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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Stale Decorations?

Sunshine streams into the patio door and kitchen window. It's such a gorgeous, sunny day, and my entire soul smiles at the hint of spring. Of course, high winds drill the outdoor comfort level down, but here on my couch, I'm snug and happy.

Antique garden furniture
Photo by crinklecrankle

Except the sunlight is like a spotlight on the dirty windows. Dust populates our coffee table (I just dusted yesterday--where does it come from??). Now that I look around, I realize our elderly couches, while standing, need TLC. And half of the art on our walls? Over ten years old. Even the throw pillows, which I remember purchasing vividly, will be turning double digits soon.

No, I will not be throwing them a party.


I like most of our furniture and decorations--old or not. It still fits our life. Still comes together to provide a unified, comfortable place to sit and relax.

So, I brainstorm how I can rearrange everything to make it feel fresh. The picture in the living room corner moves to the half-bath. Another picture heads upstairs to our bedroom. The one in the hall moves to the empty spot in the living room. I shuffle pottery and hand towels, even soap dispensers, and when I'm finished, I grin.

The same old stuff now feels new. I'll just push the throw pillow an inch or two over to cover the most worn section of the couch cushion. There, now it feels new.

Do you ever move your decorations around to make them feel fresh?

And I have wonderful news to share: P.W. Creighton's debut novel, Nightfall, released yesterday!! I'm guest posting about choreography and characters at his blog today, and I'd love it if you stopped by and congratulated him!!

Oh, and 5 Easy Questions will return next Wednesday. :)

Have a magnificent day!


  1. I shift furniture and decor when I feel stale. It really does make a difference!

  2. When I put my house on the market, I hired an interior designer to stage my house. Using nothing but my own stuff, she made my house look like a model home. I almost didn't want to sell it...but it sold quickly and I have to believe it was because of her touch.

  3. I'm not one for decorations in general. Or moving things around. So I just sort of leave the very few decorations I have where they are.

  4. Honestly, I don't pay much attention to it, but things usually get moved around after Christmas, after all the decorations have been removed and we have to put the other stuff back out again.

    My house needs repainting more than anything. :(

  5. We usually end up rearranging our living room and/or dining room (sometimes even our bedroom) right around the New Year. Something about taking down our Christmas decorations inspires us to freshen up the entire house and make it work better!

  6. Cute post! Love your approach. I find myself doing the same thing now and then and it seems like just the thing as we wait for spring.

  7. Yeah P.W.! And yes, I rearrange my home in order to refresh and with the hope of motivating me more.
    ~ Wendy

  8. Jessica: It does! Our half bath felt completely different. I switched from pastel/vintage accessories to bold red and it was a new room. Fun!

    Em: It is amazing how wonderful our belongings look when they're displayed by an expert!

    Katie: Ha! Well, if you ever get the urge, you know what to do. :)

    Stina: Christmas is a good catalyst. Our master bath needs to be painted. It looks...gross. :(

    Louise: Fun! I love moving furniture around. Even as a kid, I liked it!

    Joanne: It does help pass the time, doesn't it? Anything to make winter fly by!

    Wendy: Moving things around motivates me too. I like the surprise of seeing different art on the walls!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  9. I'm always moving stuff around. It's fun and it does make you feel like you have all new stuff. Can't wait to read your guest post. Heading over now.

  10. Moving things a round -- and doing light refurbishing or recovering of other items -- is a great way to make things brand new! Thanks for the reminder, Jill.

  11. Throughout the years my poor kids have come home from school to find the living room rearranged more times than I think I care to admit to. Now that my living room has a hardwood floor, it's much easier to 'refresh' whenever the mood strikes. :)

  12. I used to love rearranging my rooms! But now all the furniture I own is too big to move. *sigh*

  13. I haven't moved my furniture in a year. Our border collie is starting to go blind-she's 14-and I leave everything where it's at so she can make her way around without bumping into anything.

  14. Our furniture and decorations tend to stay in one place. Our visually challenged cat appreciates that.

    Closets and cupboards are another story. I have a tendency to go on organizational binges, after which my poor hubby has been known to grow a wee bit frustrated while searching for things I decided needed a new home. Gotta love his patience in putting up with my rearranging. =)

  15. Susan: It's an easy way for me to get a pick-me-up!

    Connie: I'm the queen. :) Thanks!

    Ayda: It's so much easier to move couches on hardwood--you're right!

    Jessica: Yeah, when the pieces get bigger, it's almost impossible without help.

    Loree: Oh, that is sooo sweet. You leave that furniture for your poor baby. :)

    Keli: Anything for our kitties! I just rearranged my cupboards too! Are we related or something?? ;)

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  16. My husband will rearrange the furniture. I'm the type to buy new artwork for the walls. I'm giving the bedroom a steampunk theme now. It's eclectic, but hey, hubby has the guest room devoted to Dallas Cowboys memorabilia.

  17. My mom, sister, and I tend to swap furniture and decorations a lot. Sometimes things end up looking so cute in their homes, I wish I had them back!

  18. Brandi: A steampunk bedroom--I love it!! Too funny about your hubs' Dallas decorating. :)

    Julie: I know! It's like the sweater I can never figure out how to wear--as soon as I see it on someone else I love it again. ;)

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  19. Not so much. I'll add/change art, and did add an extra vignette grouping to anchor a blank wall not long ago, but that's about as far as my domestic adventures go. :)

  20. Hi Jill -

    My biggest change in the last few years was a new shower curtain. Yeah, I know. I live an exciting life. :)

    A friend gave me some sheer panels with a lovely print. When spring cleaning comes around, I'm going to put them up in the bedroom.


  21. Angie: See, you change it up! Nice!

    Susan J.R: I just got a new shower curtain too! Must be something in the air... I'll bet the new panels will be gorgeous. Enjoy them!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!


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