Friday, July 18, 2014

Art Fairs, Concerts, and Shopping

I've been packing in some summer fun since Wednesday. First, I spent an entire afternoon in Ann Arbor, MI at their annual art fair. This festival is HUGE and planned very well. It's actually four art fairs in one, and many of the roads are blocked off so you can wander from street to street and catch the various venues.

The art fair delights my frugal soul. For the cost of gas and a $3.00 round ticket bus ride from Pioneer High School parking lot to downtown, I was able to wander around the gorgeous shopping district, browse art, people watch, and soak up the University of Michigan's incredible architecture.

Another plus? I went by myself! I could walk at a slow pace, browse each booth as long as I wanted, and dart in and out of the shops on Main Street without feeling rushed. A wide range of art was displayed--etchings, photography, painting, ceramics, jewelry, sculpture, textiles--you name it!

I wrote down the artists I loved the most so my husband and I could browse their sites later. This morning, I went to their websites. I purchased two breathtaking 8x10 photographs by one of the artists. I had already bought two large frames with mattes at TJ Maxx. The total cost for two framed, unique, professional art pieces will be $60.00. Not bad!

Earlier this spring, a Groupon deal came through my e-mail for our zoo's concert series. My hubby and I purchased concert tickets 40% off. The Gavin DeGraw and Matt Nathanson concert was last night. We had a great time. The artists sounded amazing. Plus, the zoo has a relaxed atmosphere and easy parking. A perfect date night for us!

Yesterday, I spent a few hours shopping. We have two outdoor malls nearby, but I rarely go to one of them. Well, I found three new stores I'll be returning to for Christmas presents. I love finding boutiques that specialize in eclectic gifts.

I love summer! Sometimes I have to force myself to take time off, but I never regret being outside, doing things I normally don't do.

Have you done anything different this summer? 

Have a fun weekend!!

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