Friday, April 9, 2010

April 9, 2010: One Goal Friday

Fridays. Yum! Fifty-two each year, and I love them all.

It's time to set one goal for the upcoming week, one goal that will bring you closer to your dream or will enhance your life. It can be related to work, family, fun, or anything at all.

My goal was to enjoy my family since we had a vacation from school and work. Easy! Of course I met it.
Here are your goals from last week:

Jessica: Finish reading WIP and print pictures
Terri: Write more
CJ: Make Hot Cross Buns and enjoy them with daughter home from college
Wendy: Laugh hard
Kelly: Enjoy Easter without blowing diet
Ralene: Finish going through boxes to donate
Joanne: Finish cooking for Easter (lasagna, yum...)
Julie J: Write 1000 words every day
Katie: Eat one healthy item each day
Lynn: Write a new scripture verse in prayer journal each day
Kristen T: Complete first three months of p90x!!
Maria M: Make memories with daughter who is home on spring break
Erica: Finish reading book for review
Danyelle: Finish entering edits into ms
Kara: Pack for trip and prepare clothes for consignment sale
Susan M: Catch up on sleep
Tamika: Write 500 words per day
Nancy: Enjoy birthday and daughter's birthday, which are shared (Happy Birthday!!)
Patti: Write two chapters of Reclaiming Lily and start proposal for Strung Out
Angie M: Write daily
Jaime: Reclaim morning exercise habit
Linda: Finish rewrites of chapters eight and nine
College Student: Study, study, study!
Jennifer S: Bake and cook for daughter's birthday party
Lisa and Laura: Prep first 20K words and create an outline

My new goal is to finish the second pass of revisions of my work in progress.

What one goal will make your life better this week?

Please leave your goal in the comment section. Welcome, any newcomers! I hope you participate, too, but if you'd rather not, that's okay!


  1. Happy to hear you had a great week off with your family, Jill! I had an off week mentally, so I did not complete my goal. I was late on my blog post but am grateful for the readers and comments, so I will think about that to keep mentally charged. This week's goal is to write 2+ hrs per day. Best wishes with WIP!

  2. Met my hotcross bun goal from last week. Lol. This week, hope to finish drawing and painting the dragon

  3. I definitely met my lasagna and ham goal, it was so worth the efforts. Next week I'll be immersing myself in a new writing project, and hope to make serious progress with it.

  4. Met my goal from last week more or less. This week my first regularly scheduled kid-free time starts with K's new pre school program & my goal is to use the time to write.

  5. I hope everyone made their goals!

    Mine for this next week is to make progress on edits each day. Broad, but still important.

  6. Read my Bible daily. :O)

  7. Jill, I'm glad you had a good time with your family last week.

    Nancy, I hope you and your daughter had a great birthday celebration.

    My goal for next week is to get away from the computer and go for a walk at least twice.

  8. I met my goal! My goal (along with 1000 words a day) is to not spend so much time procrastinating on the internet.

  9. My goal for the next week is to finish the first draft of my WIP. Yay!

  10. Great goals for next week!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  11. My goal for next week is to get a handle on my newest WIP which is just a glimmer of an idea. To see if there is really a story there. And to see if it's a story I might want to write.

  12. Planning on a cleaning date with my kitchen! And keeping an ear out for a phone call from my daughter due to deliver any time now.

  13. Argh, the book still isn't finished.

    New goal for the week: Edit/rewrite two chapters.

  14. Hmm..I might have to snag a few of your goals!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  15. Yes! I've met my goal this week! Next week I'm going to try and get some reading in daily.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend!

  16. I MET my goal PARTLY! Does that count????

    Got the chapters written.
    New goal? To finish up the proposal and to HAVE FUN ON THE WOMEN'S WEEKEND RETREAT AND FORGET THE GOAL!!


  17. OK, my new goal is to enter into 70K with caution! Watch downhill speed and enjoy the end of the ride. ;) Have a great weekend Jill! C U on twitter.

  18. To spend time at the lake with my daughter and soak up the sun! :-)

  19. Have a great week off! :)

    My goal for the week is to work steadily on editing my WIP. I'd like to finish it this week, but I'm not sure I can do that without exhausting myself. So, for now, I'm just going to commit to work regularly on it.

  20. Spending time in the word.
    Blessings for a good weekend,

  21. Yeah, we're 50/50 this week. We have a brand new (beautiful) outline. But we scrapped the first 20,000 words. They just weren't working. It was time to cut our losses.

    Love these goals! Next week we want to have 5 perfect chapters written. Thanks for this Jill and congrats on your progress!!!

  22. Love this, Jill! I need to get back on track with my schedule. I sort of got all out of wack this past week.

    I'm glad you had fun with your family. I hope you enjoy your books!

  23. Hi Jill. Since I have some renewed energy and enthusiasm around my writing, my goal for next week is to keep editing and keep up my excitement. Hope you have a good week. Patrice

  24. I actually met my goal last week. I'm so glad because I'm feeling much better. This week my goal is to decide which project to work on next.

  25. I met my goal. I had a happy birthday. I made my daughter a smashing birthday card.

    This week I have lots to do. My goal is to be cheerful doing it all.

  26. It's not Friday anymore, but my goal is to write each day this week! This past week I accomplished my goal (although not posted) of getting all of April's birthday cards completed! lol

  27. I might steal some of these goals ... hot cross buns? yum!

  28. I--uh--started going through the boxes. Does that count? lol... That's still my goal for this week. To FINISH! :)


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