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5 Easy Questions with Erica Vetsch!!

Every Wednesday, I ask a writer the same five easy questions. In an effort to support and promote fellow wordsmiths, I feature authors who write a variety of genres, from sweet inspirational to mainstream thrillers. The writers themselves may be aspiring, published, or best-selling--all have made an impact on my life.

Thank you for joining me in welcoming…Erica Vetsch!!

I connected with Erica through mutual friends before her first book was released. I was immediately drawn to her love for history, her entertaining blog posts, and our shared connection with men in the lumber business. (How many women can say that? Ha!) Since then, Erica has published several more books--inspirational historical romances, all with incredibly gorgeous covers--and continues to awe me with her dedication and talent.

Find out more about her new release, Idaho Brides, below the interview!

Let's get to it!

1. Beverage of choice?

If I had to choose just one, it would be caffeine free Diet Coke. How one can be addicted to something that has no caffeine, no sugar, and no nutritional value whatsoever is a mystery, but I surely am.

2. Any pets?

I have a cat who rejoices in the name of Pookie. The vet thinks she's named Mittens, and she is since that's the name that came with her, but I called her a cute little Pookie once and the name stuck.

3. Dream vacation?

I have always wanted to see New Zealand, but I would have to go via air with a layover in London so I could see the British Museum and and a layover in Cairo so I could see the Pyramids.

4. What are you listening to right now?

I just got back from a walk and I was listening to Taylor Swift's self-titled debut album.

5. What's for dinner?

I'm so glad this question came on a night when I actually have a plan and it's being executed. :) Taco Soup is in the crock pot. The house smells spicy good.

Erica, you inspired me to make Taco Soup tonight! My family loves it with sour cream and Doritos. Now I'm hungry... I understand your Diet Coke addiction. At least yours IS calorie free and decaffeinated! And Pookie is such a cute name--much more cuddly than Mittens. :)

Who else wants to tag along on Erica's dream vacation because I know I do! Cairo, London, New Zealand--let's make this happen!

Thank you so much, Erica, for sharing with us today and a huge congratulations on your latest release!

Idaho Brides!!

Experience the Wild West through the eyes of the three McConnell brothers who long to overcome their troubled childhood as drunkard’s sons. Can Alec show that he’s worthy of the ranch boss’s daughter? Can Trace help a distraught woman trust again? Will Cal prove his innocence to a U. S. Marshal in disguise? Will they each find a woman with whom they can trust their tender hearts?

Justice is demanded from the McConnell brothers who are tainted by association with their abusive father. Can Alec show that he’s worthy of the boss’s daughter? Can Trace help a distraught woman trust again? Will Cal prove his innocence to a U. S. Marshal in disguise?

Available June 2011, find it now on Amazon.

About Erica:
One day a few years ago, I turned to my husband and said, "I don't know if you know this, but I spend an awful lot of time in my own head." He patted my hand and gave me his this-is-not-news expression. I had just verbalized something my parents, teachers, friends, children, and spouse had known about me for years.

Though I have set aside my career teaching history to high school students in order to homeschool my own kids, my love of history hasn't faded. My favorite books are historical novels and history books, and one of my greatest thrills is stumbling across some obscure historical factoid that makes my imagination leap. I'm continually amazed at how God allows me to use my passion for history, romance, and daydreaming to craft historical romances to entertain readers and glorify Him.

Whenever I'm not following flights of fancy in my fictional world, I'm company bookkeeper for our family lumber business, mother of two terrific teens, wife to a man who is my total opposite and yet my soul-mate, and avid museum patron.

To find out more about Erica, check out her website, her blog, be friends with her on Facebook, and follow her on Twitter.

So, what movie are you dying to see this summer? Or do any catch your eye?

Have a fantastic Wednesday!


  1. Cute interview, Erica!

    I just finished listening to The Help on audiobook so I'm looking forward to seeing that movie when it's in theaters.

  2. Love the interview! Love your bio, too. Oh, and while I'm talking love. I LOVE taco soup!

  3. Poookieeee! I love it! LOL Taco soup sounds good. I don't think I've ever had it.

  4. Great interview! I love taco soup, but I never get to eat it unless my friend makes it and brings me some. No one else in my family likes it. What's wrong with them?

  5. We had a Pookie once!!! And now, unplanned, we have a KeePoo. Neither of those nicknames are their actual names, just the ones that stuck.

  6. Great interview and bio. It is inspiring to read how Erica has incorporated her love of history into her God given talent of writing. And lumber? You have me curious of what your husbands do!

  7. Love that your cat "rejoices in the name of Pookie." Excellent!

    And spicy good really is GOOD.

    These have been such fun to read, Jill.

    Erica rocks!
    ~ Wendy

  8. Good morning!

    Pookie is the cutest name, isn't it? I saw a Dog Whisperer once where a lady had a cat named Kitty Love--I want my next kitty to have that name! :)

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  9. Good morning, Lisa! The Help is on my summer reading list. :)

    Katie, I love the fact that I can dump a bunch of cans of beans and corn in the crock pot and it comes out soup! :)

    Jessica, I got the recipe from Mary Connealy on Seekerville, but there are dozens of variations out there. It's a hit with my family.

  10. Jessica R. Your family doesn't like taco soup? Oh no! That's sad. I'm glad you have a friend to hook you up. :)

    Heather...KeePoo? That's so great! I love it!

