Friday, May 14, 2010

One Goal Friday: May 14, 2010

We made it to another Friday! Sometimes that fact amazes me. Time is a pretty fascinating concept. How many Fridays have we enjoyed throughout our life?

Now some of you may be feeling a little blue today. The 2010 Genesis Contest (through ACFW) finalists were announced yesterday. I only recognized one name--Jeannie Campbell.(Congratulations Jeannie!!) So I know many of you feel the sting of disappointment. On a turning-lemons-into-lemonade note, it gave me a terrific excuse to make cupcake batter. Life becomes better when I'm munching on baked goods.

Time to set one goal for the week! It can be related to work, family, fun or anything at all.

My goal last week was to enjoy a few hours of alone-time in a park or at a museum. I did not meet this goal for a variety of reasons, including chaperoning a field trip, my van getting repaired from last week's accident, and a nasty migraine yesterday. Excuses, excuses, I know!

Here are your goals from last week.
Tabitha: Have fun!
Heather: Meet the previous week's goal
Wendy: Read the Bible
Lynn: Have an artist date to colour the sky
Diane: Bless five mothers
Jaime: Finish revising first 1/4 of ms and lose three pounds
Tyrean: Start new story with 5,000 words
Maria: Clean the house
Keli: Enjoy daughter's visit
Cindy: Scrapbook, critique (thank you!), and research
Erica: Finish galley proofs on ms
Julie J: 1,000 words a day
CJ: Move the "dorm room" from the living room
Paul: Three yoga sessions
Kelly: Three yoga sessions (congrats on your fast run!)
Katie: Plot out seven scenes
Nancy: Reevaluate a few things
Beth: Write 5,000 words
Patti: Pack for China!
Shannon: Finish revisions
Empi: Complete current chapter, plot next novel, stop and smell the roses
Quiet Spirit: Continue getting house in order
Maria S: Be friend with ex (good luck with that!)

How'd did you do?

My new goal? Rework chapter one based on critique partner's suggestions.

Have a fantastic weekend!

Please leave your goal in the comments section. If you are new to my blog, I'd love to read your goal too, but if you aren't comfortable, feel free to lurk!


  1. Hi, Jill! I woke up with migraine today! They are definitely yucky! I think I forgot to set goals last week. I've worked really hard to write more than 1000 words each day this week.

    This week's goal. I'm rewriting the last 10k of my manuscript. My goal this week is to rewrite the end of the story without worring about edits. So, I want to average 2000 words a day (except Sunday) through next Friday.

  2. I remembered to have some fun. I went running today and had quite a bit of fun :)
    My new goal. Have some more fun and relax. I need to remember to do both.

  3. My goal is to rework my old romance book and send it off in a few weeks to a publisher.I need to add about 4000 words still!

  4. I didn't read the Bible like I wanted to. I did have some wine last night. And by the time I cleaned up the kitchen it was too late so instead of whipping up some brownies I swallowed chocolate chips by the handful.

    My goal for next week is to get my author pics. Yikes. I have to idea where to put my hands.
    ~ Wendy

  5. I did get the dorm room cleaned from the living room before company for Mother's Day. This week hoping to make and get out invites to The Young One's graduation party.

  6. One of my goals for next week is to get a few blog posts written and into scheduler.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  7. Good morning!

    Heather: You are killing this manuscript!! That's awesome! Keep going! (Sorry about your migraine. Mine's a lingerer. Still not feeling great today.)

    Tabitha: Wow! You're a runner? I've been trying to jog a full mile. Haven't made it yet without having to power walk a section. Maybe this week?

    Terri: You can do it! It will be terrific!

    Wendy: Chocolate chips by the handful--I hear you sister. You did not want to see me with that cake batter.

    CJ: Oooh! Graduation!! Good luck with the party!

    Joanne: Good goal. I think I might snag it!
    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  8. I hope your feeling better Jill! Are you treating yourself to you a nice neck rub, or massage?
    I kind of met my goal-took an afternoon walk in an urban forest and obtained my best texture photo yet.
    This weeks writing goal is to edit my inspirational romance short.

  9. You're right. Life is better with cupcakes...and sprinkles.

    I finished the galley proofs and went back and finished a couple goals fom previous weeks.

    I critiqued the ms of a friend (She's really onto something special with this story.)

    The goal for this week:

    Finish incoporating crits on current ms and submit it to publisher.

  10. I just finished my first draft! Yay! I'm going to take a few days off, and then, start editing my old ya novel.

  11. Wrote 3,116 words, had plans change somewhat unexpectedly in my "real" life, and didn't write anymore fiction for three days. So I'm ready for a do-over. 5,000 words this week. I want to accomplish that before I make a different goal.
    However, on a fun note, I did get to take a fun field trip with my family this week, so it all worked out.

  12. I'm trying to research the Christian market and see if my writing really fits or if I can write it to fit:)

  13. I hope everyone met their goals. I have a couple this week.

    1. Write a little every day.
    2. Make 150 cupcakes.

  14. My goal last week was to enjoy our daughter's visit, which I did. Our one and only came home from college for Mother's Day. We took time out to look at used cars with her and found one we all like. My hubby and I will pick up the Fashion Queen's very first car from the lot this afternoon. Another motherhood milestone.

