Friday, August 27, 2010

One Goal Friday: August 27, 2010

And so ends the final week of summer vacation. We had beautiful weather, sports' camps, and a few last minute back-to-school shopping trips. My parents came to visit (thanks Mom and Dad!), and I finally went through last year's school papers.

Am I ready for Monday?
Yes, I am. Monday marks the beginning of my serious writing time, and I long for uninterrupted hours of getting lost in my new novel.

It's Friday! Time to set one goal for the week.

My goal last week was to finish the scene outline. Did I meet it? Not even close. Didn't even attempt it. But a few new developments with my latest book got pushed through instead, so I feel good.

Here are your goals.
CJ: Seeing the Young One off to college orientation (Good luck!)
Terri: No meltdowns over feedback on book
Wendy: Spend quality time with girls
Lynn: Begin digital photo story book for granddaughter
Paul: Stay focused while traveling to do final read-through
Erica: Start grade 9 homeschooling
KH: Get bird's-eye view of WIP and determine how to finish in 2010
Linda: Clean off desk and prepare for first Story Circle meeting
Ralene: Start pre-k homeschooling
Kelly: Outline story idea
Patti: Have a blast teaching with Julie
T.Anne: Finish edits on book and dig into edits of another
Katie: Get to page 320 in revisions
Cindy: Finish business cards and make lots of progress editing
Jennifer: Get back on track with family devotions
QuietSpirit: Continue work on devotionals and start work to submit for anthology (praying for your husband)
Abby: Finish updating resume and apply for job
Robyn: Cleaning closets
Sharon: Enjoy daughter before school starts, revise on pb manuscript, be kind to self and live life in present
Nancy: Push on with more books squirrelled away
Amber J: Organize everything from writing, photography, school, to coaching soccer
Angie: Work on WIP and read submissions for Rose & Thorn Journal

Whew!! This week got away from me, but I hope it didn't get away from you. How did you do? These goals make me happy because I can relate to every one of them. I hope you all had a great week.

My goal for this week? Make a new schedule, set goals for the next two months, and survive the first week of school.

What about you? What one goal will enhance your life this week?
Please leave your goal in the comment section. Newcomers are welcome to participate, and don't worry if you can't stop by every Friday--my blog's goal isn't to add stress but to be a place of support.

Have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. The Young One made it through orientation and first day of class. Is very happy she chose the school. Other than tuition $$ flying out the window, I am too.

    This week, hope to touch up the outer door and paint living room door. (Now that the porch has a fresh coat of paint, the living room door looks very sad)

  2. I didn't finish with my outline, but I did finish a first chapter and my characters are taking more concrete form through that. Hopefully that will help me to make an outline this week. Have fun making up your schedule... it's always nice to get back to a routine!

  3. Pray about if God wants me to work and finding the perfect job. :O)

  4. I spent the quality time with the girls and now I have to crack the whip big time. I have some pages to edit...both novels. ACFW fast approaching. I. Can. Do. It.

    Oh, and I so get you with riffling through school papers years later.

    ~ Wendy

  5. Good Morning!

    CJ: What a relief! Except for the money part! And I know what you mean about one thing looking drab after you brighten up the things around it. :)

    Kelly: Great! I love discovering my characters when I start writing. Sometimes it takes a little longer than I planned on, but it's always fun.

    Diane: That's a stressful thing to worry about. I'll pray too. If God does want you to work, I pray he leads you to something you find very rewarding.

    Wendy: Nice! I'm glad you enjoyed the girls this week. Hard to believe Monday starts school! Good luck with your edits!

    Thank you so much for stopping by!
    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  6. Unclutter my brain, my apartment, and my W.I.P's. Have a great weekend!Oh, and you too.

  7. Well, I loaded the Digital Scrapbook Software--so that's a start. And goal this week and to pick the photos for Mya's book, and call an expert who can help me learn the software fast!! Have a great week!

  8. My family is in full on soccer mode and we're back in to our school/work routines.

    But, ACFW is fast approaching and I am clearing many edits I recently received. So, my goal this week is to get through five chapters of edits. That's an extremely lofty goal, but I. must. persevere!

  9. Em: That must be going around, because I feel like uncluttering too! Enjoy!

    Lynn: A great start! Sometimes learning new software can be tricky. Be patient.

    Heather: Uggh! We're in soccer and volleyball mode here. You can do the five chapters. I know you can!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  10. Start preparing for the ACFW conference.

  11. I have finished my final revisions and am re-reading the entire book out loud for flow.

    My goal is to finish the reading this weekend. I want to start querying process full swing after Labor Day. Maybe send a few at the end of next week.

    Things are quiet now that the kids are back at school.

    Have a great weekend all!

  12. haven't finished resume, but broke a lot of ground on it, thankfully! Decided to take more time on it, to make sure that it is the best that it could be. I am almost done, barring some rephrasing of the objective. Very proud of myself!

  13. Finished the final read through. My goal next week while still traveling--get rid of the cold I've picked up!

  14. Woohoo, week 1 of ninth grade is in the can. We had a good week, and though I know there will be some bumps along the way, I'm very pleased with the budding maturity I'm seeing in my son as he tackles the school year. :)

    Goal for this week: Get the proposal off to the crit girls.

    Glad you had a great last week of summer...and yay for writing time!

  15. I missed this while I was on vacation last week, Jill! We had so much fun riding horses, white water rafting, and hiking in Colorado.

    This week I'd like to get started on a brochure for my speaking.

    So glad your parents came for a visit!

  16. I'm glad you has some breakthroughs on your book! That's always a good feeling.

    I met my goal. I actually got all the way done with rewrites. Now I'm just going through and doing the polishing. :)

    My goal for next Friday: be close to or finsihed with polishing.

  17. *Clinking* my coffee mug with all the go-getter goal setters!

  18. Hi Jill -

    I didn't leave a goal last week, but I finished editing, "The Moses Conspiracy." Tonight, I emailed it to an agent, who requested the full manuscript at the Philly conference. :)


  19. Sigh. Got an e-mail from the editor saying we have one week to fix some issues with Rhythm of Secrets.


    Lord, I need you.


  20. Jill--I'm glad you had a good last week of summer. :) I enjoyed my last few days with my daughter. We even managed to go for a walk two out of the three back to school days...I did revise my pb ms. :)

    Goals for this week include: 2 elevator pitches,working on my ya novel and not stressing over the basment rennovations this week. :)

    I hope you have a wonderufl week....

  21. You will survive and how great that you can get some serious writing done. Hope inspiration comes and blesses the whole process.

    My goal is to try even harder to be patient and enjoy the ride.

  22. Actually this week did get away from me somehow. But that's okay, getting my head together and will start fresh on Monday. Lots of writing to do!

  23. Closets cleaned! Check! Now on to the basement. Anyone care to come with??

    Oh, and devote more time to my new WIP. And spend more time in prayer.

    Good luck on yours Jill. Setting goals for the next two months. You're my role model. ;)

  24. Sorry, I was MIA this weekend! Loved reading all of your goals. Great job!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!


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