Friday, September 3, 2010

One Goal Friday: September 3, 2010

Happy Friday! A holiday weekend and the start of college football? Bring on the pizza! Oh, and I started writing my new book. For me, there's nothing like the beginning of fall.

On the down side, the unbearable heat and humidity this week did not feel very fall-like. I'm getting up about an hour earlier than before, and with more on my plate, my exercising routine has begun to slip.

It's Friday! Time to review and set one goal!

My goal last week was to make a new schedule and set goals for the next two months. I'm relieved to say I met this goal. It's reassuring to know what I have to do each day.

Here are your goals.
CJ: Touch up outer door and paint living room door
Kelly: Make outline
Diane: Pray about possibly going back to work
Wendy: Edit more of both novels
Em: Unclutter everything!
Lynn: Pick out photos for Mya's book and call software expert
Heather: Go through five chapters of edits
Julie J: Start preparing for ACFW Conference
Loree H: Finish reading book for flow
Abby: Continue work on resume
Paul: Get rid of cold :(
Erica: Get proposal off to crit. girls
Jen: Get started on brochure for speaking
Katie: Be close to or finished polishing
Susan JR: Congrats on sending the full!
Patti: Fix issues with Rhythm of Secrets
Sharon: 2 elevator pitches, work on YA novel, no stressing about basement renovations!
Nancy: Try hard to be patient and enjoy the ride
Karen: Start fresh on Monday
Robyn: Start cleaning basement, devote more time to WIP, spend more time in prayer

Love these!! I thought of all of you often this week. I hope you were able to accomplish what you set out to do. You inspire me!

My goal for the upcoming week is to figure out a new exercise routine that fits in my schedule and isn't ridiculous. You know, like a few fifteen minute spurts each day.

What about you? What one goal will enhance your life this week?

Please leave your goal in the comment section. Newcomers are welcome to participate, and don't worry if you can't stop by every Friday--my blog's goal isn't to add stress but to be a place of support.

Have a fantastic weekend!


  1. I think the best goal for me is to loosen up with my writing and not take everything to heart:)

  2. The weather has definitely changed my exercise plans too. :O)

  3. I'm not going to think about weather this weekend. I'm just going to enjoy life, come what may!!!

  4. Goal: be more aware of the amazing people around me.

  5. A few 15 minute spurts of excercise is a great goal! I started my story book, but didn't call the expert. I'm stubborn that way! This week goal is start up my writing blog again!

  6. Treading water here...things got in the way of getting that proposal off.

    This week's goal...content edits finished!

    Congrats on starting a new story!!

  7. That apple sure looks delectable!

    I'm plugging through my goal. Not finished b/c I'm waiting on the editor.

    BUT...continued to write around five pp. on WIP as I did edits for Secrets. It was a blitz of a week.

    New goal? GET RID OF MY sore throat/cold!!!

  8. My goal: Enjoy one more summer weekend vacation, start the school year on Tuesday, and keep writing daily throughout the change of seasons, from summer fun to school year.

  9. Hi Jill -


    My goal for next week is to resume work on my third manuscript, "Lost and Found." I've got some edits of the first two chapters to incorporate before moving forward.

    Susan :)

  10. These transitional weeks can be tough or energetic--you just never know. With the weather shifting, schedules changing, and a season ending, it's no wonder we find ourselves successful at one thing and not so much on something else.

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  11. Resume is just about done! Happy!

  12. I finished polishing! I sent my stuff off to my crit partners. I finished my synopsis and proposal too. I guess by this time next week, I'd like to have a solid handle on my verbal pitch.

    Good job on meeting your goal, Jill!

  13. Goal: finish revising chapter five! No excuses:)

  14. This week, my goal is to get my girl settled at college! Yep! The time has come...Also planning on re-plugging in to write, write, write in the coming weeks. Have a blessed weekend, Jill!

  15. Yay! Way to go!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  16. I did get the outer door painted, but haven't done the living room door. Now that the girls are back at college and Himself will be back to teaching this week, I hope I can get myself back on a schedule

  17. Jill, nothing like the beginning of Fall except POOL WEATHER is leaving me. Waaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    I met most of my goals with a little put off until Monday. Tuesday we start home-schooling again. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    I have loved all the extra writing time. I'll just have to add 6 more hours to my day. How you ask? Two hours of sleep. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    My goals are to write every day this week. No matter how much. Just so's I'z do it.

    I'm glad you met your goals. :)

  18. Well, it's fast approaching a "getting organized" week here, too. If I don't fix my drawers and paperwork soon, I will be over my head.

  19. Jill...LOL, my goals for this past week...I didn't stress about the basement, but my writing goals were not met. So my writing goal for the next two weeks is this: prepare for the SCBWI conference I'm going to...

  20. Jill:
    My goal for this week is to study a script for a possible Drama Ministry's Christmas Presentation. Also to get scripts refined for the ministry group to chose the one we will present this month. And, if I have time to begin polishing the sample devotions I have to send out to magazines.


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