Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring, Sports, and Sweat

Gorgeous weather in April? Yes, the weekend was marvelous, windy but warm. Birds sang, daffodils waved, and bunnies darted about in our backyard.

Since summer and *gasp* shorts are right around the corner, I added jogging to my exercise routine. I say routine lightly because it's more random than an actual schedule. It depends on the weather, the day, who needs to be where when, and if I'm exhausted or not. I power-walked and jogged twice this week. Not great, but something. :)

Last week kicked off both my kids' spring sports seasons. My daughter runs track, and the first meet was Tuesday night. At home games, I usually volunteer, and I was on stopwatch duty. Let me tell you, timing to place is a lot harder than timing a lane. It stressed me out!

I had to time the fourth place runner, which means trying to figure out the fourth person who crosses the finish line. The 100-mile dash? Horrifying! All the runners cross the line together. But the other volunteer parents made the event fun, and I got through the three hour meet with only one mistake and my lower back in knots.

My son's first baseball game was Saturday. The team we played had a big opening day ceremony for their program. They had the Toledo Mudhens mascot, Muddy, come out to throw the first pitch, someone sang the national anthem, and they introduced all of the players on each team for all four fields. We had a terrific time!

If you're a sports mom, you know the mom-jitters a new season brings. I always enjoy week two a bit more than week one, and by the last game of the season, I'm more than ready for a break. Being gone up to four nights a week and every other weekend gets hectic. Sometimes I hope for thunderstorms so we can have a normal night at home. That's terrible but it's true!

How was your weekend? Does it feel like spring where you live? Our temperatures are going to drop to the high forties, low fifties the rest of the week, so I'll be back in my sweaters. 

Have a terrific day!


  1. Your games have started already? We're just getting into practices! And I've got my "routine" going shorts and swimsuits are staring me down:)

  2. So fun to hear about sports seasons and your kids. Neither of mine are in competitive sports, yet. Mostly due to lack of interest on their parts. And there might have been a few prayers on my part..... ;)

    Our weekend was good. It was around 70 on Friday. Rain and wind blew in Saturday night, dropping snow on us yesterday. So, it was not an outdoorsy weekend for us. WE had some good family time and I spent a few hours with some wonderful girlfriends celebrating a birthday (not mine).

  3. My weekend was ALL writing. Felt good...I am one week from finishing this book. Well, finishing a draft anyway. Then come revisions. But I've been revising as I go, so it shouldn't be too intense.

    It totally felt like spring over the weekend--temps in the 80s and rain. But then suddenly last snowed!! Doesn't really bother me though. I like variety in weather.

  4. Finally today it is 68 oF and tee shirt weather

  5. It's starting to feel like spring on the high desert, but I wear shorts all year long. Just want to hang onto summer, I guess!

  6. Saturday was play practice for the Maundy Thursday service, go to the grocery store and then get something to eat. Sunday was Sunday school, Morning Worship, and an Easter Egg Hunt. I watched the Easter egg hunt.When I got home, I tried to watch a marathon on TV. Kept falling asleep. Son called and we went to Captain D's for lunch.


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