Monday, December 9, 2013

Monday Blessings and a Winner!

It snowed last night--just a thin layer of snow--but enough to make the roads slick. We encountered three car accidents on our way home. It forced me to slow down, pay extra attention to the road and other drivers.

This week I'm applying that focus to life. It's time to pay extra attention to the details and slow down. Yes, I'll be Christmas shopping, but I will try harder not to get stressed about all the things I still need to do. I'll sing along to the Christmas songs instead of leaving them on as background music. Maybe I'll bake. Maybe I won't. :)

On Saturday I spent a few hours helping out at our church's Christmas for Kids. Since I adore children, it was a win-win! I got to hold a sweet baby, play with a few toddlers, and help preschoolers make simple crafts. My favorite part of the day was simply saying a silent prayer for each of those precious children. I'm so thankful for parents who share God's word.

So today, I'm sending you Monday blessings. I pray you find joy in this Christmas season!

Congratulations to Virginia Winfield!! Virginia won the signed copy of Jody Hedlund's latest book, Rebellious Heart! Thank you to everyone who entered!!

What can you focus on today to bring joy to your life? 

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Today, I'm working on a commission. The joy is having work and work that I love to do.

  2. Oooh, I'm feeling joy for you, Ceejay! Wonderful!!

  3. Love this, Jill. I'm focusing on warmth!! It was 2 degrees when I stepped outside this morning, but my car was already warmed up, leather seats nice and toasty and my office building is cozy as well. That brings me joy for sure. :)

  4. What a great way to apply focus all the way around -- by a snow day! After a busy Fall, I'm focusing on enjoying family and friendships this month instead of the crazy, hecticness that December normally brings. Blessings!

  5. Melissa, it's freezing here too!! Blech!! I'm thankful for staying warm too!
    Donna, I like the way you think!

  6. We haven't had snow yet, but it is certainly getting cold!
    I want to focus on being thankful that I have come this far :)


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