Wednesday, December 4, 2013

One Minute Vacay: Private Oasis

Every December I'm giddy about Christmas, but I'm also overwhelmed by all the extra tasks on my to-do list. I find myself needing more breaks. Less frenzied hours. Do I actually take these breaks? Debatable.

All month we'll be taking one minute vacations on my blog, and that's good enough for me!

Up first?

A private oasis. Yes, I fantasize about spending a day, week, or month (take your pick!) in a valley with waterfalls and sunshine. I'm partial to snorkeling gear, comfy lounge chairs, plenty of chips and salsa, ice-cold drinks, and hot, gourmet meals. The meals just kind of appear. Isn't that nice?

And if I'm relaxing in the valley, I'm taking my husband with me. And a stack of books. :)

Oooh, look, a rainbow!


Photo by portobaytrade

Hey, I'm less stressed already! Here, have a fruity, frozen beverage.

Photo by alexbrn

Ahh...I feel better already. :)

Do you ever dream about a private oasis? What would you take with you?

Have a wonderful day!


  1. It's taken my wife a bit of time to get used to this, but my 'private oasis' would be working convoy escort in Afghanistan - it's my dream vacation.

    Kevlar, ballistic Oakleys, an M4 and a full bandolier. And the chance that every day may be the one I get to meet Jesus.

    I heard a line from a movie once - "He's really a wonderful human being. All he needs is someone to throw grenades at him every day for the rest of his life."

    I guess we all have to own up to what we really are, and be content that yeah, that's what God made.

    1. Bless you, Andrew. I can't even imagine what serving in the military is like, but I'm so thankful for all those who do. And yeah, I can understand how fulfilling it must be.

    2. Thanks, Jill. I was actually a contractor - same motivation, different employer.

      It is fulfilling. To regain something of the sense of mission and duty, I wound up trying to save every stray dog I saw. That's one way to have 26 of them.

  2. Love the private oasis. What would I take with me? My iPad. Less bulky books to carry and then there's the happy, little time waster Candy Crush

    1. So true, CeeJay!! And you're right--we need time wasters. I love Bejeweled. :)

  3. A private oasis sounds wonderful. And yours looks fabulous! :) I would only need a constant supply of fresh writing tablets, my favorite pens, my old beat up Bible, and fresh flowing Starbucks (with a side of Hershey Kisses). Ahhhh... :) Thanks for that mini brain vacay!

    1. Yes, Hershey's Kisses are a must!! Let's vacay together! :)


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