Wednesday, June 22, 2011

5 Easy Questions with Janna Qualman!

Every Wednesday, I ask a writer the same five easy questions. In an effort to support and promote fellow wordsmiths, I feature authors who write a variety of genres, from sweet inspirational to mainstream thrillers. The writers themselves may be aspiring, published, or best-selling--all have made an impact on my life.

Thank you for joining me in welcoming… Janna Qualman!!

Janna is one of those bloggers whose voice captures you immediately. It's hard to describe: mellow, soothing, sophisticated, and smart. I've enjoyed watching her journey over the past few years. She's a contributor and prose editor of Rose & Thorn Literary Journal, a contributor to An Army of Ermas, and a talented novelist. I know it won't be long before Janna's books are on shelves! 

Let's get to it!
1. Beverage of choice?

I have several favorites, but if I had to choose just one? A fountain Dr Pepper. Especially with pizza or a delicious loaded sandwich or something. But then if it’s more a treat-type thing I’m after, and there’s not really any food involved, I’d take an iced mocha (made with whole milk, please).

 2. Any pets?

Here’s where I mention caring for and cleaning up after my husband, right? (Kidding.) We have a dog who’s getting old, and who loves to get up in your space for a nice long stare. Really, she wants to see into your soul, and if you are too busy reading a book, say, she will rest her paw on your forearm until you give her your fullest attention and deepest secret.

3. Dream vacation?

I have plans which include a beach house rental somewhere in Maine, food and drink and shopping and lazing about, with stacks of DVD’s and novels of women’s fiction. My best girls will go. This will be a celebration of sorts, a treat to all my encouragers, after books have been published and a long-held dream has been tasted.

4. What are you listening to right now?

From my balcony perch I hear lots. My new wind chimes are playing outdoors, and many birds are singing along. (They’re just so happy these days.) My husband and our sweet five-year-old daughter are chatting in the living room. I can hear my dryer turning and working in the background, and then there’s this clack of my fingers upon the keyboard.

If you were looking for an answer less literal, I’m loving OneRepublic’s newest CD, Waking Up. Those dudes rock, and I mean it.

5. What's for dinner?

Hamburgers, because this morning it seemed easiest to thaw a log of beef. I’m going to roast diced potatoes and baby carrots in the oven, with ranch seasoning and butter. Will probably add a fruit to the plate, as well, because it seems the thing to do.

Thanks, Janna, for being my guest today! I love that your dog can see right through your soul and demands all your secrets. My dog can see the plate to my right and demands the bagel on it. :) And what a dream trip! I love the idea of gathering friends for a retreat in Maine to celebrate how far we've come and just relax, laugh, and enjoy. Your description of what you're listening to is exactly what I'm talking about when I mentioned your voice--it sucks me in. Plus, you have excellent taste; I'm off to order the OneRepublic CD from my library...

Janna Qualman is a typical woman with the usual sorts of titles: wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend. She's also a freelance and fiction writer, and she's sure that words are her best ally. Visit her blog, Something She Wrote, to say hello and learn more and follow her on Twitter.

If you could plan a "celebration trip" with your besties, where would you go?
Have a lovely Wednesday!


  1. "Log of beef" made me laugh!

    the sounds in the background made me smile.

    Angie and I are so happy to have Janna on our staff at R&T - she's wonderful!

    What a fun Q*A to read this morning.

  2. I totally agree about Janna's voice and I can't wait to read one of her books in print someday! Janna, you sound like a good cook. You make carrots and potatoes sound really good! LOL

  3. Dinner sounds fabulous! Usually when my dog stares at me, she just wants to go out. :)

    OneRepublic is awesome! I drove to Chicago just to see them and Maroon 5 in concert. Awesome, I say in a high pitch voice!

    Great answers!!

  4. Great interview!

    A relaxing time in a cabin in the woods, by a lake, with enough basic amenities to keep us comfortable (showers, read beds, COFFEE), with plenty of cameras, books, journals, and whatever else we need to make memories. A few bottles of wine, a wood fire for the chilly nights, and you've got yourself a perfect celebration trip!

  5. Good morning!!

    Kathryn: I know, log of beef has a fun ring to it! And I'm sure Rose & Thorn never has a dull moment with you and Angie around!

