Friday, March 19, 2010

One Goal Friday: March 19

Every Friday we set one goal for the upcoming week. It can be related to work, home, family, or anything at all. Our big dreams get accomplished in small steps, and it's important to have fun along the way.

What's your biggest emotional burden right now? What stresses you the most today? Take a few minutes to think of one thing you can do to lessen that stress. Here are a few made-up scenarios:
I haven't met my word count in three days--okay, three weeks. I'll never get published at this rate.
Please, do not set a goal related to word count. It will only stress you out more. Instead, consider setting a "nice for you" goal, such as renting a movie you've wanted to see, asking a friend over for dinner, or even soaking in a long, hot bath. Pressure added to pressure does not make one more productive.

My entire family had the flu all week, and I haven't touched my manuscript because I've been knee-deep in vomit. I can't stand the thought of putting off my revisions another day.
This is a case where giving yourself permission to revise for an hour would be beneficial to you. It's good and right to take care of the family, but take a break, however small, to work on your dreams.

I'm so mad at myself. The diet I promised to stick to on January 2 died a pathetic death on January 6, and now spring is almost here. At this rate, I won't be wearing shorts until September.
Be kind to yourself. A five minute walk or a new lipstick will do wonders for your mood. If you feel good, you'll be more likely to do nice things for yourself. If nothing else, don't allow the nasty thoughts in your head. You wouldn't talk to your best friend like that, so don't talk to yourself like that either.

I LOVE reading all of the goals you set. Enthusiasm is contagious, don't you think?

Here are last week's goals:

Jaime: Study Bible every day
CJ: No obsessing or worrying about eldest child's trip to Rome
Tamika: Get stellar word count in
Karen L: Complete two articles
Susan M: Finish rewrites
Joanne: Finish revising the problem section of memoir
Patrice: Send off taxes
Terri: Finish editing a friend's book
Diane: Submit to new agent
Nancy: Fret not
Patti: Hand ROS to editor by Tuesday
Maria: Pull together 30-day devotional and start shopping it
Susan R: Continue consolidating chapters into one document
Angie: Write daily
T. Anne: Make sense of WIP
Quiet Spirit: Study An Introduction to Christian Writing by Ethel Herr
Empi: Undecided between a. cleaning room, b. laundry, c. pedicure, or d. make corn chowder. Empi, I'd go with c. pedicure--just saying!

As for me, yes, I finished reading James Scott Bell's Revision and Self-Editing. Woo-hoo!

My goal this week? I've been busy, and when I'm busy, I try to fit MORE in. Smart huh? Not so much. This week, I'm re-claiming my habit of avoiding anything writing related after 5:00 PM. (I probably shouldn't rely on the phrase "it's five o'clock somewhere" right now, should I? No? Okay.)

Did you meet your goals? I'm dying to hear the new ones! Any newcomers, feel free to leave your goal in the comments or if you aren't comfortable with sharing, that's okay too!

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. My goal is to try and spend less time at my computer and more time with my fiance! I've been frantically trying to do my work and write my book that I've forgotten about life outside of my office. I'm neglecting things I shouldn't be neglecting. So my goal for next week is to strike a balance. Set a time to turn off my computer and stick to it. Even if I think sitting in front of the TV with my fiance while he watches soccer is a waste of time, I have to try and turn it around. I have to think - I'm not wasting time, I'm spending it with a loved one.

  2. Alas I did not meet my goal because I was sidetracked by the purchase of a car for my daughter, and the red tape that goes along with that. It's a great car, but the writing goal has been bumped to next week.

  3. Alliterative A: I can completly relate. Watch television with your fiance--it counts as bonding! Plus, it sends good signals that you're interested. Good luck!

    Joanne: Hey, life happens, right? Thank goodness we don't need to replace cars all that often. We'd never get anything done!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  4. I have not yet sent out taxes because I'm waiting for my husband to make one phone call to a mutual fund firm asking where the 1099 form is (lost in mail?) (Btw, he has to make the call because only his name is on the account and the firm won't release any info to me directly.)BUT I did everything I could do to be in a position to send them out as soon as he gets that last bit of info. I feel good about that...and it's a reminder about goals. Some are fully within our control and some are a combo of within our control and within others' control. I think it's important to recognize the difference AND to do everything that is within our control to make the goal happen. That's my story...Patrice
    For next week: get a manicure in advance of the MVRWA Booklovers' Event. (And, of course, remind my husband about making that call!)

