Wednesday, February 15, 2012

5 Easy Questions with Loree Huebner!

Every Wednesday, I ask a writer the same five easy questions. In an effort to support and promote fellow wordsmiths, I feature authors who write a variety of genres, from sweet inspirational to mainstream thrillers. The writers themselves may be aspiring, published, or best-selling--all have made an impact on my life.

Thank you for joining me in welcoming… Loree Huebner!!

Loree and I met through blogging, and I loved that I got to be one of her very first followers! Loree is friendly, down-to-earth, and warm, and I hope I get the chance to meet her in person someday. She’s also an expert about all things American Civil War related, and she recently announced the wonderful news that she signed with literary agent Mary Sue Seymour!

Let’s get to it!

1. Beverage of choice?

I’m a tea and coffee person. I prefer Earl Grey tea with a spot of cream in the morning, and for my mid-afternoon jolt—coffee with cream, no sugar.

2. Any pets?

I have two dogs. A 14 year old Border Collie named Fly, and we have a 9 year old rescued Greyhound named, Pickles. Flysie is still pretty active for her age. I think she’s beginning to lose her eyesight though. Pickles enjoys her life as a 45 mph couch potato. I do take her to the old Babe Ruth field, shut the gates and watch her run. It’s amazing to see. Greyhounds are so fast!

3. Dream vacation?

Austria! My maternal grandmother was born where The Sound of Music took place and was filmed. I remember her crying every time she watched the movie and saw the mountains. She left Europe and her family when she was a young girl. Some of the parts of Austria look as green as Ireland, but the mountains just look incredible. Like the old saying— “Vegas, baby!” Mine is—“Vienna, darling!”

4. What are you listening to right now?

It’s pretty quiet in the house right now. Huebie and I are empty-nesters. After raising 3 awesome kids, it's quite a change. I do look forward to the house being filled with the laughter of grandkids one day.

5. What's for dinner?

Wednesday is always left over night. I made Italian stuffed shells with meat sauce on Sunday, so we’ll finish those up with salad and garlic bread.

Loree, our beverages are swapped. I go with coffee in the morning and tea in the afternoon, and I about spewed my tea out when I read your Greyhound, Pickles, is a couch potato. That just doesn’t seem right! Ha!

How touching for your grandmother to watch her old homeland in Austria. Wouldn’t that be a gorgeous vacation? I’m with you on the “Vienna, darling!” By the way, stuffed shells are on my favorite dinner’s list. I don’t care if they’re leftover, I’m stopping by for dinner! Thank you so much for being my guest today!

Loree has had a love affair with American history all of her life. She writes historical fiction and inspirational historical romance. She adores the Civil War era. She shares this passion for history and writing along with her husband, Eric J. Huebner.

Loree and Eric J. Huebner are published in the Indiana Historical Society's Spring 2011 issue/June 2011 - of the IHS's quarterly magazine, Traces of Indiana and Midwestern History. Their ten page Civil War article is titled, Among The Bravest Of The Brave, The Battle History Of The 9th Indiana.

Loree and her husband have made the Civil War period a personal study and hobby. They are both living historians and serve as Union Civil War re-enactors with the 9th Indiana Volunteer Infantry Company E, and the 21st Indiana Light Artillery.

Loree is an active member of the ACFW, the ACFW Indiana Chapter, and the RWA. She resides in Indiana with her husband. Loree is represented by Mary Sue Seymour of the Seymour Agency.

To learn more about Loree, head to her blog, BetweenYou, Me and the Gatepost, be friends with her on Facebook, and follow her on Twitter.

How did you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

(I made shrimp scampi, followed by strawberry shakes, and we stayed in to watch a DVD.)

Enjoy your Wednesday!


  1. I grew up on Sound of Music and on a missionary trip got a chance to visit the gardens where they danced and sang. Oh yeah, totally got photos of me acting out the songs. :)

  2. Random Sound of Music story: I adored it as a kid...watched it all the time...and obviously had no clue about the whole Nazi thing because, no joke, I got in trouble at church for saying "Heil Hilter" when playing with the other kids. I just thought it was a fun greeting!

    Fun interview! I just came across Loree's blog the other day, so it was great to get to know her more!

  3. I would love to go to Austria too! I LOVE that movie--and just watched it again.
    I enjoy Loree's blog as she shares so much history too.

