Friday, June 17, 2011

Leave The Love Boat Alone!

The other night I saw an ad for the new television series Teen Wolf based on the popular eighties movie with the same name. This version looks edgy, dark, and exciting--the exact opposite of the original. I loved the movie and might like the television series if I ever get around to watching an episode, but the similarities between the two probably stop at the title.

I often enjoy the new directions old movies or television series take, but there's one show I hope doesn't make a comeback.

The Love Boat.

The Love Boat - ABC Daytime
Photo by flashbackwiki

As a kid, I adored The Love Boat. I may have even had a small crush on Gopher (but not Doc--yuck!). It was exciting watching the relatively innocent love connections being made on the ship. The Love Boat was honest-to-goodness family entertainment.

Can you imagine what The Love Boat would look like today?

I'm picturing a mix of Jersey Shore, The Real Wives of Anywhere, Bret Michaels' Rock of Love, Sex and the City, and Celebrity Rehab. I'm shuddering at the thought.

The cast would be barely clothed teenagers passing as cruise employees--Suite Life on Deck, this wouldn't be!--and if current hit shows on the CW or MTV can be trusted, the storylines would not be the family-oriented episodes I remember. Just because the words Love and Boat are in the title does not mean we need to have a debauched cruise!

Please, television producers, take Fantasy Island, take Charles in Charge, but leave my Love Boat alone!

Are there any movies or television series you consider hands' off for a remake?

Have a fabulous Friday!


  1. I'd hate to see a remake of Gone With The Wind or To Kill A Mockingbird. Sadly, my favorite tv Western from the 60's, The Big Valley is being remade as a movie.

  2. You're right. It would be made trashy with probably some dumb humor thrown in. How about love boat with a paranormal creature as the captain and he looks for victims?

  3. Dallas and Dynasty. They were trashy good then, don't make them any trashier.

  4. My daughter recently told me about Teen Wolf and she is hooked on the new series. I do not think the main character is anything like baby faced Michael J Fox! I would hate to see a new Fantasy Island.

  5. Just considering the remake of Love Boat has me laughing this morning. The light blue carpet, everyone waving. Captain should be a vampire - that would make his invitation to dinner all the more "interesting" in this age of TV.

    I have Teen Wolf set up to tape on the DVR, but I missed the first two episodes. :(

  6. CJ: Oh, you are right! They would be disasters! Hmm...I've never seen The Big Valley. Might have to Netflix that one!

    Laura: See now, I didn't think of throwing a paranormal light on it. I kind of like the idea--or maybe even set it during pirate times? I might like a pirate love boat! Heh, heh!

    Em: Right!! Who didn't watch Dallas? And I loved Falcon Crest too. Leave those alone!!

    Lynn: Yeah, Michael J. Fox bears no resemblance to this teen wolf, that's for sure! So you were a Fantasy Island fan? I liked that one too!

    Heather: We watched it every week with my cousins. There WAS something special about the light blue carpet and waving!! And now you have me thinking of more possibilities for Capt. Steubing. A vampire... :)

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  7. I tivoed all the episodes and watched them the other night, of Teen Wolf, and I gotta say...I'm lovin it, but it's still not as good as Vampire Diaries!

    I'm glad they haven't brought back the Love Boat, too. I did see they're bringing back Charlie's Angels. I hope they don't mess it up. I loved the old one!

  8. You are hysterical!

    We've gone back to the 80s. I'm on Cheers today.

    I'd say leave Family Ties be. I loved that show.

    ~ Wendy

  9. Take your pick. Back to the Future, Heathers, Ghostbusters. Is there any way possible to make better versions? The answer is NO.

  10. Can you believe I've never even heard of that show??

    Sitcoms definitely aren't the family-friendly affairs they used to be.

    Holy cow - can you imagine if Full House was on television now? Cue the sappy music at the end and the show's "lesson". I jest, but I really liked that show when I was younger!

    And Saved by the Bell? Zack and Kelly never had sex. Never even talked about it. That's unheard of nowadays.

  11. A pirate and vampire-themed Love Boat? Now THAT I'd watch!

    I didn't do too many older shows. I would say to leave The A-Team alone, but that ship has already sailed ...

    (You know what would crack me up? A remake of Little House of the Prairie, since that show was ALREADY a take-off on the books, which were adapted from Laura Ingall Wilder's real life ... just how far from the original CAN one get and still call it by the same name?)

  12. (Little House ON the Prairie, not of. Fingers got ahead of my brain.)

  13. I can't stand it when they remake anything! It's like they can't think of new ideas!

  14. Jessica P: Give Teen Wolf time, maybe it will get as good as VD? :)

    Wendy: No one better touch Family Ties!!

    Andrew: I loved Heathers. It was so raw and edgy for that time!

    Katie: My kids still watch Full House re-runs. They like it! I can't even imagine what producers would do with it now...

    ELouise: Oh, the horror of an updated Little House!! I would guess they would make it scary and graphic, focusing on the dangers out west. And they'd probably add a vampire Charles... :)

    Terri: I get that way too. But sometimes they get it right!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  15. It's hard to imagine a tv show that's NOT being remade now, lol. But I often wonder about the "puppet" shows. You know, like Alf and Harry and the Hendersons. Those shows were innocent fun in the 80s. I wonder what cynicism and apocalyptic mania producers can throw in them for 2011....

  16. The Conan movies would have been classics for me, but I see a remake is already in the works.

    And.... . the Smurfs! Come on now people!!! :O)

  17. Brandi: Not to mention what would the puppets look like?? I have a very bad feeling!!

    Diane: Some shows have already been sacrificed--I am very confused why they would make Smurfs live action ala Alvin and the Chipmunks. Seems weird!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  18. Ha ha! My grandmother was an avid Love Boat viewer, but she called it the Lust Boat. I think even then it was a bit risque!

    Please, no remakes of Happy Days. There could never be a Richie or Fonzie replacement. Ever.

  19. I hated the Mod Squad (movie) and LOVED the series. Same with Charlie's Angels. Some things are best left alone -- thanks for the reminder!

  20. Along with GWTW and To Kill a Mockingbird, I would have to say leave The Sound of Music alone.

    Also,anything Hitchcock and Casablanca.

  21. Niki: Ha, ha! The Lust Boat--too funny! And yeah, no remakes of Happy Days. The horror!!

    Patrice: When they get it right the first time, why do they mess with it a second time??

    Loree: The Sound of Music should be sacred! I can't imagine the public outcry if a remake would be suggested!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  22. You started my day off with a smile!
    I remember watching The Love Boat on a Saturday night with my mom wishing I was Julie the cruise director -- only to read much later in life that her real life was quite tragic.

  23. The new shows that are supposedly family entertainment horrify me. I say, "producers, keep your hands off ALL of the oldies."

  24. Great post! I could definitely see a recreation of the Love Boat being horrible today....too much nonsense on TV....says the girl obsessed with TV.

    They could NEVER remake GWTW. NEVER. If they try, I'm likely to do soemthing stupid. They could never remake Dirty Dancing or Pretty Woman. I wish television had never remade 90210 or Melrose Place - and will this version of Charlie's Angels work out? Probably not. Some things should just be left alone.

  25. Leave most of the musicals alone - Singin' in the Rain, Oklahoma, West Side Story, Grease, etc. As for TV shows, I'm glad they haven't tried a live action Batman series. Adam West was my favorite growing up.

  26. Having just gone on a "love boat" I would hate to have anything happed to The Love Boat TV show.

    And please leave Andy Griffith alone.


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