    Jessica: Right on! Carrots and potatoes do sound special when Janna cooks them. They sound unappetizing when I do... :)

    Jessica: That had to be a great concert! But a lo-ong drive!

    ELouise: Love your "besties" getaway! I'm with you on the cabin, but I'm going to upgrade to a gorgeous lake house on Lake Michigan. We could swim and lounge during the day and eat yummy food and laugh at night!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  6. Love this! I would also love a trip away with my best friends to a cabin on a real lake minus the alligators where we could sit around a fire at night and talk and talk!

  7. I love how you describe your dog! That is awesome. :)

  8. LOve your idea of a trip to Maine. I would rather go somewhere a little warmer, but anything involving a boat and/or water and I am there. :O)

  9. I adore Jana! Simply love!

    And I'm beginning to think we're twins...we want the beach house in Maine and have an old peeing dog, too.

    Sending love to you both this fine day.
    ~ Wendy

  10. Your dog sounds so sweet, and your description of her is stellar! :)

    I'm thinking a gathering of my online besties at the ACFW Conference in St. Louis would be pretty cool.

  11. May I please come on the trip to Maine?

  12. I just discovered iced mocha and can't stop drinking them.
    Can I invite myself on your Maine vacation?

  13. Great interview as always Jill and nice to meet you Janna! I'd say a fav trip so far with besties has to be a trip out to the New England coast. I love the ocean.

  14. Terri: No alligators? What's a celebration trip without alligators?? :)

    Katie: I know--I want to meet Janna's dog!

    Diane: Me too. Boat, water, beach--they're all good!

    Wendy: I'm all over the house in Maine! A couple of soul-searching golden dogs are welcome to come too. :)

    Erica: Yes! That does sound cool! Wish I could be one of them this year... :)

    Liza: Me too? :)

    Lisa: I love coffee, and when sugar and ice are added--it's that much better!

    P.W.: I love the ocean too. It's the ultimate getaway!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  15. It's great to get to know more about that special Janna. My celebration trip would also be a beach house in Maine - cozy evenings sitting under quilts sipping wine and sharing secrets.

  16. Okay, what the heck is up with me spelling names wrong lately. Janna. It's Janna. I know this.

    Oi. Had to fix it. Wouldn't leave me alone if I didn't.
    ~ Wendy

  17. I think "log of beef" is going to crack me up all day!

    Great to know you, Janna.

  18. I love Janna. She has encouraged me in my writing and my life. Once she popped onto my FB page and just said "I love you." That made my day, just to read that.

    A trip with my besties? Ireland in the summer.

  19. Yay Janna!! I love the sound of carrots and potatoes with ranch seasoning and butter...I think I'm going to do that this week.

    I have two dream trips. One I'm doing next summer. My daughter and I are going on a girl's trip to South Carolina. I've read so many books based on that area, and I've always wanted to go. Next summer will be the summer before my baby's senior year in high school, and we've never really gone on a trip together...this will be our time.

    My other one is to go on a South African safari! Want it SO bad. If I ever get a fantastic advance...the hubby and I are going!

  20. Jill, you're such a great hostess! Thanks again for letting me participate in this feature so many seem to love.

    You all say such great things. You're greatly important to me, and I thank you!

    It's also nice to "meet" the rest of you for the first time. :)

    Thanks for reading and commenting!

  21. Linda: You had me at quilts, wine, and sharing secrets! I'm in!

    Wendy: Ha! Ha! You're so funny! I love you--because I would have done the same thing!

    Loree: I might have to use that phrase in a sentence later... :)

    Jeanette: I know! Janna is such an encourager--as are you!

    Sharla: Ooo, I love the talk of big advances to head to a special vacation spot. May the advances be with you!! And how sweet that you and your DD will be having some together time in SC!

    Janna: I loved having you!! Thanks for being my guest!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  22. Janna, great to meet you! Your Maine trip sounds like just the thing to kick back and relax. If I could pick a celebration trip, I'd go with Paris. One, because I've never been abroad, and two, my best friend has, so she can show me all there is to see in Paree :-)

  23. Brandi: Paris is on my hot list too! What a dream trip!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  24. Good interview Jill--Janna is great.

    I liked her answer to #4. It is easy for me to think of a musical selection and ignore the sounds of nature that surround me. Thought-provoking as to what I am missing.

  25. You're all great! Thanks for the comments.


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