Friday, August 2, 2013

Answering God's Call and Imperfection

All week I spent my mornings with twelve to sixteen preschoolers at our church. You know how sometimes your soul just smiles? That's how mine felt--all lit up! But yesterday afternoon I spent some time in prayer because even though I answered the call to teach this year, I was painfully aware of my shortcomings.

Reminders of my imperfection:

Monday ~ Scrambled to keep twelve different personalities occupied and in the right place all day. This led to "thinking on my feet." Did I handle each situation correctly? Uh, no!

Tuesday ~ Woke up with a killer migraine and had to ask another volunteer to cover the class for me. There are few things in my life as humbling as a migraine. I felt terrible for not being able to teach the little ones, but God's grace is sufficient, and our pastor's wife took over--a blessing in disguise!

Wednesday ~  With two more children in the class, I struggled to contain the handful of high-energy kids and ended up not being able to give our precious low-maintenance ones the attention they deserved. My daughter helped with this, reminding me how blessed I am to have her.

Thursday ~ Oh boy. All the kids were more rambunctious and tired than usual. I put out a lot of "fires" so to speak and by the time our coloring contest winner was announced, I had four bawling little girls. I felt bad about having to discipline two of our other girls that day (those babies melt me!!), and, to top it off, I was pretty short with a few older kids who seemed to think I'd taken their suckers when I only wanted to put the final polish of cleaning on my room so we could leave.

Basically, answering God's call opens my eyes to how imperfect I really am. Sure, I can hide behind my daily routine and think I'm a pretty good Christian, but at the end of the day, even my best intentions and efforts fall far short of God's will.

It's funny, though, last night, my soul was still smiling--still all lit up. Do you know why? Because God's grace IS sufficient. God doesn't expect us to be perfect. He knows every obstacle we will face, and He's there, holding our hands, whispering suggestions, applauding us in our efforts. He wants us to show up, to answer His call. He took care of the "perfect" part with Jesus.

Did the children in my class have a good time this week? Yes. Did they come away with a good memory of VBS? I hope so! But it was by God's mercy, not my works. I pray each of their little lights shines brighter, and I'm so thankful to parents who send their kids to learn of God's goodness.

Does answering God's call ever reveal your imperfections?

Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. Oh YES! All the time!

    And bless you for taking on those kids, Jill b/c I couldn't even step up the way you did. You probably touched more lives in amazing ways than you even realize:)

  2. I'm amazed at how humbling it is to serve with children. Or to serve in any way! Ha! Thanks, Susan! :)

  3. Sometimes He calls me to go somewhere, usually to be with someone in time of need. Why does He send ME? I feel inadequate when people are in emotional pain. I offer a hug, an ear, a shoulder--all of which feels like not enough--when what I really want to do is magically make them better.

  4. Shay, I think we all feel inadequate. A hug, an ear, and a shoulder IS enough. :)

  5. Hi Jill

    In the Autumn of my life I have felt God's call to become a writer. I started blogging a couple of years ago and as I have walked this journey I have most definitely felt inadequate, fearful, unsure and doubtful in abilities. God is awesome and at the end of the day I feel blessed to be walking with Him right where he would have me - doing what he would have me do.


  6. Also, I felt called to write in the autumn of my life. I feel I an in a rut. I don't seem to be able to advance to a new level in my writing. But, I trust in God to hone me into the writer He wants me to be.


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