at home, I almost went crazy...I needed to work again.
    I NEEDED it. I had to work to become sane again.
    if that makes ANY sense.


    Good luck!
    btw, I can hardly stand having to drag myself out of writing in the morning...the only thing making it easy is that I get to snuggle my little ones before we get them dressed.

    Check out It's a big change, but it's worth it. :D

  31. Wow, good job! You sound like one of those supermoms every kid wishes they had.
    I'd have to say I'm pretty lazy compared to you. I get up at 8 but then I waste at least an hour before doing anything, and then I sit and read my book for English, and then maybe I'd send an e-mail.....
    Oh well. At least I saved it for the summer.

  32. Patti: Ha! It's not that bad. When I'm not driven toward a goal, life slows down for me, but right now I'm definitely driven!

    Kara: We're blessed with a community pool. With the heat wave this summer, we've spent a lot of time there! It builds in some breathing time.

    Nancy: Oh, I know! You can't skip "me" time--your body won't let you!

    Kelly: I'm laid back by nature, so this phase of my life challenges me. I have been keeping up with the house better--I thought of you!

    Maria: Oh, no. I'm no supermom. And we change when our life changes. I had a few years of a slow pace when my kids were very young and I don't regret that. In a few years, my life will change again and so will the pace.

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  33. Hi Jill -

    Even though I'm out of work, I always seem to have more tasks than I can get done. Life hit hard the last couple of weeks with a broken tooth and dentist appointments.

    Wish I had the high energy you enjoy. I'd buy some if you could package it up and mail it. :)



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