Monday, August 27, 2012

WSG 21: Let's Pretend

Writer's Survival Guide 21: Let's Pretend

Last week, I reclaimed my home office. I'm incredibly blessed to have dedicated space just for my writing. In the summers, I usually take my work downstairs, on account of our dog and the kids. We don't allow our mini-dachshund upstairs unless the doors are closed since she can hide under beds and be naughty.

However, when school is back in, I close the bedroom doors and allow Sophie upstairs.

So I was sitting at my desk, reveling in the awesomeness that is my large desk, my pencil holder, my printer, my closet full of books and office supplies, and my comfy chair (notice how selfish I sound? After years and years of sharing everything with my kids, I'm embracing the selfishness!), and I looked out the two corner windows (two!!). I saw trees towering in the distance, and I thought it would be terribly easy to pretend I'm in Colorado or somewhere mountainous.

Let me clarify. I live in a very flat part of the earth. We may have an occasional hill, but nothing our vehicles would strain to climb. Mountains are as exotic as palm trees here.

But squinting at the tree line, it was simple to transplant my house out west. And when I did, it was even easier to imagine I could drive to Pike's Peak this afternoon. Maybe even pull over and grab a handful of red clay so prevalent in the area? Catch a rodeo this weekend. Head to Denver and possibly see snowflakes in August.

Then I shook my head back to reality. And I smiled.

Playing "let's pretend" is a vital part of my life as a writer. It's the starting point of every story. It's what flows through my brain during first drafts. It's always happening--whether I'm at home, standing in line at a store, or hiking in a park. I don't think I can turn off "let's pretend"!  I wouldn't want to. There's nothing like spending a few minutes pretending to be somewhere else, someone I'm not, a different species--anything that comes to mind.

How important is "Let's Pretend" in your life?

Have a lovely Monday!


  1. Oh, I love to pretend, Jill! :)

    I especially love to visit a place that has historical significance and pretend I'm living in history.

    Your writing space sounds wonderful. Enjoy!

  2. I need to pretend like that. My view isn't so majestic, even though you can see the rocky mountains from my house.

    One more week and my kids are back at school! :D

  3. Yup, like Wendy, my "Let's Pretend" is off the scale. :)

  4. I love to pretend. I love that God gave us imaginations. What a gift!

  5. I play pretend quite often. Gotta be careful when others are around me when I'm thinking about my characters, though. I might say something out loud, lol.

    Jill, I can send you some of that red mountain clay :-)

  6. This morning I pretended that I you and your handsome son were in the school hallway greeting everyone with your warm and friendly smiles. Miss YOU!!!

  7. Heidi: Ooo, pretending to live in history sounds fabulous! I can always imagine myself in Regency period England. :)

    Stina: Let's just pretend your view is majestic! :) Ha!

    Wendy: I hear you! My mood can go from blah to yay! in seconds with pretending. :)

    Erica: Oh yeah!! Love it!

    Melissa: Me too. And I'm glad they aren't reserved only for children. :)

    Brandi: Send me some of the clay! I'd love to see you grocery shopping (and talking to yourself!). :)

    Lindsay: Woo-hoo!!

    Monica: You made my day! I miss everyone. The kids are adjusting really quickly, though. Miss you!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!


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