Wednesday, December 8, 2010

One Minute Vacation: Delicious Scents

I walk into a coffee shop and relaxation drapes me. It has nothing to do with the hustle bustle or the color of the walls--it's the smell of coffee that lulls me.

Many scents make me happy.

A freshly sliced orange.


Warm chocolate chip cookies.

And sea air.

What scents take you on vacation?

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. Jil, Your pictures are so vivid and perfect choices for your words.
    I love the smell of a bakery and freshed backed bread and doughnuts. Mmm. just found one here in town, and took my grandson there three times in a week--the smell was wonderful.

  2. I love the coffee smell too, especially when it sits on my clothes and rides home with me. :)

  3. Vanilla coffee syrup in my tea. (Why should coffee drinkers have all the fun!). A vacation in a cup

  4. Lovely!

    For me, it's the scent of nostalgia. I can't explain exactly what it is, but I catch it in spring, when the windows are opened for the first time... or walking through my kids' school... or traveling a well-known road. I smell it every time.

  5. The scent of a vanilla candle takes me back to my childhood, as vanilla is one of my mom's favorite scents.

    Coconut-lime-verbena lotion from Bath and Body Works is very soothing.

    Apple cider.

  6. Perfect pictures! I can't think of a scent that takes me on vacation. Maybe that is a sign that I need a vacation!

  7. Oh man, this is what it's all about for me. I love smells.

    Fresh baked bread.
    The top of my kids' heads.
    Cut grass.
    Chimney smoke.

    This list could take awhile.

    Love this!
    ~ Wendy

  8. My two favorite scents are baked apple pie and lavendar.

    Wherever I am, lavendar can immediately make me feel like I'm lying in a field of flowers watching puffy white clouds slide across the sky.

  9. Oh definitely the coffee scent, and the salty sea air. I think that more than anything, the first awareness of the sea close by, that salt air filling my lungs. It's such a tonic, relaxing my whole life.

  10. The air in spring, ocean air, beach (mix of water, sand, heat & sunscreen) and samsara perfume.

  11. MMM, thank you for the delicious smells. I love the smell of the sea, of oranges, and wet pavement after a rainstorm.

  12. You should all see my face right now! I'm oohing and ahhing over your choices--so eloquent and vivid!

    Thank you so much for stopping by!

  13. The scent of pine trees...warm chocolate chip cookies...buttercream frosting...those all remind me of winter and Christmas and fun. :-)

  14. Campfires. The smell reminds me of vacations to the mountains as a kid.

  15. Evergreen. My daughter and I were in the mall the other day and there was a strong scent of pine. Right away flashes of Christmas from my childhood came to mind.

    I looked and looked in the mall for a Christmas tree and couldn't find one. I'm thinking they piped in the scent to make people buy Christmas presents.

  16. Beautiful photographs!

    I have a bottle of body lotion that I used on a tropical vacation a few years ago. Sometimes I take out that lotion, open the cap, and inhale deeply. Immediately I am transported to the beach!

  17. Mmmmm. Coffee, Italian food, salty air, aroma of a hot bubble bath, fresh clean sheets.

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  19. I love this post! Each photo brought such vivid aromas to me. Lovely!


  20. Vanilla spice candles, the scent of rain, apple cider, and yes, definitely coffee!

  21. You've made me add to my favorite lists! Thanks for making me remember these great scents!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  22. Bread. The smell of buns, cinnamon buns, anything to do with bread cooking in the oven.

  23. Hi Jill,
    Thanks for stopping by over at Eternity Cafe!

    It's not about vacation, but a certain smell this week resurrected childhood memories.

    For years, I use Dawn for my dishes. It is just the best greasecutter in my humble opinion. But when I was a little girl, my mom used Palmolive. I haven't seen much less used it in forever, but I saw some small bottles in a store recently and picked them up for the sink at my office kitchen. I bought them for the size, but when I used it the first time, one little squeeze transported me to my childhood kitchen, apron-clad mom at the sink.

    Powerful those fragrances!

    Blessings to you,

  24. First: yum.

    Second, for me it's brown sugar (LOVE that smell) and dryer sheets. Don't judge me on the latter. ;-)

  25. Love every one of them! What a fantastic post Jill- mine is of course.... coconut suntan lotion!!

  26. My horses. I inhale their scent, the smell of the saddles in the tack room, and cinnamon toast at Christmas time. Oh, oh, the Christmas tree, too. Frazier Fur. And apple cider. Oh, and the wood fire burning on a freezing night. :) Excellent post, girlfriend. :)

  27. Here are some scents I like:

    The musty, dusty scent that accompanies the first rain of the season after a parched California summer.

    Baby powder.

    Freshly cut Christmas trees.


    Cinnamon-scented pine cones.

  28. The smell of popcorn. That is always a fun vacation to take. Makes me feel like a kid.


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