Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Writer's Time Poll Results

Last week, many of you participated in my poll. Thank you very much for taking the time to answer the questions.

I was thrilled to have twenty-five responses. Some of you gave more than one response to the question, so I based the percentages on the total number of responses. For instance, there were thirty answers given to question one. Rather than using twenty-five as the denominator, I used thirty for question one. The number of reponses per question is in parentheses next to each question. I did not include my own answers in the percentages, but you can see my responses in green at the end of each question.

Here are the results!

Writer's Time Poll

1. What time of day do you write? (30 responses)
37% (a) morning (11)
13% (b) afternoon (4)
10% (c) evening (3)
40% (d) Any time I can fit writing in (12)
Jill's answer: a

2. Would you prefer to write at a different time of day but your schedule doesn't allow it? (25)
36% (a) yes (9)
32% (b) no (8)
32% (c) sometimes (8)
Jill's answer: c

3. If you could write whenever you want to, what time of day would you pick? (27)
78% (a) morning (21)
19% (b) afternoon (5)
3% (c) evening (1)
Jill's answer: c

4. What do you aim for when writing? (26)
50% (a) A certain word count (13)
4% (b) A certain number of pages (1)
11% (c) A certain amount of time (3)
24% (d) No goals, just whatever comes out (6)
11% (e) other New category written in! (3)
Jill's answer: a

5. How often do you write? (25)
4% (a) 7 days a week (1)
60% (b) 4-6 days a week (15)
24% (c) 1-3 days a week (6)
8% (d) sporadically (2)
4% (e) all New category written in! (1)
Jill's answer: b

6. Would you like more time to write? (25)
80% (a) yes (20)
4% (b) no (1)
16% (c) sometimes (4)
Jill's answer: a

7. If you could ditch one of your biggest time commitments (like your full-time job) to gain more writing time, would you want to? I realize most of us can't ditch our big time commitments--it's just a fantasy question! (25)
64% (a) yes (16)
24% (b) no (6)
12% (c) maybe in the future (3)
Jill's answer: b

8. Is writing a top priority commitment in your life, meaning you'll give up other activities before you give up your writing time? (25)
60% (a) yes (15)
4% (b) no (1)
36% (c) sometimes (9)
Jill's answer: a

9. A genie offers you one thing to help your writing career. Of the following, which would you pick? (25)
36% (a) More time (9)
16% (b) More motivation (4)
44% (c) More skill (11)
4% (d) More ideas (1)
Jill's answer: a

Did the results surprise you? It didn't come as a shock that 80% of you want more time to write. It did come as a shock that 78% would pick mornings to write if you had the choice. I'm a night-owl at heart, although my life does not allow it. So I would pick night if I had all the freedom in the world!

The one clear message I got from this quiz is that all of you are dedicated to your writing. Whether you write in the morning or evening, one day a week or seven, you're devoted. Talk about inspiring!

Thank you so much for taking this quiz. I had fun making it up and really enjoyed tallying the diverse results!

Join me this Friday--the final Friday in October!


  1. That was an interesting poll, Jill! Thanks for compiling that. I was curious about number 9 to see if people wanted more time or more skill.

    Have a great Wednesday, Jill!

  2. I like the way innovative commenters added new categories to some of your questions, true writers indeed! It's great seeing the dedication that came through in these answers.

  3. I was one of the morning people. :)

    After dinner I crash and can sometimes barely even read. LOL

  4. Cool results!! Yeah, I thought it was funny that you were in the three percent of night writers. LOL

  5. Heather: It was a toss up for me too! I want more of both!

    Joanne: The new answers made me think too. Pretty cool!

    Katie: Thanks!

    Jennifer: My brain turns to jello at night, too!

    Jessica: I actually write in the morning, but I'd LOVE to write at night. Then sleep in as long as I want to! :)

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  6. Jill, it was a great poll! Thanks for putting the time into it, especially the results. It's neat to see all the answers!

  7. I was looking forward to seeing how many days of the week people write and it turned out to be what I thought. I want to know the 4% who write every single day. I'm working on not writing at least one day. I work on my WIP 4-6 days, but that's not to say I'm not writing something else the other day and I'm hearing God scream at me, "Slow down."
    ~ Wendy

  8. Yeah, I'm with Jennifer S., I would like to write in the morning b/c I have way more energy. My kids wear me out during the day, and by night I'm exhausted. :)

    The results were fascinating. Thank you for sharing, Jill!

  9. I unplugged so here is my response.

    1. early afternoon

    2. YES! I home-school so writing in the morning is out for me. But I wish I could.

    3. Oops answered that above. :)

    4. (a)

    5. (b)

    6. (a) Most definitely.

    7. (b) No, home-school is too important.

    8. (a)

    9. All of the above! Oh only one? Hmmm, (c)

    Glad I could take the poll. The morning time doesn't surprise me. Aren't most of us fresher in the morning? :)

    Great poll Jill. :)

  10. Jill this was a great poll, it reminds me that we are all struggling and reaching for the same things.

    I love writing, but I really love having people to share it with.

  11. I'm so glad to know that I'm in the majority with most of my questions! I think with having kids home most of the time, I'm in that group that longs for more uninterrupted time!

