Friday, October 29, 2010

What's Your Favorite Candy?

Bombarded with candy?

The supermarket aisles loom over me, threatening to pummel me with Reese's, Milky Ways, M&M's, and Snickers. Everywhere I look, there's a jumbo bag of Skittles, Milk Duds, or Laffy Taffy. I'm not sure if I should pile the bags and jump into them or run, screaming for my life.

I love candy. But the next two months bring too much candy into my life. Am I a passive bystander in the candy volcano? No. I willingly pick up the giant pouch of Peanut M&M's. I clip coupons to snag the Hershey's Pot of Gold. I nibble on remnants from trick-or-treating.

It's wonderful.


Not wonderful.

I have cavity-prone teeth. I have jeans I would like to fit into at Christmas. I have a sweet-tooth jutting out of my jaw all the way to the floor.

Does all this candy tempt you? Does it seem excessive? Do you want to throw yourself in or run away from the mounds of sugar?

I can walk away from a lot of things but not M&M's.

What's your favorite candy?

Have a great weekend!


  1. I have convinced myself that candy is poison, so I steer clear. My butt thanks me. I seldom indulge, but when I do ... it's Ferrer Rocher hazelnut chocolates. Mmmmm!

  2. Candy, the feel good food. I love chocolate. I'm partial to plain old milk chocolate like Hershey Kisses or a Hershey bar. Oh, and with almonds! Hard to really chose a favorite. Not too many I have met I haven't liked. I don't like Reese's Cups. Not a huge peanut butter fan. Peanut butter just ruins perfectly good chocolate. If I had to pick a favorite, Almond Joy. Almonds, milk chocolate, and coconut. Mmmmm.

  3. Anything with chocolate is good for me:) I try to just have one piece after dinner, but sometimes I have one after breakfast, lunch and in between too;)

  4. I'm so-so about non-chocolate candies.

    Give me a little Dove chocolate piece and I'm smitten.

    Happy Halloween! See you Monday.
    ~ Wendy

  5. Those little mini crispy crunch bars at Halloween are my favorite. And they have to be frozen! Not great for the teeth, I know, and double worse because I work in the dental profession. But, oh so good!
    Good thing they make jeans with a touch of spandex now!

  6. Milky Way Dark minis. Why they don't make them in full-size bars is beyond me. Wait! They did that on purpose, as a favor to me, so I don't become Miss Fatty Pants. Thank you, Mars!

    Anything with dark chocolate calls to me.

    At the office supply store I manage, we make little snack sized candy packages to put in with our orders for all our customers, and they adore us for it. This is one way we compete with Staples, who won't even answer questions over the phone. The power of candy...

  7. Oh yes, sister friend. Especially the chocolate stuff. I'd say my favorite is either dark chocolate with almonds, or Heath or Skor. Mmm.

  8. Anything chocolate, a little here and there, and I'm happy :)

  9. Just about anything with caramel in it. Or candy corn - until I'm sick, then I stop.

  10. You know what's really bad? I've already had a couple of peanut M&M's this morning--and it's not even 10:00 here yet. Ewww, what's wrong with me? It's a habit, I think, when I go to sit down at my computer. I grab a drink and a little bit of sweetness and I can get started :) I'll pretty much go for anything chocolate. Yum! Oh, but not Snickers. Not good :)

  11. Being a compulsive calorie counter for the last five years, I've come to rely on Tootsie Pops as my candy indulgence of choice. 60 calories, and if you are really patient, you can make it last a long, long time. Plus, you get sweet, crunchy (because who is patient enough to get all the way through?), chewy and chocolaty in one swoop.
    Second favorite: cotton candy.

  12. If I had to choose a favorite today, I'd choose dark chocolate covered malted milk balls. Tomorrow my choice will probably be different but would most likely have a chocolate element to it :-)

  13. I love Cadbury mini eggs... which used to be a great weakness since they were only around at Easter. Now the geniuses at Cadbury have them out year round and I have to exert some will power.

  14. I love peanut M&Ms too. They are just so darn crunchy and you can have as few or as many as you want.
    But I guess if I could only have one type of candy forever, it would be Snickers. Just love the things.

  15. Hi Jill -

    I love almost anything with chocolate, but I confess I also like candy corn. CVS had bags on sale for 99 cents, plus their coupon machine spit out a coupon for 99 cents, making them FREE. Now, how can I resist that?

    I've been good and haven't opened the bag...yet.

    Susan :)

  16. My favorite candy?

    The kind with sugar in it.

    But mostly swedish fish, snickers, 100 grand bars, twizzlers, hersheys with almonds, dark chocolate, milky ways, skittles and oh maybe one or fifteen other kinds.

    Will need all kinds of superhuman strength to keep me out of the candy bags and in my not-too-tight-yet jeans.

  17. I have a horrible sweet tooth. Not candy so much as pies, cakes, cupcakes, cookies and on and on.
    But I started a diet with my husband last week. So far so good. Not a real good time to do this, but then on the other hand maybe it is. :)

  18. Is it bad that I haven't disagreed with a single candy choice?? In fact, now I want to go trick-or-treating to get the full array!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  19. I actually don't like candy that much. :-) Reese's and candy bars are my nemesis at Halloween time. :-)

  20. I am outta the writing cave and get to read such a fun blog and drool


    Okay. Maybe she can have a few of my sweet teeth.

    Any dark chocolate.
    Dove dark bites
    Almond Joy

    I'll stop now.
    Have had enough today!!!


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