Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Did You Run Into a Few Glitches?

Did you start your new writing schedule? Or are you waiting until next month to get started?

If you've started, how is it going? Did you experience a few scheduling glitches?

Without fail, I always come across bumps in my schedule. They used to stress me out, but now, I've made peace with them. Those bumps don't de-rail me and they don't have to de-rail you.

Maybe a friend called during your writing time. Maybe a volunteer opportunity popped up that you didn't want to turn down. Maybe a little unexpected overtime became available.

How did you handle your writing when the glitch came? Did you decide you'll write double the next time or squeeze in more pages on a different day? Or maybe you threw your hands up in the air screaming, "I give up!"

Here are a few questions to ask yourself. Does this event (the friend calling, work, etc...) happen on a regular basis? Is it something you conveniently forgot about while creating your writing schedule? Or is it a once or twice a year event?

If the event does occur on a predictable basis, how are you going to handle it next time? Could you not answer the phone for the hour you've set aside but call your friend back as soon as you're finished with your pages? If the volunteer job is once every other month, maybe you could skip writing that night only. If overtime on Wednesdays is something you want to take advantage of, can you spread that night's writing to your other nights?

You might decide to eliminate one night of writing from your schedule. Or you might decide to limit long talks on the phone to nights you don't write. It's okay to try on new writing habits and discard the ones that don't fit. The important thing is to keep moving forward. Do whatever it takes to keep yourself sane and motivated.

Don't give up!

Join me on Friday for a little chat about biting off more than we can chew!


Write Already! It's Wednesday!

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