    Lynn, my husband owns a lumber company selling furniture grade lumber to cabinet shops and hobbyists.

  11. Wendy, my cat is impossibly spoiled, but she does love her nickname and wears it like the royal moniker it is. :)

    Jill, Kitty Love is great!

  12. Taco soup sounds yum! A very sweet book cover too. :O)

  13. Hi, Diane! I love the artwork Barbour has given me for my book covers. Thanks for stopping by!

  14. Great to meet you Erica. Men in lumber business?

  15. Erica, congrats on your success! I'll check out your books. I love inspirational historical romances!

    Taco soup sounds soooooo good!

    Ok, now I'm hungry!

  16. LOL--"Pookie"--I love it. :) I also love the cover of the book--so gorgeous!! Best of luck for the book release.

  17. Erica, I didn't realize you'd been a history teacher. How cool! No wonder you have a thing for museums and love to write historicals. Of all the museums you've visited, which are your favorites and why?

  18. Taco soup is yummy though I hope the temp dropped below 102o F!

  19. Another fun interview, Jill! And nice to meet you, Erica! Pookie is the pet name that my husband and I call each other, LOL!

    Congratulations on Idaho Brides :-)

    I'm a big kid at heart, so this summer I'm all about the 80s cartoons and superheroes. Transformers and Green Lantern for me.

  20. Oh, and sorry I didn't share my lumber connection. Yeah, my father was a hardwood lumber salesman and I have many, many relatives in the hardwood lumber biz! And my hubby has been in retail lumber forever!

    And I have to agree with you all--Idaho Brides cover IS gorgeous!
    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  21. I'm addicted to Diet Rite, which is also caffeine-free and sugar-free. So I'll wave at Erica and say, "Glad to know you're a fellow addicted-to-nothing friend!" :)

  22. I really want to know more about taco soup. Here in NM, we make Frito pies, which is made w/ pinto beans, ground beef, red chile sauce (you know it's New Mexican if it's spelled "chile"), all spooned from the crock pot over Fritos and topped w/ lettuce, tomato, onions, and cheese. At least that's how we make it in our house.

    I love these interviews--very simple, very sweet.

  23. Hi, PW. Yep, my husband makes sawdust every day, making little boards out of big boards. :)

    Hi, Loree, I hope you get a chance to read Idaho Brides. It's always fun to meet a fellow historical romance lover.

    Carol, thank you!

  24. Keli, I've been to so many great history museums, it would be hard to choose the best one. The MN Historical Society has some of the best history museums I've ever seen, operating more than 20 of them in the state. If you ever get a chance to visit MN, be sure to check out the Hill House, Split Rock Lighthouse, The Forest History Center, and/or The Northwest Fur Trader Post. Oh, and Fort Snelling, The Folsom House, and Historic Forrestville...:)

  25. Erica, there's a Gold Rush-era town not too far from where I live in California's Sierra Foothills. Cathy Marie Hake set a story there once. I wonder if there's any connection to The Folsom House you mentioned. Ah, the curiosity of a historical writer. =)

  26. CJ, it's only about 90 here today! :)

    Brandi, did you see Thor? How was it? I hear it's getting kinda bad reviews, but I'd still like to see it.

    Sarah! Bring on the nothing! :)

  27. Keli, the Folsom House is in Taylor's Falls, MN and is the home of a territorial senator. His home is near a severe bend in the St. Croix river that was the scene of one of the biggest logjams in history. They used dynamite to loosen the tangle! I would love to set a story there.

    And I'd love to visit California and see goldrush towns, logging camps, and Spanish missions. :)

  28. Taco Soup Recipe:

    1 can black beans
    1 can pinto beans
    1 can kidney beans
    1 can diced tomatoes with garlic and onions
    1 can green chilis
    1 can white shoepeg corn
    1 pkg taco seasoning
    1 pkg ranch dressing mix
    1 lb browned ground beef
    water to cover (I use about a qt.)

    dump it all in the crock pot and give it a stir. cook on high for about 2 hrs or low for about 4.

    serve with shredded cheese, sour cream, tortilla chips.

  29. Okay, Erica, I have really got to get glasses! I thought your recipe called for "ground beer" instead of "beef"...I know, they say that the eyes are the first to go! haha :)

    Anyway, it's fun learning more about you! My hubby's a history buff and so is our college senior son.

    And, Jill, the movie I can't wait to see (but it's not being released until fall) is "Courageous."

  30. Cynthia, LOL I haven't tried beer in this recipe. :)

    Yay for history buffs. I think it was Winston Churchill who said 'The further we look into the past, the further we can see into the future.' :)

  31. Wow, Keli and Erica, you've whetted my appetite for more museums! I could wander in one for days. :)

    And thanks, Erica, for sharing your super-yummy recipe (beer not included!)!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  32. Hi Jill & Erica -

    Thanks for the interview. I've read one of Erica's books. Now, it's nice to know a bit about her as a person. :)


  33. YAY! So glad the Erica posted her Taco soup recipe. I've got to try it.

    Great interview and I'm off to check out Erica's blog.

  34. Again, a huge thank you, Erica, for sharing your thoughts and your recipe with us!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  35. Hey Erica! Nice to meet a friend of a friend! I love that you live in your head. Sometimes I worry that I live too much in there. Can't seem to turn off the stories. Guess that goes with the territory though. (I wonder if any of my teachers ever saw that as a good thing??)

    p.s. Water steeped in mint is a really cool beverage.


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