Wednesday, September 24, 2014

What Says Autumn to You?

It's officially autumn. I'm blessed to live in the Midwest where we have four seasons. Some years it feels like one season (winter), and others we skip a season (spring) but we always, always have fall.

We've had unusually hot Septembers lately, which can trick us into thinking fall won't come. But there's a sure sign it's arriving--cold mornings. I take my little dog out each morning, and I know summer is almost over when I need a sweater and tennis shoes. No more flip-flops for this girl!

The leaves slowly morph from green to red or yellow or orange or even brown. One day everything seems green. The next? It's an explosion of fall colors. I love that!! The only downside is that this color burst lasts roughly 7-10 days. A relentless rain never fails to beat all the pretty leaves to the ground. Then the world becomes dreary and gray.

Things I can't live without in autumn? 

- A fire in our fireplace on cold Sundays
- A cozy blanket to wrap up in
- Cinnamon flavored cream for my coffee
- Winter squash
- Apples in my crisper
- Mashed potatoes (and roast beef)
- Long walks through the wooded park nearby
- The sun on my face even when it's getting cold
- A pretty fall wreath on my door
- Several bags of Halloween candy to be eaten by yours truly
- The anticipation of the upcoming holidays
- Replacing my light summer quilt with a heavier bedspread

Each season holds a special spot in my heart, and autumn is right up there!!

What says autumn to you?

Have a terrific day!!


  1. You've nailed nearly all of mine! Though our stores don't carry the cinnamon coffee creamer. Sigh...:) Only thing I'll add is cardigans and scarves.

    1. Try Cinnabon flavored creamer (I want to say it's through International Delight)! Cardigans and scarves--yes!! And cute boots! :)

  2. using the space heater in the sunroom to take the chill out of the early mornings or evenings. I try to hang on before it gets too cold to work and hang out there.

    1. Ooh, sunroom! I would love one. There's something so cheery about tons of windows!

  3. Great list, Jill! I feel just the same way about fall. I'd add: fire bowl in the backyard, the boys raking up the leaves, and hot apple cider.


    1. I like that other people are raking the leaves! Ha! That's a big chore! I'm with you on the hot apple cider and bonfires. Mm!! The best!

  4. The wonder of the color of the leaves. Our son misses seeing them since he relocated to a western state. I like wearing the jersey jackets and the cardigan sweaters. I am in transition with the foods of the fall. I used to love cider and doughnuts. In our state people flock to a state park in south central part just to see the leaves at their peak.


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