Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A New Time Waster for Me!

I have an honorary black-belt in wasting time on Facebook, Pinterest, and other social media sites, but yesterday I found a new time waster. Like I need another one, right? Yes, I spent thirty minutes uploading pictures to Flickr Creative Commons.

Photo by Jill Kemerer

I love Flickr Creative Commons because it allows people to use photos as long as they follow the licensing rules. No matter what picture you use, you need to include attribution and a link back. (Attribution usually looks like this: Photo by XYZ. A link back is the URL linking the picture back to the original Flickr page.)

I used to post photos from the Creative Commons on this blog--with attribution and a link back, of course!--but after I added my "Pin It" button, I no longer use photos I have to attribute and link back. Why? Because when someone "pins" a photo from my blog, it shows up on their Pinterest board. If anyone clicks through the pin, they wind up here, at my blog. Yes, the attribution and link back are still here, but neither shows up on Pinterest.

Anyway, I'm still a big fan of Flickr Creative Commons, and since I take a lot of random pictures, I decided to share my photos too. I had fifteen good ones from a recent zoo visit, and I figured someone might want to use a great picture of a lion or a penguin. So I uploaded the batch. And tagged them. And made sure the Creative Commons attribution license was checked. Fun!

Here is my Flickr Creative Commons Stream! And, yes, they can be used by anyone as long as the licensing rules are followed.

On a side note, the fabulous Heidi McCahan interviewed me on her blog as part of the 31 Days blog carnival put on by The Nester! Please stop over (link is HERE) and say "hi"!

Do you take pictures of nature or other things people might enjoy? Have you ever considered letting other people use them for free on a site such as Flickr Creative Commons?

Have a terrific day!!


  1. I have some pictures on my digital camera I have used for my blog. Some take pics with their cell phone and have a USB cord to upload to their computer but my cell phone is an inexpensive one.

    1. My cell phone makes it difficult to transfer pictures! I'm more than ready for a smartphone. :)

  2. Hi Jill - great photos and thanks for the reminder re FlickR ...

    I'm not good with photos and my machine ... I take lots with the iphone and some I use, otherwise I use Wikipedia's ... cheers Hilary


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