  5. Hmmm.....there are so many things I want to accomplish, but I think it falls under the adding pressure to pressure situation you mentioned. I think my goal should be to read another book ;)

  6. We're picking up our one and only from her college today and get to have her home from the week of her spring break. My goal is to enjoy the time with her.

  7. Oh schnikes! I'm so far behind in my goals. So my new goal is: Keep wading my way though. I may not be where I want, but I'll never get there if I stop. So, I'm just aiming for forward progress, no matter how slow.

  8. Coolness! This week I'm going to stop stressing about what I can't control. Things will come when they come, right? Right.

  9. hmm - My goal for the week is to buckle down into edits, and finish up a query letter / synopsis class I took online.

    I can do that!

  10. This is such a great idea, Jill! A couple weeks ago my goal was to read to my son each night before bed and I did! There was actually one night where I almost didn't, but then I remembered writing the goal down and posting it to your blog. So thanks for this!

    My goal this week....find sime each day to smile or laugh with my son. I'm back to work next week and that makes me sad. So focusing on smiling and laughing is a good thing!

    Congrats to you on finishing your first round of revisions and how fun that you're excited about your next story! That's the stage I'm at....excitement for my new story. It's a fun stage!

    Blessings to you this weekend,

  11. It's nice to know I'm not the only writer-person sidetracked by life right now. I took on some freelance work that has consumed my writing time to the point where I feel like I'm cheating on my novel with another piece! :) Next week, I plan to make it up to my novel, particularly the character I left stranded at the Greyhound station.

  12. I didn't meet my goal for a really lame reason - I can't find my Bible so it's not sitting where it normally is to remind me! So there's some self-excusing there ... AND a request to pray I find it!!! WAAAHHH!!!

  13. Yeah, so my goal this week is to find my Bible! :)

  14. Patrice: Your goal counts. You did everything in your power to complete the taxes, and you're right, the rest is out of your control! Can you believe the MVRWA book lover event is almost here??

    Georgiana: Yeah, you should read another book. Cuz, last time I checked, you just had your appendix out. Relax!

    Keli: Yay!! Have tons of sweet tea with her!

    Diane J: Forward progress! Woo-hoo!

    Elana: I do that too. It's hard to let go! But we can!

    December: Query letter and synopsis--yummy! Good luck!

    Katie: Writing goals down motivates me. I'm less procrastinate-y, you know? Be good to yourself this week. You know teaching is always rough right after a break!

    K. Harrington: Oh, yes! It's terrible when we're cheating on our books! But they forgive!

    Jaime: Wait until Chloe is old enough to move it for you! Then you'll never find it!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  15. My goal for this week is to finish the critiques on a friend's ms. :)

  16. Jill,
    I didn't meet my goal for last Friday. I've seriously been battling a bad sore throat for the past several weeks. This week it seems to finally be on the mend. And last night I actually took that walk with one of my daughters. It was absolutely delightful. I hope to do it again this week too.

  17. Sorry about the sickness at your house. Hope things get better. My goal of "fret not" didn't work out so well. I had lots of things to fret about. I tried, truly I did. This week, I'm going to take your advice and try to watch a fun movie some time this week.

  18. My goal for this week is to make some sense and order of my desk, and finish that article that didn't get done this past week:)

    Thanks for helping me to keep a perspective! Hope your gang is feeling better.
    Blessings for the weekend,

  19. Erica: I love critiquing. But, I get to crit. very talented writers! Enjoy!

    Jody: You've had a rough week. Between the kids' fevers and your sore throat, I'm surprised you could get dressed in the morning! Take care of you, okay!

    Nancy: None of us are perfect. Sometimes we fret. Then we get back on track. It's okay!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  20. Hi Jill -

    I was overly-optimistic with my goal to finish the re-writes of book 1. However, I did work on the manuscript four days.

