Wednesday, October 29, 2014

What Excites This Busy Woman

The calendar has been winking at me for over a month. One day stands out with its arms open wide.

Yes, I am over-the-top excited for this Saturday!!

You might be wondering what event could possibly be this momentous for me to anticipate it for so long.

It's a FREE day!!

Yes, that's right. I have NOTHING scheduled for Saturday. No cross country meets, no traveling, no visits, no meetings--nothing but 24 hours of unscheduled bliss.

I have big plans for it, too. I'm listing them in no particular order:

1. Yoga pants. All day.
2. ESPN's College Gameday. Hours of commentary while I sip coffee and smile.
3. Dips, dips, and more dips to snack on while watching college football games. (I'm thinking hot black bean dip, buffalo chicken dip, and maybe some guacamole. All to be eaten while I'm in my yoga pants.)
4. A random nap. Maybe two.
5. No chores. Repeat that. NO CHORES.
6. Snacking on Halloween candy.

I might catch up on my reading. I might not. All I know is I haven't had a day off in months, and I'm super excited to make the most of this one.

Do you have big plans this weekend? Share!!

Have a terrific day!!


  1. Haha what you describe is what my last Saturday was--my first 100% completely totally entirely free day in I don't even know how long. The funny thing, as I geared up for my free day, I decided to clean out closets because I weirdly LOVE cleaning out closets. I seriously had the nicest day and basically couldn't stop smiling all day.

    This coming weekend is the galore, but all with family and friends, so I'm not complaining. Still, I treasure the memory of that one amazingly free day. LOL!

    1. I completely understand the closet thing. Three weeks ago I organized our hall closet, and last week I cleaned out my bedroom closet. It's so freeing! I'm glad you had a wonderful day off! I'll be thinking of you this weekend as I lounge around in my yoga pants! :)

  2. you'll have a GREAT day off, Jill! You deserve it. :)

  3. I am attending a writing conference Friday and Saturday. It's here in my hometown and I plan to present a manuscript/book proposal to a publishing professional. Ialso get to see a friend who I met six years ago at the forerunner of this conference.

    1. How exciting!! I'm sending a prayer up for your proposal right now! And have fun seeing your friend!!

  4. For me, weekend = welding, if I'm up to it, but at this point, probably not.

    Ah, well, I have a lot of books.

    Oh, and I considered myself tagged for the "20 Things About Me" from your post last week, so that will probably come out over the weekend.

    Enjoy yours!

    1. Welding--never on my weekend to-do list, Andrew! Ha! Ha! I hope you DO feel up for it, because you sound like you actually like to weld. :) And, yay, about the 20 things about me! I'll stop by!!


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