    My goal for the coming week is to forge ahead on my rewrite. To make it specific, I'll say that I plan to add at least 5,000 words to my wip.

  15. Well, I decided to forgo (wow, that word looks funny) scrapbooking yesterday for brownie making :) However, I did get some accomplished earlier this week. And my research is just about done. I read that entire book I got from the library last week and I learned a lot.

    This weeks goals: Finish plotting the new WIP so I can start writing. Finish this scrapbook already! And...begin my new workout routine. Ugh, I know BUT a friend gave us a Total Gym for free! No excuses now! :)

    Have a great weekend and good luck with your chapter revisions!

  16. I think I got about 3,000, which I would've totally been cool with, but then lost about 1,500 when my son dropped my computer :( It might be recovered, but I haven't taken it in yet to find out.

    Cupcakes sound fantastic right now. Have a great weekend! ;)

  17. Lynn: The picture sounds gorgeous. I did not treat myself to a massage, but I dropped a boatload of money on beauty products at CVS this morning, so that kind of counts!

    Erica: sprinkles...cupcakes... :) Good luck with your edits!

    Julie J: Awesome!! Congrats on finishing!

    Tyrean: 3,000 words is nothing to sneeze at! Glad you had a fun outing.

    Kara: Sounds like fun research to me!

    Elana: 150 cupcakes??? Good luck!

    Keli: Her first car :) How sweet! Enjoy adding those words!

    Cindy: Great job! And I'll think of you later when I'm huffing and puffing down the street. Jogging gives results but it's hard.

    Beth: Oh no! I've had more computer crashes over the past 12 months, so I feel your pain. Hope you can recover the words!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  18. I think I found five moms to bless last week. It' an ongoing thing for me to try and see how many I can bless in some way. :O)

  19. I managed to squeeze in last weeks goal of three yoga sessions & boy did it feel good.

    This week my goal is to get out camping no matter what the weather forecast does. First trip of the season, yahoo!

  20. I have a goal that I do need to be accountable for: I need to make a photo album of my Disney trip (which we took in Feb).

    Sorry to hear about the migraine. I had 3 in my lifetime and know how awful they can be.

  21. My goal this week is to burn through a majority of my edits and start my new WIP. I'm having a hard time with starting my new WIP while doing edits . Why is this such a challenge? Why? Ack!

  22. So sorry to hear about your accident (hope no one was hurt!) and then the migraine. I met my goal in an unusual way - I cleaned out our closet (so didn't exactly get to the whole house...). But this was a challenge since my husband's clothing shelves on his side of the closet had pulled loose from the wall - leaving a gaping hole in the dry wall!! So I had it repaired and spent lots of time vacuuming, dusting and then painting the repaired drywall.

    Goal for next week - sanity (since my 18-year old daughter is graduating from high school on Saturday, May 22). Keep those tissues handy!!

    God bless you, Jill!

  23. Diane: What an unusual and beautiful thing to do. I'm impressed.

    Kelly: I love to camp! Hope you have warm weather and yummy s'mores!

    Jennifer S: Our pictures are piling up in my house. I need to buy another photo album. Good luck with yours!

    T.Anne: I've been considering doing the same, but something inside balks at working on a new one while finishing an old. Maybe it's our parents' advice--don't start something new until you finish the old?

    Maria: Ooh, the closet sounded bad. Glad you fixed and organized it. Many congratulations on your beautiful daughter's graduation! Get several boxes of tissue--you'll need them!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  24. Jill--Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. :) (I'm doing a bit better today.)

    I didn't post any goals last Friday. (Nor did I accomplish anything.)

    Next week I will query two publishing houses on my hf pb and write two chapters on my mg hf wip. :)

  25. My goal this week is to finish my rewrites. I'm serious this time! :)

  26. My goals are unclear but I still feel like I'm making progress. :-)
    I hope your migraine is better now. Those stink bad.
    Thanks for letting us know about Jeannie!

  27. Hi Jill,
    I just posted an award for you at my blog, please feel free to come by and pick it up. Hope you are having a great weekend!

  28. Sharon: Your post was excellent. I went straight to Wendy's series. What terrific info! Good luck querying!

    Susan M: Good for you! You can do it!

    Jessica: You've had a lot going on. It's okay to take some time and go with the flow.

    Tyrean: Well, thank you very much! I'll be over!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  29. migraine? oh, so sorry. those can throw a wrench in the best of goals/plans.

    my goal for this next week is to keep w/ my 'one chapter a day' editing situation. I have to finish before school lets out!!

  30. Dear Jill: You are the sweetest for giving us the opportunity to post our goals! Here are mine for the coming week:

    Decide if I really want to enter the Writers Digest contest with a nutty poem I wrote. If so, get my entry in.

    Quit worrying about everything from sales at my paying job to my kids to our future. I call it concern, but it's nothing but stupid worry.

    Lose another pound. I've lost two so far on my 12-week program to drop a pound a week.

    Bless you,

  31. awww what a beautiful post! great for the inspiration and keeping up with life goals!

    i wish you the best of luck with everything you hope to achieve!!


  32. My goals: Get 100% healthy (which involves taking it easy- not my strong suit)! Do some writing & crafting.


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