  4. Good morning!

    Laura: Wow! What an experience! You know I'm dying to see these pictures now, right? :)

    Melissa: Ha! We can't help that the Sound of Music inspires us! :)

    Terri: It's my mother-in-law's fave movie. What a goodie!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  5. Two wonderful women together today! What fun. :-) Hi, Loree! Hi, Jill!

    Austria is awesome. Since Gwynly and I lived in Germany, we were able to visit Salzburg three different times, once on a return visit with our daughter. She and I acted out some of the Sound of Music scenes. We didn't attempt the gazebo scene, though. In the movie the place looks huge. In reality it's rather small, and when we were there last, it was located in a busy park.

  6. Hi everyone! I'm getting ready to head out to work - yeah, the 9 to 5.

    Jill, thanks again for inviting me to do your 5 Q's segment. You're a sweetie!

    Hubby and I had a romantic dinner, an a box of homemade, Fannie May Artisian chocolates. They were almost too pretty to eat! Have a great day, everyone!

  7. Yum, yum!!! I love stuffed shells. And Austria seems gorgeous to me. I'd love to go there too.
    Thanks for the interview! It's fun learning more about you. :-)

  8. Morning Loree...Hey that sounds a lot like Morning, glory! Anyway, I loved your 5 answers.

    “Vegas, baby!” Mine is—“Vienna, darling!” This made me laugh!!

    Valentine's Day? We saw Safehouse on Sunday afternoon, yes the Denzel/Ryan Reynolds movie was my pick! Loved it! Last night I cooked for hubby and he gave me gifts. Not real fancy. But it worked for us.

  9. So great to learn more about you, Loree. My husband picked up dinner at the Thai food restaurant, and we had a quiet Valentine's Day at home. It was wonderful.

  10. Hi, Loree! *waves*

    We historical writers have to stick together! Nice to learn more about you!

  11. Fun to read your answers, Loree! Austria would be a very cool place to visit. There are so many countries I'd love to see in Europe. Some day. :)

  12. Keli: I am picturing you in one of those matching outfits from the movie, singing your heart out!

    Loree: I LOVE Fannie Mae chocolates. Their mint meltaways are the best!

    Jessica N: I think we should plan a trip--all of us--to Austria!

    Jessica P: Ooo, Safehouse! I love that you picked it out. I get it. I get all excited about The Walking Dead each Sunday! :)

    Julie: We always celebrate Valentine's Day with a quiet night at home. It's the best!

    Kathy: Ha! It's true! You two rock!

    Stacy: Same here. I would probably need a full year to see all the countries!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  13. Loree, I would love to visit Austria! I remember seeing The Sound of Music with my Nana for the first time ever--when I was five-years-old. (Her mother, my great-grandmother was from Germany, and the film left such an impact.)

    I'm so blessed to have gotten to know you better. :)

    Thanks, Jill, for this wonderful peak into Loree's life! Like you, she's a keeper!!!!

  14. Not really getting around to blogs today b/c I had a playdate this morning (yes, me).

    But I had to come say that Loree rocks and so do you, Jill.

    My hubby and I got to bike through Austria for 2 weeks some years ago. That was in our younger, more athletic days. ;)
    ~ Wendy

  15. Hi Loree and Jill! How fun to see Loree featured here today. It must be Italian night...We're having pasta too. But I must say those stuffed shells sound better than my plain spaghetti variety. :)

  16. *waves to Loree & Jill*

    What fun details, Loree! I love that you have rescue doggies. So sweet.

    And now I have a strong desire to watch The Sound of Music AGAIN!!

  17. I'm back from work and loved reading everyone's comments! It's funny how the Sound of Music brings back heaps of memories for everyone. Well, off to heat up my Italian stuffed shells...

    Thanks for hosting, Jill.

  18. Cynthia: Movie memories with our close relatives--priceless! I remember watching White Christmas for the first time at my aunt's house. It's so special!

    Wendy: You could still hike those hills now. I know you could! :)

    Sarah: I like spaghetti! :)

    Julie: I know! Doesn't the soundtrack start playing in your mind? Ha!

    Loree: Thanks so much for being my guest!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  19. I, like Jill, am reversed on my drinks--coffee in a.m.; tea in afternoon.

    I love the name Pickles! Any name with a K is fun.

    And Austria is my dream, too, but for different reasons--I want to hear a Strauss concert in his homeland.

    Wait a minute, this interview is about Loree, not me! Sorry.

    Love these interviews, Jill. Today's was excellent. Loree is a sweetheart.


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