Friday, July 31, 2009

A Dozen Roses

We were walking through Detroit Metro Airport, thrilled to be home, but also tired and silly. My friend Kat and I heard over the loudspeaker, "Someone left a dozen roses on such and such flight, please pick them up at terminal..." We both came up with instantaneous theories.

Kat's take was that a woman left the roses on the flight because the guy who gave them to her repelled her.

Naturally, I deduced a gentleman accidentally forgot them. He was meeting the woman he met on and in his nervousness, the flowers completely slipped his mind.

How can someone forget a dozen roses on an airplane?

And even if Kat's theory was correct, wouldn't the woman still want the pretty flowers? Does the giver of them taint them somehow? I don't think so!


What's your theory on the forgotten flowers? I'm dying to hear what your take is!

Happy Writing!


  1. weird and interesting and so funny about you and your friend theorizing. Totally sounds like something my mom and I would do.

    Let's see....the story of the abandoned roses.

    It was a spoof by the airline. They wanted to see how many desperate women would claim the roses as their own.

    Yeah, that's weak. But I got nuthin' else. :)

  2. Oh I love this thought! I bet too it was a guy who forgot them in his rush to get off the plane to see his beloved!

  3. Hmmm, I don't know who'd forget roses. They're so delicate it's not like you can just leave them laying around. I think someone left them on purpose too. Well, unless it was a man. I can see a man laying them down on the passenger seat to get his luggage down, then the cell rings and he falls in line, leaving those beautiful roses. :-)
    HOw interesting!

  4. Definitely a man who forgot them! A woman who didn't want them would probably find some sweet lady on the plane who looked like she needed a pick-me-up and give them to her. So, even if she didn't want them, she could pass on encouragement to someone else.

  5. I can't imagine forgetting roses.

    But I have to say that your feelings toward the giver can definitely taint the flowers themselves.

  6. Hmmm....
    I would NEVAH leave flowers of any kind, anywhere, unless I was distracted or stressed, which could easily happen on a plane.

    A man bought them for his sweetie, who was meeting him at the airport after a long business trip. He chose a blushing pink hue, thinking that was her favorite color. When she texted him that she hated pink, he changed his mind, not wanting to spoil their reunion, so he left them on the plane, hoping a tired stewardess would find them, and they'd turn her day around.

    BTW, you won a prize on my blog today. Hop over to claim it! Happy Weekend,

  7. I bet it was a woman who'd been given them by an admirer she'd met on her trip. She'd buried her nose in them all weekend and enjoyed the fragrance of the forbidden. But then reluctantly she set them on the seat and walked away taking one last glance over her shoulder. She stepped off the plane, left temptation behind, and rushed back into the arms of her husband waiting to greet her.

  8. Definitely a writerly thing. Drives my husband nuts that I have to "fill in the rest of the story" for every random thing/situation and person I see. (And two of my three kids do it too. LOL)

    I think a passenger brought the flowers to give to a stewardess if she'd have accepted his offer of a date, engagement, weekend, whatever. Since her answer was no, he just left the flowers in the overhead compartment so as not to be further humilated. (Could just as easily have been a female passenger and male steward.) :)

  9. Oh, this is fun. I think it's a man who started choking and the attendant had to save him and in all the commotion, he was ushered off the plain...without his lovely roses for the love of his life that he hadn't seen in 41 days.

  10. Well, I just couldn't let all the lovey dovey madness continue. The man who left the roses, left them on purpose. They are tainted with a inhaled poison that would kill anyone who breathed in their sweet scent. Meant for the airline stewardess who refused to go to prom with him five years ago when they were still in high school. :)

  11. Good morning!

    Okay, I'm clutching my gut, you all made me so happy with your responses! These are terrific!!

    Katie: Hey, for one brief moment, I considered claiming those bad boys! Your theory stands.

    Terri: Yep. You and I are geniuses. :)

    Jessica: A distracted guy thing--definitely!

    Heather: You're right--I didn't even think of that! A woman wouldn't want them to waste. Brilliant!

    MeganRebekah: Hmm...I can see that our feelings rub off on objects. How else to explain my adoration for some strange objects?

    Thanks so much for playing along!

  12. Jeanette: I know! How could anyone "forget" flowers?? And yes, he bought the wrong color. I bet he whacked himself upside the head for that blunder! I'm coming over to your blog...the word Prize does things to me!

    Jody: Oh, don't do that to me! Talk about romantic. Sigh...

    Angie: Leave 'em or be humiliated. Maybe it was even a co-worker who left them in her area of the plance? Nice! And I fill in the story everywhere I go--it's ridiculous! I'm blaming it on my mom!

    Eileen: Awesome! Choking and forgetting the 41 day absence?? Perfect!!

    Ralene: Ha!! Oh, you're a naughty thing! Scent-released poison for that witchy prom meanie. I can totally see this!! Actually, I can see an entire YA series based on this... You might need to start writing!

    Thanks so much for playing along!

  13. How fun! It very well could have been left by a gorgeous bride with her groom, anxious to get to their hotel room for their wedding night! ;)

  14. Sherrinda: Oh, I didn't think of the newlywed factor. They would have other things on their minds, wouldn't they? Ha!

    Janna: Me too!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  15. They were for me, of course. :D
    ~ Wendy

  16. What fun! The woman couldn't possibly have left them by mistake. She left them, hoping someone elso would enjoy them, because she needed to be somewhere in a hurry and the place she was going was not conducive to flowers.

