Wednesday, September 18, 2013

My Post-Conference Routine

Last week I had the pleasure of spending five days surrounded by other Christian writers. To say I enjoyed ACFW's annual conference would be an understatement! All good things do end, though, and my post-conference duties kick in.

Once home, I jot a quick list of must-not-forgets. Then I plan for as much of a quiet day as I can. This year, I had a full day of rest after coming home, but it's not always possible!


My Post Conference Routine


a. Compose important business e-mails

This one is pretty self-explanatory!

b. Upload and tag pictures to Facebook while everyone's names are still fresh, also add new contacts to my social networks

I know this probably seems self-indulgent, but all of those lovely friendship seeds won't sprout if we don't water them. Adding pictures, leaving messages, and just reaching out to our friends is important. Do it while you're still excited!


c. Unpack conference materials and stack them in my office to deal with later

I'm usually too excited about returning to a manuscript to review and file my workshop notes, so I keep it all in my office until I'm ready to deal with them.

d. Nap

Conferences are so much fun--but they're also exhausting. I rarely sleep enough or well. Add to that the extra energy of meeting new people, trying to get to appointments on time, finding the right room for the workshop, and making sure I look presentable--well, it adds up to me being super tired! Frequent naps are a must when I come home.

e. Drink extra water

I've yet to attend a conference where the air didn't suck the moisture from my body. I drank extra water during my stay, but I still feel parched.

f. Create a game plan for the next week or month

Chances are I have ideas for a new book, plans for my current work-in-progress, tweaks to make to a requested proposal or manuscript, and any number of other tasks banging on the door for my attention. I can't do everything at once, so I spend time prioritizing and planning.

g. Thank everyone who made my conference extra special.

Some people go out of there way to make me feel special. I appreciate them and want them to know it.


Thank you for keeping me in your prayers! Thank you also for the well-wishes with the Genesis Contest. I didn't win, but I felt like a winner just for being there!

What does your post-conference routine look like?

Have a fantastic day!


  1. I'm so glad you had a successful conference, Jill! Said it once I'll say it again you're a winner in my book!

    1. That's why I love you, Wendy! You always encourage me!! Thanks!

  2. Jill, it was SO good to see you and to share a meal with you. You are such a blessing, and a very encouraging person.

    I'm glad to see your list, because I haven't even begun to do ANY of this! I hit the ground running yesterday as my honey left for a business trip, the kids are in karate black belt classes (read long hours at the do-ho), and I WAS TIRED. My goal for the day was a nap, but God had other plans. Which is okay.

    Now, I'm going to use your list and get busy moving forward purposefully.

    1. Jeanne, it takes me several days to get everything done after a conference. Yesterday I did very little, and I'm still getting caught up on laundry and errands like grocery shopping! :)

      I'm thrilled we were able to spend some good time together. Congrats to your boys on working toward their black belts--woo-hoo!!

  3. Great routine! Um, my regular post-conference routine (which includes sleep, movies and more sleep) is interrupted this year due to my book launch...which is a pretty okay interruption. :)

    I so LOVED getting to see you at the conference, Jill. Only wish we could've hung out more. I say it ever year, it's too short!!

    1. I know, Melissa! On my ride home I got a little sad at all the missed opportunities to hang out with friends, including you. Congratulations on your book launch! Made to Last is hilarious!!

  4. Jill, I'm so glad you enjoyed the conference. I watched the gala from home and rooted for you! Yes, going back to the normal routine after conference is always a challenge but it's worth it.

    1. I miss you, Cindy!! Thank you so much for all your prayers and support--I appreciate it! I had a great time--just wish you could have come too. :)

  5. collapsing into a vegetative state? I love conferences but it takes me a while to recover...I like your priority plan, though, so next conference I'm totally glomming it. So glad you had a fab conf, Jill!

    1. Ha, ha! Yeah, it takes me several days to get through this, but it's worth it. One of these days you and I will attend a conference together!

  6. I'm not placing a lot of pressure on myself the rest of the week. My suitcase is still in the bedroom floor, the house needs dusted, potties scrubbed, etc., but I'm getting to that as I can. I'm so exhausted. Happily, but still...

    And my blog post for today... yeah, that just went up. Late. But better late than never. Sometimes, you just gotta prioritize.

    And you'll always be a winner in my book, Jill!


    1. I've taken some long naps, Cindy! I loved seeing you, and I agree, better late than never!!

  7. Jill, you were one of the highlights of my conference. Your love and support over the past couple of weeks...well, it was so great to see you and hug you in person!

    My routine was drive home from the airport after 3 hours of sleep and a bumpy flight, stay awake until bed, then jump into my day job the next day while finishing my deadline...the craziness is back, but it's all good. :)

    My boys are coming home this weekend, so I'm excited for some family time!

  8. I so enjoyed spending some time with you this weekend! And I'm impressed with your routine. Mine included volleyball, children's choir, and finishing a project that's due October 1. Forget the naps, but I am sleeping well at night!


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