Wednesday, September 17, 2014

My Inspiring Writer Space

Last week I was tagged by K. B. Owen (author of the Concordia Wells Mystery series!) for Cate Russell-Cole's Inspiring Spaces Blog Hop!

We've lived in a lot of places--apartments, houses, more apartments, more houses. Only one of our homes (an apartment) was too tiny to carve out any inspiring space. I've had a computer in an unfinished basement, our bedroom, an empty dining room, a real office, and spare bedrooms. 

Our current home is spacious. I not only have a dedicated office space, I have a corner window too. I know, I'm spoiled! Here are some pictures of where I write. 

I love L-shaped desks. This one allows me to spread my planner out, keep a stack of files nearby, house my most used reference books, and still have room to red-line manuscripts and type on my laptop.

Here's the closet. It's full of office supplies and random inspiration pieces like notecards, old vision boards, and more books.

No office of mine would be complete without M&Ms. Notice the strategic placement--pinned to the bulletin board for maximum grab-ability. The picture of Allison Sweeney is for health motivation (which counterbalances the M&Ms). She inspires me! The schedule is our family schedule so I don't accidentally send my hubby to the wrong baseball field or forget to pick up our daughter from cross country. Not that that ever happened. *cough* :)

I love my office. I'm always inspired when I walk in! 

Do you have an inspiration space? I'd love to hear about it!

Have a wonderful day!! 


  1. Totally share your love of L-shaped desks (and M&M's too!!!) =)

    1. I like you already!! Ha! I had an old wooden desk for years. It didn't have the space to spread out, but it had lots of drawers for me to hoard junk in. Now I have no drawers and lots of desk space. Much better!


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