Monday, September 2, 2013

Enjoy Your Labor Day!

I'm relaxing and hanging out with my family today to honor Labor Day. :)

I think every Monday should be a national holiday. Let's make a petition!

Hope you're relaxing and enjoying it too!

What's on your plate today?



  1. Happy Labor Day!

    I'm getting ready to go to work :(

    Will be cooking out at 4. Weather is clearing. Have a great day, Jill!

  2. we're having fajitas and chicken tortilla soup - love Labor Day!

  3. Taking advantage of the sun room. Won't be many more days out here so I want to hang onto every second.

  4. I will second your call for every Monday to be a national holiday.

    Sadly, I'm in the office today. But I can't really complain...I'm taking a bunch of time off later this month, so I have to get ahead while I can. :)

  5. Have a happy day!

    Hmm...haven't thought about supper yet. But that picture of yours is making me think about serving hotdogs...


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