Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Don't Let That Calendar Languish!

Have I convinced you to keep track of your progress?
Let me ask you: can you remember what you ate for lunch two days ago? What about three weeks and two days ago? If you can--wow! I, unfortunately, can't! However, I can tell you exactly how many pages I wrote three weeks and two days ago because I kept track of it.

When I'm feeling unproductive and scattered, I look back at my calendar. Wonderful, powerful feelings surge through me as I realize how much I've accomplished.
When I feel powerful, I want to write more. When I feel scattered, I want to dive into a bag of Doritos and not pop out until the following season. Trust me, I'd rather feel powerful.

But, I forget to write things down...

That's okay. Keeping track of your awesomeness is a habit--probably a new habit. You can train yourself to track your progress. Write a sticky note with the words I'm awesome on it and stick it to your calendar, journal, laptop, or wherever you'll be sure to see it when you've written. That note will serve as a reminder to write your pages down. Or if you think that's a dippy idea, promise yourself a Hershey's kiss every time you log your pages. (Don't forget to put a bowl of Hershey's kisses next to your calendar!)

Many experts agree that habits can be formed after 21 repetitions. For some people it takes longer; for others it takes less time. By rewarding yourself, you increase the odds of success.

Now you just doubled your awesomeness! You acquired a new habit and successfully tracked your writing progress!

Join me on Friday. I'll be sharing a few links that make me smile.


Write Already! It's Wednesday!

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