  12. Jill,
    This poll was a delightful and creative idea. I enjoyed reading the results but have been away so I did not participate. Clearly, writing is a passion. Without the passion it doesn't get done. But even with the passion, there is a lot getting in the way, isn't there...I call it 'life'. Unless we become hermits, I guess we will always be juggling.

  13. like the others here, I really enjoy learning about how other writers think and work. Thanks for the peek.

  14. This was great. Fun to do a quick evaluation on what I'm doing when, and why.

  15. I was unplugged so I didn't get to see this poll. Very interesting answers. I think it's cool that most people say they write 4-6 days a week. Quite a commitment. Awesome!

  16. This was fun to take, and I enjoyed seeing the results, Jill.
    Thanks for hosting it!

  17. Thanks for sharing the results. I'm not surprised by them either. Boy, we sure are a bunch of dedicated writers, aren't we? :)

  18. I would have thought 100% would have liked more time. That surprises me.

    Great poll, and thanks for sharing the results.

  19. I can see wanting more skill--then even though we have less time, we'd be more productive:)

  20. Wow! That IS interesting!!! Thanks for posting it, Jill:-)

  21. Janna: Oh, my pleasure!

    Wendy: I was surprised to see how many write 4-6 days a week. When my kids were small, I wrote very little. I'm impressed with how many are multi-tasking to make their writing happen.

    Ralene: I know! I could conk out at 8pm some nights! Sad.

    Robyn: I hope unplugged week was very productive for you! And your results are similar to the majority. Thanks for sharing!!

    Diane: I think so too :)

    Tamika: Yes! It's great to have other writers to discuss this stuff with!

    Natalie: I'm soooo nosy. I loved tallying them!

    Jody: Ahh...uninterrupted time. A beautiful blessing. But then, I'm a bit selfish!

    Angie: Nice writerly research, or nosy writer? You pick!

    Wendy Love: I'm amazed at the dedication. It was fun seeing everyone's answers!

    Tess: You're very welcome!

    Erica: I know. It feels good to see your results and realize how much time you do spend writing, doesn't it?

    Cindy: I feel the same way!

    Jen: Thanks for sharing your answers with me!

    Susan: We sure are. I think we all deserve a pat on the back!

    Eileen: Laughing! I know! I would have thought the same!

    Terri: Oh, I didn't think of that way. Hmmm... :)

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  22. Krista: No prob! Thanks for checking in!

  23. Jill, This was very interesting. And, thanks for explaining your calculations and putting your own answers in. How very thorough of you! I was surprised by the morning thing too. That was hard for me to answer because I like to write new stuff at night and revise in the morning.

  24. These results are so interesting! Although, I'm with you. I'm a night owl and would love to stay up until 1 or 2 AM every night writing. Sadly, car pools wait for no writer.

  25. Davin: Your schedule sounds perfect! I love staying up late but don't get to very often!

    Lisa and Laura: Doggone those carpools. They don't wait. I know! Maybe someday we'll have that night-owl opportunity again? :)

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  26. Looks like the answers are all very similar to what I would have said. Sorry I missed it!

  27. That is a surprise! I'd rather write at night... then again, I usually write in the afternoon.

  28. That was a really interesting poll! I'm a night owl as well and hav adjusted to the mornings with my kids. That's my favorite time to write, I feel as though my brain is more active. lol

  29. Thanks for posting the results, Jill! I always enjoy your blog!

  30. Cool results! I'm not surprised by 80% of us wanting more time to write, either!

  31. Steph: Thanks for checking in!

    Kristen T: Afternoon is my least favorite time, mainly because I have an energy slump!

    CMOM: Kids have a way of making us adjust everything, don't they? :)

    Maria: Thanks!

    Melissa: I agree. Not a shocker!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  32. Very cool to see the results. Thanks for doing this! :)

  33. Interesting results. I too am a night owl. I would write all night and sleep all day if i had the choice:)

  34. What a fun poll! I so would love to write in the morning. I'm hoping that NaNo will inspire me to encompass better work ethics. We shall see...

  35. Beth: My pleasure!

    Tabitha: Oh, wouldn't that be a dream come true? :)

    T.Anne: You can have my mornings--heh, heh! Good luck with NaNo!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  36. the info you gathered was great and very enlightening! i enjoyed looking over it

  37. Hi Jill, Fun and interesting poll. Good idea! I liked learning what folks had to say about Questions 1 (preferred time of day to write) and 5 (how often do you write) and 9 (genie wish). My preferred time is definitely morning (although that conflicts with my preferred time to exercise, so it's a challenge to work in both activities). I write from 0-5 days/week, depending And if a genie were to grant me a wish, I would ask for more motivation. With enough motivation, everything is possible...even getting that dream call! Patrice

  38. Speaking from the Crib: Welcome! I love picking other writer's brains!

    Patrice: Me too. Isn't it interesting to see the different times we fit writing in? Motivation--always necessary!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  39. Jill - The quiz was so much fun to take and the results were interesting. Maybe you could do this as a regular feature. Since you are already writing,the quiz could be about something else if you wanted to do it that way.


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