Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year--New Blog Direction

You may have noticed I've changed the theme of the blog. Over the past few months, I've become more and more convinced that writers need encouragement--not just for the hard times but for the magnificent times as well.
Maybe your goal last year was to write three pages every weekday, or to complete the first draft of that historical novel that's been in your head for years, and you did it! You did it--but no one knows. No one can see how far you've come. You don't have to feel alone.
I want to celebrate writing. Every week I want writers to have a safe place to feel great about what they do. And when the rough patches arrive, this blog can help with those too.
Writers have rough patches? Surely I jest! What troubles could I be referring to?
I'm talking about the I-just-got-another-rejection-letter-and-maybe-I-should-quit times. The I-have-no-idea-why-but-the-words-won't-seem-to-come times. The I-don't-deserve-to-touch-a-keyboard! times.
Or maybe you can't even contemplate submitting your writing. Publishing? That's for GOOD writers, phenomenal writers. Right? Wrong! This year I'm making it my mission to motivate writers. Get in the game! Get excited about writing!
Lost your spark? Lost your enthusiasm? Lost your drive? Come on over--I'll help you get it back.
Maybe you haven't lost your spark. Maybe you write every day and feel deep down in your soul that this is going to be YOUR year. Great! Come on over--you'll feel even more motivated to meet your goals.
Let's face it, we writers are on our own. Whether just starting or multi-published, we all have to sit down and face the keyboard (or paper). There's no boss to give us a review, no weekly paycheck assuring us of our worth, not even a report card to show our progress.
This blog is one way for you to keep your writing on track. I'm going to discuss goals--realistic goals. I'll ask you some difficult questions about your writing including what holds you back and what drives you to write. You'll learn strategies to assess your writing status. You'll learn about various cushions to help you through your journey. And I'll give plenty of tips and will share the helpful websites and blogs I've found.
Here's another exciting development--I'm going to be encouraging and motivating three times a week! Check in every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday starting January 5, 2009. Get out the noisemakers and celebrate!
We might have to write alone, but we can lean on each other to help us through the highs and the lows.
Happy Writing!

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