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Writer's Life: Heidi McCahan

Welcome to another edition of Writer's Life! Every Wednesday features a romance writer of inspirational or sweet romance novels. I'm excited to share some of my favorite authors and hope you'll find new books for your to-be-read pile!

This week I'm so excited to share a NEW author with you! Heidi McCahan's debut novel, Unraveled, released this spring through Winslet Press. Heidi and I met online through blogging and, believe it or not, Google+! She makes me laugh and is always super supportive. Once again, we have a stunning cover to ogle!

Let's get to it.

1. What about writing makes your heart sing?

Wow, great question. I love the creative process: taking that initial spark of an idea and running with it, enjoying the journey of where these fictional characters take me. As a child, I loved using my imagination so I’m grateful I’ve found an outlet where I can still enjoy using my overactive imagination.

2. What is the biggest hurdle you’re facing right now as a writer?

I have a hard time taking the raw rough draft and structuring it into a plausible novel, making sure the different threads weave into something that’s an enjoyable, satisfying read. The obvious solution to that would be to embrace being a plotter. But I’m starting my third novel now and decided to try becoming a straight plotter and nearly hyperventilated. I tried to write a detailed synopsis before I started my rough draft and it just didn’t work. I think I need to find a happy medium … someone once referred to it as a plantser: half plotter, half pantser. That’s a more workable method for me.  

3. What do you do to fill your creative well?

I’ve discovered that being near the ocean really inspires me. I’m a few hours from the coast now, so I don’t go very often. But there’s something about being at the beach and watching those waves crash on the shore that brings out my inner artist. Someday I would love to attend a writing retreat at the beach or (dreaming big here) have access to a beach rental in the off-season for a big chunk of writing time. I also like to scrapbook and that’s a great hobby for feeding my creative side apart from writing.

4. What are you working on right now?

I have a few irons in the fire at the moment. I’m editing my second novel now, trying to re-write and shape it into a more enjoyable read. It’s a heartwarming romance about a reclusive American baseball player trying to re-start his pitching career in Japan after a terrible tragedy. A beautiful American female sportscaster is trying to prove she can make it in the profession by landing an interview with him. It’s a ‘love finds you when you least expect it’ story. Also, a dear friend sent me a text with a wonderful idea for a setting and plot, so I jumped into writing my third novel while I was on vacation. Lastly, I’m trying to find time to promote my debut novel, Unraveled, which released in April. 

Heidi, writing is the perfect outlet for an overactive imagination! And I've always said, you have to embrace your process. If plotting gives you the hives, don't do it. Your hybrid solution sounds perfect! As long as we're dreaming big, I'm all in on attending your beach writer's retreat. The ocean calms and inspires me too. I love the concept of your new book! Have you been to Japan? What a trip that would be! Thanks!!


Unraveled ~

Blind-sided by her questionable fiance, Lauren Carter returns to the one place she’s been avoiding, the place she used to call home. As she’s forced to look into the eyes of her past and even worse, her unraveling future she discovers that running only leaves you out of breath on a dead end street. Will she choose to unveil the secrets that haunt her? Or will she bury them once and for all and embrace a new life so different from the one she once held dear?
Blake Tully, wildly successful and breathtakingly winsome owner of a new rafting business, finds Lauren’s unexpected reappearance confusing. As he torments himself with what if’s and what should’ve been’s, he can’t mistake the feeling that crawls down his spine every time he looks at her. Although she broke his heart once, he longs to give his childhood sweetheart another chance, but can he convince her to stop running away when life gets tough? And can he forgive her when he discovers the reason she’s been hiding?
Follow the story of these two shattered hearts as they discover the beauty of grace and forgiveness.
About Heidi ~
I am a Northwest girl recently transplanted in the South, where I’m cultivating a writing career in the midst of mothering our three fabulous boys. When I’m not stepping on Legos, chauffeuring the fellas around suburbia or folding laundry, I like nothing more than to curl up with a great cup of coffee and a compelling read.

My husband and I come from a long line of seaside vacationers. We are happiest at the beach, for sure, and consider ourselves blessed to live within a few hours drive of several fabulous destinations. It is, however, about as far as I can get from the land I once called home (without actually leaving the country).

I was blessed to call Alaska home for the first eighteen years of my life. My family’s experiences there, combined with the Last Frontier’s rich history, inspires much of what I write.

Since I love romances between reunited childhood sweethearts, I have to ask--do you enjoy reunion stories? 

Have a great day!! And please stop by Friday for a BIG announcement!!


  1. Yes, I spent three weeks in Japan when I was in college. It was amazing. I relied heavily on my experiences (and my photo albums) to craft this second novel. I do love a reunion romance, too. Such a fun plot to construct and enjoy as a reader, too. Thanks for a fun interview, Jill.

    1. Ooh, how cool! I'm sure revisiting the photos made you want to take a return trip! Thanks so much, Heidi!!


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