  17. Jill, what a cool game. I'll play along.

    I think the flight's navigator has a thing about one of the flight attendants, who made the announcement not knowing the flowers were really for her. As she leaves the plane, the handsome navigator catches up to her and hands her the flowers, along with the card bearing her name, which had fallen to the floor and been overlooked. She opens the card, sees the message followed by his name and smiles. They head off to a nice restaurant and thus begins a wonderful courtship.

  18. I didn't know your home airport was DTW! That's mine too! It takes over an hour to get there for me (I'm a half-hour west of Pt Huron). How fun to see my airport in your post!

    I just have to say, those roses you have pictured are absolutely fab!

    I think that maybe a child was traveling alone from one parent to another. Perhaps the father sent them to the mother for her birthday or perhaps he regrets the breakup, but in the shuffle to get all the child's belongings and make sure they got to their next destination, the flowers were left behind.

  19. Wendy: Naturally! :)

    Nancy: Right! She's off for a fishing trip or something--yes!

    Keli: Oh yeah! Handsome pilot, cute and sassy stewardess--I'm feeling it!

    Cassandra: I didn't know that! Yes, the Detroit Metro and I are good friends. And I never thought of the child factor. Maybe the ex-husband desperately wants his wife back and it using the kid to get through to her? Wow!

    Thanks so much for stopping and playing!

  20. You know, this scenario reminds me of Ernest Hemingway's six word story--"For Sale: baby shoes, never worn."

    "For pickup: a dozen roses, forgotten."

    I like Kat's take. I don't know how you could accidentally forget a dozen roses.

  21. I'm going with the guy leaving them on the plane. I think a woman would have kept them no matter what.

  22. My first thought was that some woman got them from her husband/boyfriend before leaving and then accidentally left them on the plane.

    I hope it was some very nervous guy going to propose to his beloved, though! How romantic :D

  23. I'm envisioning a woman whose husband was a pilot, and on the anniversary of his death in a crash, she brings a dozen roses on board a flight and leaves them there when she reaches her destination.

    Whoa, that's sad.

  24. Speaking from past experience, when my ex sent me flowers, they were definitely tainted! I really didn't even want to look at them because of what they represented.

  25. Icy Roses: Great story! And yes, it is hard to believe someone would forget them.

    LazyWriter: I know I wouldn't leave them!

    Cindy: Nerves might do that to a gal! But I like the romantic version too!

    Erica: Oh! Creative! Love it!

    Melissa: Ouch! Good to know. Roses can be tainted. Maybe someone couldn't bear to look at them?

    Thanks for stopping by and playing along!

  26. I brought a bunch of calla lilies back on the flight from my honeymoon. I felt a little silly walking through security with them, and had no idea where to put them so they wouldn't get squished...but was so happy to have them.

    I think it is for a blind date - those airplane quick dates and the man was supposed to have the flowers. The woman took one look and decided to upgrade to first class. :)

  27. Wow what a mystery! I would gather either option sounds plausible, can't really think of my own though. BTW, love you in color!

  28. I think it was the eHarmony guy, but he was stood up so he "claims" to have found the roses on the plane and is waiting to see if any attractive women show up to claim them so he doesn't have a wasted trip.
    Otherwise, it was guy who left them behind. A female would never do that, even if she didn't want them.

  29. Joyce: Oh that's a hoot! I love it!

    T. Anne: Thanks! We'll never know why those flowers were there...

    Amy: I didn't think of that! He's a sly one, isn't he? Trying to pick up some stray lady with leftover flowers--the nerve!!

    Thanks for stopping by and playing along!

  30. What condition were the flowers in? Maybe a man was having an affair with another woman, and the wife found out. She let him get on the plane and bought her OWN ticket. When her awful suspicions were confirmed by the guy giving the flowers to another woman, she confronts him.

    Naturally the flowers are abandoned. The question is, does it look like she used them as a blunt instrument?

    Fun game. ^^ I actually came here because I saw your interview on Romance Writer's on the Journey. I found your thoughts on chapter organization fascinating, and I was wondering if you'd say a few words on my forum? We're currently having a conversation there on chapters and it would be so awesome if you gave us a few words.

    Link is here if you happen to have the time:

  31. Uninvoked: Welcome! Good question--I never thought they might be used to beat someone over the head with! Ha!!

    I'll swing by!

    Thanks for playing along!

  32. The pessimist: guy bought them for a girl, but mid-flight she broke up via txt msg. He left them behind.

    The optimist: guy bought them with the specific intent of leaving them on the plane for the flight attendants to find and enjoy :)

  33. Thank you so much Jill!

    Karin - Aww, your optimist idea is so sweet <3 I adopt it. That's what happened.

  34. Karin: He sounds like a keeper--poor thing getting text messaged out of a relationship!

    Uninvoked: Fun forum! I'll be back later--thanks!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  35. Hi Jill -

    I'm enjoying your blog - popped over from Facebook.

    I had to laugh over the e.Harmony reference. My late husband and I met on there. The first time he appeared at my door, he presented me with a beautiful bouquet.

    He was so nervous those flowers were almost welded to his hand. LOL!

    Susan :)

  36. I’ve meant to post about something like this on my webpage and you gave me an idea. Cheers..


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