    A snag with Chapter 10 slowed me down, but I managed to get through Chapter 14. I'll set a goal of 8 chapters for the upcoming week.

    I'm also going to the first Tag Sale of the season tomorrow. Yay!

    Susan :)

  21. Jill it is so fantastic that you reply to everybody. Good on you! It's lovely to get a response, even if it's just a simple acknowledgment that you've read it. Wonderful!

  22. Susan J: I'm always overly optimistic about how long it will take me to revise! Don't feel bad! Wish I could check that tag sale out with you. :)

    Alliterative A: Unless I'm out of the house (like last week), I respond. I love comments! It's like a conversation!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  23. Jill, I must confess that I didn't even come close to meeting my goal. Yes, I need an accountability partner! But I refuse to beat myself my goal for this week will be family related: Sit down and watch something fun with both my man and my daughter!! (I'm going to continue pulling together my devotional over a more realistic timeframe!! :)
    Happy weekend and God bless!

  24. Jill, I am pleased to announce that I have met my goal of writing daily. Very exciting! Thanks for this fabulous idea. I will make it my goal for the week to come as well. Have a blessed weekend!

  25. Jill:
    I did get into the book by Ethel Herr. I am enjoying the way she presents the topic of Christian writing. She goes back to the basics-what is a sentence, what is a paragraph.

    Next week our son flies out for a trip on Tuesday. I plan to get ready to donate some clothes to a rummage sale that the ministry I work in will be having early in May.

  26. I'm a 'newcomer' and thank you for the encouragement to post a comment. I've let go of my morning pages these past weeks and miss them. So my goal is to do my morning pages even if I feel like the excercise isn't really getting me anywhere. Also, new to blogging, my goal is to read and comment on one blog daily.

    Thanks Jill. I liked reading about other people's goal and successess.


  27. What great fun this is seeing everyones goals! I'm sorry your family was sick I hope everyones better now. My goal for next week is to have crossed the 50K mark in my WIP! I'm really excited about that. Have a great weekend Jill!

  28. Hmm? I'm following you but don't see my photo (vain me)in your group of followers. But my goal is to learn social networking better, especially re facebook.

  29. I wrote a post today, and you're in it!

  30. Jill--What a lovely post! It really resonated with me...I will speak to or about myself as I would to or about a friend. Thank you!

  31. i very love your posting taste, very remarkable.
    don't give up and keep writing in all honesty , because it just simply worth to read it.
    impatient to find out a whole lot more of your own stories, have a good day!

  32. Maria: Don't beat yourself up! I spent two years setting too ambitious goals and wondering why I wasn't meeting them. It's difficult for me to set more modest goals, but I've found those are the ones I can keep!

    Angie: Woo-hoo!! Keep going!!

    Quiet Spirit: Congrats! And thanks for the reminder that I have a pile of stuff to donate, too!

    Lynn: Welcome! Morning pages might seem to be doing nothing, but they're subtle, and ARE doing something. Keep doing them!

    T.Anne: Congratulations on getting to the 50K mark!!

    Em-Musing: Well, I'd better check that out. I want your picture in there! I'll go "friend" you on FB, if I haven't already!

    C.A.Marshall: Thanks! I'll stop by!

    Sharon: Good for you! I've been self-critical lately, so this is one of my goals too :)

    Anonymous: What kind words. Thank you very much!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  33. My goal a few weeks ago was to exercise each day. I did great for a week and then...well not so great. I'm going to revise my goal by saying exercise includes taking walks with the kids in the park so we get to spend more family time togehter:)

  34. Jill, sigh. Did not meet my goal. Perhaps I will get it in on Tuesday, which is the REAL deadline.

    No. I will get it in by the real deadline.

    In the meantime, I spent a year this weekend at my best friend's farm!!!! So that was my fun goal!!!

    Blessings on a FABULOUS blog.


  35. Kara: Experts say it all counts! You can do it!

    Patti: I love farms. I'm a sucker for baby animals and all that jazz! And you WILL get the book in your editor's hand on time. I know you can!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!


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