Friday, April 30, 2010

One Goal Friday: April 30, 2010

April is only hours away from ending. Didn't it just begin? At least we can send it out properly since it's Friday.

How was your week? Mine was busy. Crazy busy. And yes, I'm still jogging. It still hurts.

It's Friday! Time to set one goal for the upcoming week, one goal that will bring you closer to your dream or will enhance your life. It can be related to work, family, fun, or anything at all.

My goal last week was to purchase birthday gifts for my mother and mother-in-law. Mission barely accomplished.

Here are your goals:

Terri: Finish pitch and prepare for conference
Wendy: Get to 38K on WIP
Kelly: Spray paint porch swing (What color?)
CJ: Survive core exercises
Tabitha: Finish rewrites of memoir
Maria: Celebrate 20 years of marriage!!! Congratulations!!
Joanne: Clean up Word files
Georgiana: Finish editing WIP
Karen L: Spend time in the Word and with family
Heather: Edit and rewrite through chapter 40 and run through week 3 of exercise program
Cindy: Sign daughter up for gymnastics, renew ACFW membership, and write 15K words
Keli: Yard work
Paul: Edit based on reader comments
Erica: Survive flood of Genesis entries
Diane J: Write cover letter for article and insert quote in article
Katie: Write hero's backstory
Jennifer S: Organize kitchen cupboards
Julie J: Keep the house clean and meet daily word count
Diane E: Get computer and blog running
Lynn: Meet all deadlines on time
Maria S: Study for biology every day
Quiet Spirit: Work around the house

Again, I'm awed by the sheer amount of determination listed above.

My new goal? Do the first read through of the book I'm revising this month.

What will your goal for this week be?

Please leave your goal in the comment section. If you're new to my blog, I'd love to see your goal too, but if you aren't comfortable, that's okay!


  1. I survived the core exercises! This week I need to finish the piece I'm working on and get it framed.

  2. I have surpassed my goal. Yay! This week I hope to get to 50k words-rewritten and edited.

    Have a great weekend, Jill! I am still jogging, but my ankles hurt only when I jog.

  3. Yay for the read-through! I need to do that too. Also need to start jogging since my gym membership expired. Blah.

    I hope you finish your goals! Mine are to start jogging, :-), and to start sending out queries.

  4. I'm at 41K. Woo to the hoo. How about a little stay sane for me this week with a side of don't go crazy. ;)

    No, I'll say contine to make edits and get to 48K by next weekend.
    ~ Wendy

  5. Jogging...I finally reached my goal of jogging one mile. Once I reached it, I found I didn't want to run this goal is a maintenance goal: keep doing what I worked so hard to attain!

  6. That steaming, dark drink looks very good.
    I met my deadlines- a little late at times.
    This week's goal is a long walk every second day.
    Have a great week Jill.

  7. Good morning!

    CJ: Good for you! Have fun with your latest project.

    Heather: Wow! Great job! My whole body aches still. Just hasn't gotten used to exercising I guess!

    Jessica: Query sending and jogging? You're a brave woman!

    Wendy: Awesome! I'm slapping on a side of sanity for both of us this week. :)

    Jennifer in J: I can relate. Maybe you need a new jogging goal?

    Lynn: Better late than never, right? Enjoy those long walks!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  8. I didn't do any yard work, although I thought about it. Since it rained several of the days when I'd planned to get outside, I have an excuse. OK, it's lame since there were two glorious spring days early in the week, but I didn't take advantage of them.

    My goal for this week is to complete the macro read of my CP's entire manuscript.

  9. I have two goals this week since I didn't have any last week. I want to start exercising and move forward in my new Blogging For Dummies book. I'm excited about both activities.

  10. Hi, Jill. Good luck with that read through. I'm hoping to get my WIP into shape so I can send it to my agent, which means working w/a few more comments then reading it thru again, and polishing. It might take more than a week but that's okay.

  11. Thought I had a goal for this week? Are you saying I partied the seven days away?? LOL.

    Get the revised proposal to Natasha!!!

    If you have a chance, stop by my post, which I didn't get up till late! There a poignant poem by my favorite, Mary Oliver, that shares my angst about the Gulf oil spill...


  12. I'm keeping my nose above water with the Genesis entries.

    And I'm three pages from done on the WIP.

    The goal for this coming week is to critique a ms for a friend.

  13. Well, we hit a snag in the gymnastics but that will be remedied, we just need to find a new time because she's taking the tumbling class instead (yay for that, actually, because it's cheaper :D).

    I renewed the ACFW membership AND not only did I write 15K words, I finished my manuscript! Yay!

    Goals for this week. Editing, working through critique partner manuscript :), and making some progress on the women's retreat scrapbook I do for church every year. Keeping busy!

  14. Met my goal last week and managed to spend some quality time with my amazing hubby of 20 years!! This week? Complete 2 devo entries for my WIP & continue planning our daughter's graduation party! Have a fantastic weekend, Jill!

  15. Keli: I've had 365 days to purchase a birthday present for my mom, and I waited until the last minute! Don't feel guilty about the yard work.

    Nancy: Blogging for Dummies? My kind of book!

    Paul: Exciting! And it will take as long as it takes, right? :)

    Patti: Woo-hoo! I'll stop by later!

    Erica: I give you sooo much credit for coordinating your genre in the Genesis. What a huge undertaking. But you managed to almost finish your WIP, too?? Impressive!!

    Cindy: You're a writing maniac! That's incredible!! I'm so happy for you. And yay for cheaper classes! :)
    Maria: Glad you're enjoying anniversary week. Good luck with planning the party!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  16. I did it! I did it! I actually wrote his backstory!

    Now my goal is to figure out his internal flaw/wound and one of his inner beliefs and resulting mannerisms.

  17. Work on some articles and organize my office (although that's an ongoing process:)
    Blessings for the weekend,

  18. Yay--I met my goal. THis week--pack and get to the conference and pitch next Friday!

  19. Revise my short story, "Unlikely Odds" for the 3rd time, and prepare it for a Monday submission.
    My goal for next week: there are too many, but I'll choose, writing a poem a day.

  20. Pardon me for taking a break from writing goals, but this week's goal is to hear my dryer running again. We need to replace the belt and until the order gets in I'm washing at home and running to the laundry mat. I don't like the laundry mat.

  21. Katie: Oh, have fun! I love the pre-writing phase!

    Karen L: Please come organize my office too? :)

    Terri: You're going to do great, and you'll have a fantastic time!

    Tyrean: Welcome! Good luck submitting!

    Diane: Yuck! I hope you get that dryer fixed pronto!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  22. Jill:
    Getting caught up on laundry. Finding places to store my books and stuff so we can get some work done on our house. Each time hubby mentions this project, it grows. It now includes new carpet for the living room. Parts of two wall torn out, a chimney replaced and the walls replastered and painted.

    I think I have my summer cut out for me.


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