Friday, October 17, 2014

3 Fun Websites for Fiction Writers

Fiction writers and the Internet--terrific combination! I Google things often when I'm writing a first draft. The spelling of a word, a grammar question, pictures of my characters, job details, you name it--I'm checking it!

I bookmark the sites I like and organize them in folders in my bookmarks toolbar. Here are three fun websites that fiction writers will find helpful.

1. Behind the Name: Random Name Generator 

This site is awesome! If you're stuck on choosing a name for your character or want a name specific to a culture or country, start here. Simply select if you want the first name and middle name or only the first name, the gender, and any filters that apply to your character. The generator will spit out a name for you.

a. I chose first name only, female, Russian and got Rufina.
b. I chose first and middle name, male, Hillbilly and got Joey Ray Hoghauler.
c. I chose first and middle name, female, French and got Ariane Rosette.

This site also allows you to browse names and their meanings and check the etymology.

2. 100 People Doing Extraordinary Things

When I'm in a plotting rut, the characters I'm brainstorming tend to act similarly to characters I've written in the past. Instead of moaning and searching my brain for fresh ideas, I read lists like this. Seeing the unique things real people have done in their lives always sparks a way to make my characters fresh.

Warning, offensive language blasts you in the first sentence; however, the list itself inspires me when I'm plotting. 

3. Writers Helping Writers

This site was formerly The Bookshelf Muse. I own The Emotion Thesaurus, and I've used many tools on the site itself. There are articles and charts and tips for just about everything a fiction writer deals with. Scroll down the site, look to the right sidebar, and find Categories. Have fun! You could read through the articles for hours.

What fun websites have you found lately? 

Have a terrific weekend!


  1. These are fabulous websites. I'm only familiar with the Emotion Thesaurus. Thanks for sharing these.

  2. What's your hillbilly name, Jessica? I know you went to the site and found out! ha! Thanks!

  3. Fab post, Jill! Love that there's a "hillbilly" setting on that name generator site. Speaking of names, I like - it's a database of last names, and talks about the origins and variants of the names. I browse through there often in search of last names. Thanks for these!

  4. I'm bookmarking that one, Kathy! I'm always trying to find just the right last name. Thank you!!

  5. I literally struggle with this every time I write! Especially the movement issue. I have found no solution yet!
    I do keep a synonym finder with me though!
    This is excellent and quite helpful!

    1. I'm trying to "picture" the scene as if I were a bug in the room or something. It helps me think, where is the viewpoint character? Where is she going now? How can I be more descriptive about it? Thanks for stopping by, She Is write!


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