Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Inner Child: When You Need a Hug

One of the greatest things about toddlers is their need for affection. They throw themselves in your arms when they're happy, tired, sad, or for no reason at all. They love hugs and aren't afraid to show it.

Somewhere along the way to adulthood, it becomes unacceptable to throw yourself in someone's arms for any old reason. If you tried it on a stranger, you wouldn't expect to be received with smiles or affection. You may even be shoved away.

Even with our own families, we might have dampened our affectionate side. How many times when you're disappointed about something do you shrug it off or tell yourself it's no big deal? Would a toddler do that? Of course not! But toddlers are egocentric, adorable hug magnets, so we can't really compare.

If you're feeling down, go hug someone close to you. I'll bet your mood improves.

If you can tell someone close to you is feeling down, go hug them. I'll bet you improve their mood.

If you're feeling happy, go ahead and hug someone close to you. Happiness is contagious!

Do you shrug off your hard days? Are there times a hug would make you feel better? Do you throw yourself in a loved one's arms when you're happy?

Join me on Friday to set one goal!


  1. I LOVE that picture!

    In my memoir I actually create a character called Little Girl. She is there purely because there were so many times I needed to gift myself what others could not. Hugs and kind words were BIG on that list.

  2. Doesn't our Tabitha WRITE!!!!!
    Love even reading her COMMENTS!!!

    I always like hugs! It's the kid in me!!

  3. Ohhhh, I love hugs. Physical touch is one of my top love languages (The Five Love Languages).

    I hug whenever appropriate. There's that kid in me again.
    ~ Wendy

  4. I'm with Wendy, physical touch is one of my top 5 love languages too. I LOVE hugs. Something about a hug when I'm overstressed just seems to drain out that anxious energy--at least to a more manageable stage. Thanks for sharing, Jill!

  5. Good morning!

    Tabitha: Isn't that the sad truth? We often have to give ourselves what others will not.

    Patti: Yes! We're blessed with Tabitha--(love you Tab!!)!

    Wendy: I love giving hugs too! Even my cat gets smooshed way too often!

    Ralene: A hug is like a magic relaxer pill, don't you think? Thank goodness for hugs!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  6. I'm a hugger, but my hubby (and now my kidlet) is not. Grrr...
    In my opinion, there's nothing better a good hug--and a good cry. :)

  7. My husband is a big hugger, so I can always go there for one, but I find having toddlers is the best route to having an inexhaustible supply of hugs. Perhaps not the best reason to have children in the first place, but one of the major perks!

  8. I'm not much of a hugger. Comes from living in New England and being schooled by nuns. I don't have an inner child, but an inner Puritan. When I'm having a bad day, I don't look for a hug. Prefer an ear so I can whine.

  9. Loving hugs when neccessary but when single are not easy to come by! So a Hershey's hug suffices somedays for me. Cute picture!!

  10. Physical touch is one of my love languages! :O)

  11. There are still days I want to crawl up in my mom's lap and nestle in:)

    I don't think I'll ever outgrow that!

  12. What a great idea! I do believe I will.

  13. I love this, Jill! I think that as adults we really underestimate the power of touch and hugs. Thanks for the reminder!

  14. I'm not a big hugger. I should try it more often.

  15. Jennifer: Bummer you have the non-huggy husband. But I'm with you on the good hug and good cry. Sometimes we need it!

    Kelly: Definitely one of the perks!

    CJ: Okay, I laughed out loud at "I have an inner Puritan." Too funny!!

    Lynn: Chocolate hugs do the trick, but so do pets. You can borrow my big, fluffy cat!

    Diane: That's so cool. I'm big on it too!

    Tamika: How sweet! And I hope my kids never outgrow that feeling either.

    Janet: Well, have fun while you do!

    Danyelle: I agree, and I'm one of the top offenders. But then I'll hug my hubby or kids and it just makes everything okay.

    Susan: Give it a try! It won't hurt!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  16. Hugs are great! Just the pick-me-up for those days when nothing is going right! Have a blessed week, Jill!

  17. Hi Jill! You're so right about kids... they just throw themselves into whatever emotion they have and I love that. When my son climbs onto my lap, I just know it's because he needs a hug and a snuggle.

  18. Hugs are my favorite. That's good because my cold-hearted, lovingly raised children won't give me a kiss now that they are older. It wasn't me. I am mush itself. Luckily, I can always go grab a hug.

  19. Maria: That's so true!

    Erin: I agree. An angry child isn't coming over to cuddle--kids are transparent!

    Nancy: Cold-hearted--ha! You're so funny! I'm mushy too!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  20. You are right. We can't. Not really.

    Although at times, I wished.

    How's that for a confession?


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