Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Rush, rush, rush to slow way down. Ironic isn't it? I'm only speaking from my own experience, 0f course. I spend the entire month of December in a hyper state only to wonder where all of the time went. The crazy hustle ends, though, and Christmas day is the ultimate day off from it all.

For me, the holiday is about celebrating the birth of Jesus. It's also about sleeping in and heating up a casserole made the day before. It's about enjoying the presents, laughing with family, and sitting around in pajamas all day.

We used to travel every Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but now we reserve our traveling for the weekends surrounding Christmas. That simple change brings joy beyond measure to me.

There's something magical about businesses shutting down for the day. And I love the feeling of "Get Out of Jail Free" when it comes to anything work or chore related.

However you spend your holidays, I wish you a smile, a warm cocoon of joy around your heart, a hug from someone you love, and space to breathe.

Merry Christmas!

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