Wednesday, December 15, 2010

One Minute Vacation: Reading

Want an instant vacation? Pick up a book!

Reading is my favorite escape. I always have a stack of books waiting to be read, and I usually have a list of books on order from my local library.

Here's what I'm into now.

I'm currently reading Kathryn Springer's A Place to Call Home. This is the first book I've read of Ms. Springer's, and I'm thrilled to add her name to my new-to-me favorite-authors list. You know what this means, don't you? I can go back and find her old books. Hello, backlist!

My library just notified me that I have two books ready to pick up. Sarah Sundin's A Distant Melody, the first in her WWII series. Sarah's first two books have been reviewed by many of my blogging friends, and I can't wait to dive into this intriguing series.

The other book waiting for me is The Emporer of All Maladies, by Siddhartha Mukherjee. This is a non-fiction history of cancer, and I've read glowing reviews of it in Entertainment Weekly and on various Internet sites, and I know I'm going to love this book too.

What's next on your to-be-read list?

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. What a gorgeous picture! I am reading A Prayer for Owen Meany. I'm not really engaged yet, but I know it will be a wonderful ride when I am. Cutting for Stone is waiting at my library. It was recommended by too many people for me to ignore. Thanks for sharing your favs!

  2. Problem is with picking up a book to read,it's never just a one minute vacation! Just one more chapter! No, I promise. Just one more. LOL

  3. Sarah Sundin is hot right now. I've seen her all over the internet! I'll check out her book.

    I'm really enjoying Mudbound. My man gave me a B&N gift cert. to pick up a craft book and I know my sister and my mom have some good ones waiting for me...a Berg and Mitchard...:D :D :D

    My favorite kind of vacation and I love that picture!
    ~ Wendy

  4. Good morning!

    Judith: Welcome! I've heard great things about the Owen Meany book. Haven't heard of Cutting for Stone. I might have to check it out!

    Julie: I know! I accidentally ordered the cancer book on audiotape, so I'm going to rerequest it.

    CJ: Tell me about it. When I pick up a book it usually turns into a four hour or more vacation!

    Wendy: The cover on Sarah's book is gorgeous. I love historicals so I'm excited to start it! And how nice of your husband to slip a gift card your way!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  5. With a lot of kitchen and bath remodeling going on, new floors, wallpaper, that sort of thing, my reading has taken a back seat to stripping wallpaper and picking out the new stuff. And now, with the holidays, well, let's just say I'm looking forward to quiet reading time ... in January!

  6. My too read shelf is beginning to bend! But recently was at my local bookstore and saw they had The Preacher's Bride by fellow blogger, Jody, so had to pick it up. I will be reading it after finishing our book club pick, Christmas at Carringtons. Picking up a book is my favourite minute vacation!

  7. Ooh, the Emperor of All Maladies sounds fascinating. I'm gonna check that one out.

  8. I actually have two short Christmas ebooks that are on my TBR list next and after that I'm waiting for Susan elizabeth Philips's new book which will be released next month. :)

  9. Reading is one of my favorite ways to enjoy a personal vacation.

    Sarah's books are wonderful. She's a great writer whom I had the pleasure of meeting in person at the Mount Hermon conference held here in our state of California. The reason I read her books was because I'd met her. I'm not normally a fan of WWII historicals, but Sarah changed that. I'll read anything she writes. Her character development is awesome, her stories fast-paced and well-plotted, and her handling of the realities of war tasteful. I HIGHLY recommend her books.

    I have oodles of books in my TBR mountain. I'm currently reading Karen Witemeyer's second book, Head in the Clouds. Next up is Code Triage by Candace Calvert, another writer friend who expanded my reading horizon with her riveting medical dramas/romances.

  10. I need a month off from life to tackle my TBR pile! I just finished Susan Meissner's wonderful "White Picket Fences" and I'm about to start Dale Cramer's "Paradise Valley" - he's one of my favorite authors so I can't wait. For research I'm reading Rick Atkinson's excellent history of the US landings in North Africa in WWII, "An Army at Dawn."
    Jill - I hope you enjoy my book!
    Wendy - giggling. I'll have to tell my teenage daughter. She'll DIE - simply DIE!!! - of embarrassment.
    Keli - thank you, sweetie!

  11. Joanne: It is going to be so nice when you can pick up a book and sit in your new beautiful surroundings. Hope it's soon!

    Lynn: Mine too! And yay on picking up Jody's book! I loved it!

    Em: I know, I can't wait to read it!

    Jennifer: Aren't Christmas stories the best? I'm itching to dig into a Mary Ellis Amish Christmas book I bought recently. Can't wait!

    Keli: Now I want to read Sarah's book even more! And I've seen Karen Witemyers (sp?)books--what pretty covers. Let me know if it's a goodie!

    Sarah: Isn't it great when one of your fave authors has a new release? I turn into a giggly mess when I see a new book by a fave author in the store!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  12. Funny - I haven't been in the mood for reading lately. I go through those phases, though. I'm trying to get through a book by Mignon Eberhardt (a Nebraska writer) who was known as America's Agatha Christie. The book I'm reading was written in the 1930s and is a very good mystery novel. I just haven't wanted to read much.

  13. OMGOSH! You haven't read Sarah's series yet?!?! AAAAAHHHH!!! Make sure you have boatloads of time to finish 'cause once you start the real world disappears.

    I'm currently reading "Abbie Ann" by Sharlene McClaren. It's a cute, warm escape. :)

  14. My TBR list is too long to mention, but reading is one of the best vacations I know!

  15. Oh my gosh I LOVE that picture!!! I'm planning on reading this holiday season and not worrying about my novel until the wrapping paper dies down around New year. ;)

  16. That list looks so yummy. I have a stack a mile high--well, it's almost a foot high. I think I may dive into Sweet Caroline by Rachel Hauck next. And I'm always reading several non-fiction books at any given time.


  17. I just finished Crossing Oceans, by Gina Holmes (Novel Journey) last night. I really liked it. It was very sad, but encouraging at the same time.

    I think next for me is Home Another Way by Crista Parrish. But I have several books in my Kindle that have been calling out to me lately.

  18. I love when other authors promote other authors, you know what I mean. Great post and your blog is BEAUTIFUL!

  19. I have a lot and I think once this weekend is over I'm going to pick one up.

  20. Just wanted to jump on and say thanks for reading my guest post on Michelle's blog. And congrats on landing your dream agent!! That's awesome! :)

  21. I love this picture and this post. It signifies reading to me.

  22. Melissa: I go in spurts too. Reading keeps me sane during the holiday rush!

    Jaime: I know! I got through the first four chapters today and had to go pick up the kids--like I want to tear away from that book?? Not on your life! Thanks for the recommendation!

    Susan: Mine is freakish. It scares me sometimes!

    T.Anne: What a great plan! I'm sure you have a stash of books to tackle too!

    Jen: Mm-hmm, I can relate. I haven't read Rachel Hauck. Sounds good!

    Heather: Oh those tear-jerkers! Sounds like you have a good line-up!

    Bonnie: Thank you! I'm glad you stopped by!

    Patti: It's hard to find free time, isn't it? Hope you pick a great one up!

    Renee: Welcome! And it was so encouraging to read your story at Michelle's (The Innocent Flower). Congrats on your success!

    Elana: I love the picture too. Whoever put it together is a genius!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!


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