Friday, March 12, 2010

March 12: One Goal Friday

Last Friday we each set one goal. The catch? It wasn't work-related. I enjoyed reading everyone's comments and can't wait to hear how you did.
Here's the round-up:

Katie G: Read a book to son each night
Jennifer S: Run three miles and write 4K
Janna: Eat better
Karen: Watch calories
Beauty: Visit two godchildren
Jody: Walk with daughters and dog on warm days
Wendy: Drink more water
Diane: Date night with hubby
Joanne: Shopping and dinner with daughters
Tamika: Three nights snuggled on the couch with hubby
Tess: Find joy in moments and laugh with kids
Sallyo: Load pictures onto digital frame
Kara: P90X workout and read bedtime story to kids each day
Patti: Give "The Rythym of Secrets" to editor
Erica: Play board game with son
Maria: Pamper daughter for her 18th birthday
Elana: Workout for 30 minutes, four days this week
Nancy: Say "Hello Beautiful" in mirror (love this!!)
Robyn: Stick to diet
Susan J. R: Relax and enjoy sunshine
Quiet Spirit: Continue progress on house work
Sherrinda: Clean out closet and enjoy sunshine
Lisa and Laura: Finish reading current book
Jeanette: Exercise three times

And my snazzy goal: give myself a manicure and pedicure

So... How did you do? I almost put it off. It's so easy to put these things off, isn't it? But I could not let you down. Monday night, I clipped, filed, and painted, and guess what? It felt great and my nails look decent. Best of all, I feel terrific!

This week, feel free to list ANY goal--it can be work, family, health, or just about you.

Here's mine: I will finish studying James Scott Bell's Revision and Self-Editing.

What would make you feel terrific this week? What one goal could you accomplish?

Please list your goal in the comments and check back next Friday for a progress report!
Have a great weekend!


  1. My goal: do an actual BIBLE STUDY everyday - not just remember to read the Word on Friday night!! :(

  2. Not to worry and obsess about The Eldest's trip to Rome on her Spring Break

  3. Last week didn't quite pan out the way I planned. But I'm willing to give it another stab.

    In addition this coming week I'm unplugging so I would love to get a stellar word count in. Please Jesus!

  4. I would like to complete two articles that I've had on my to-do list for a while. That would be wonderful:)
    Blessings and Happy Weekend,

  5. I will finish my rewrites. I'm so close I can taste it.

  6. The shopping and dinner definitely happened - good times :)

    Next week I'd like to finish a lingering revision of one section of my memoir manuscript.

    Have a nice weekend!

  7. Hi Jill, I think this "one goal Friday" is a great idea. Here's mine for next week: Send off my taxes! Patrice

  8. My goal--to finish editing a friend's book!!

  9. I'm so sad I missed out on that. Sometimes work, two small children, writing, and my editing business get so overwhelming that I forget to check my blogs (and those are usually the most fun!). I will have to catch the next Goal Setting event...

  10. Last week's goal was not met.....(hanging head and looking shamed) Maybe this week it will be to submit to a new agent for attempted representation. :O)

  11. When I saw my sticky note to say "Hello Beautiful," I looked in the mirror and smiled. It was a great boost. My computer is right in front of the mirror so I have to look. I may as well make it a pleasant experience.

    My goal for this week is:"Fret not." I'm starting right now.

  12. Hand ROS to editor. Not yet. Actually, I misread the instructions. I want to hand it off by Tuesday (yeah, right).

    Sigh. Back to work!!!


  13. Succeeded in pampering our girl for her 18th!! Lots of fun, too! Even had a chance to blog about it!! Goal for next week? Pull together my 30-day devotional and hunt for a home for it!

  14. LOL! I'm glad you reminded me about my goal. I did relax some. The sunshine found me while I ran around doing errands.

    Next week's goal: Continue working on re-formatting and consolidating my first book into one document. (Each chapter is in a separate document at the moment.)

    Susan :)

  15. Write daily. Not pretend to, but actually do it.

  16. Ack I missed goal day! My goal? FOrce my WIP to make sense and hypnotize me again.

  17. Nice post and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you as your information.

  18. I didn't do so well. Had a down time dealing with insomnia. But I did make some progress yesterday,(Friday) evening.

    This week, I intend to study a writing craft book by Ethel Herr- An Introduction to Christian Writing.

  19. Awesome new goals, everyone!

    For everyone who met theirs--yay!!

    For everyone who didn't--hey, there's always this week, right? :)

    Thank you very much for stopping by!!

  20. Goals are scary stuff. Like you said, they are so easy to chicken out of. I tend to make vague ones, so I don't feel like I didn't completely achieve

    Thing is, I am beginning to think it is still better to make them, so I have to think of something. By work related, I assume you mean writing? In which case the list will look something like this:

    - clean my room
    - do the laundry
    - do that pedicure I've been thinking of giving myself
    - oh, and that corn chowder won't prepare itself

    I'll pick one ... later :-)



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