Friday, February 26, 2010

The "Perfect" Writing Date

When you think of the ideal writing conditions, what do you picture? What about the session itself? What about the experience makes it the perfect date?

Here's my list of conditions for the perfect writing date:

- A private room where I can shut out the world
- Just the right temperature--not too hot, not too cold
- A computer is a must, as is high-speed Internet
- Time--no interruptions. I can write as long as I want.
- Good lighting
- Pretty notepads and pens. No ugly notepads

Here's how I picture the session itself:

- I review what I wrote the day before and love every word, every comma, everything about it.
- I begin typing with little or no "what should I write" thoughts.
- The words dive off my fingertips and race out of me at record speeds.
- I remember to back up my work.
- A Coke and Haagen Dazs coffee ice cream materialize by my side the instant I need a break.
- When I finish, I glance at the word count and realize I wrote 5000 words!

Okay, so what does your "perfect" writing date look like?

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Great question! I'm all about the Coke and the ice cream. Let's see...I'd love to have an open space all to myself, with a large window and a giant table to spread out all my notecards, pens, Post-its, notebook, laptop, and an endless supply of caffeinated beverages. My fingers are on fire with all the brilliant words spewing out--words that need no editing, naturally--and at the end I finish with a sigh of satisfaction at a job well done.

  2. Good Morning!

    Georgiana: I love your perfect date! And I'm adding a huge table to mine. I would love to have tons of shelves and organizers.

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  3. No interruptions is definitely TOP of my list!! Inspiring music, coffee and good chocolate! :-)

  4. Yes, a large block of time with no interruptions. Some people talk about writing in 20 min spurts--but sometimes it takes me that long to get ready to write. LOL! I find that I am more inspired on rainey/snowy days, as well. I'm not struck with the desire or energy to go outside for awhile. lol... Also diet soda and gummy bears are a must. :)

  5. Mine looks a lot like yours. I need quiet to write and a computer. And time. >.<

    I love the feeling of slipping back beneath my characters' skins, readjusting, and going out and Doing Things. >:)

  6. Quiet room with toddler proof doors. All my material within easy reach, never ending supply of fresh ideas, big window and inspiring music along with some snacks!

  7. Jody: No interruptions--a lovely thought!

    Ralene: Hours and hours of time would be beautiful!

    Danyelle: It's hard to dive right in. I agree, having the time to get back in touch with characters is necessary.

    Kara: Toddler proof doors! Ha! Love it!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  8. Pretty much the same as yours, with a quietness to the room. And I'd need a good drizzle of hot fudge syrup on that Haagen Dazs coffee ice cream :)

  9. My perfect writing date includes:

    1. Quiet
    2. No interruptions - no tele-
    marketing calls.
    3. A large mug of Tazo Calm tea.
    4. Chocolate
    5. A computer that cooperates and
    doesn't start giving me warning
    messages. (I now have one. Yay!)
    6. A heart and brain overflowing
    with story ideas.

    Very cool post, Jill. :)


  10. I always have people answer this question as part of my Writing Abundance workshops. My perfect writing date is actually a writing weekend in a small cottage with a fireplace. There's a desk to work at, as well as an easy chair to move to when I want a change of scenery. I've got my laptop, my Moleskine journal, good fountain pens in a variety of colors, and time, glorious time to sink deeply into my work.

  11. You've described it well and I would copy much of what you said. With the addition of a nap. I always write better after a nap. I'm so often tired.

  12. I can't work if it's quiet. I like the TV on, kids in the room, etc. It makes me feel less isolated and more like a person. I wear headphones to cancel out the TV, but then I turn on music.

    I need time the most. Time to get lost in the story, the emotions, the characters. Unfortunately that's what I have the least of.

  13. Me, my tool box of writing books, the Holy Spirit, my hunter's ear muffs (i.e. lots of quiet) My children drifting around me. That's pretty much how it is on a daily basis.

  14. VERY COOL. LOOOOVE that photo!
    Hmmm. A favorite CD streaming from the player, ideas percolating so fast, my fingers struggle to keep up. Pages scrolling so fast, I'm not even counting.
    Good writing looking up from the screen and grinning at me.
    The Holy Spirit perched near my shoulder, checking out every word.

    Have a great weekend!


  15. Jill - that is so cool. Does it happen very often?

    My perfect writing time happened this morning. I wasn't even in writing mode, but my thoughts took over and I had to grap paper and pen. Things expanded and I had produced something. I love that.

  16. Hmm, normally I'm terrible at planning dates.

    I would start with a comfy chaise lounge in my family room, an empty quiet house. Words that spill with no interruption, beautiful prose for pages.

  17. Hmm... I'm in the shade so I can see my screen, but I'm outside. On a porch somewhere. Definitely. With a bottomless glass of Coca-Cola and a plate of fudge. :0)

  18. Fun!

    1. Caribou Earl Grey Tea
    2. Laptop (w/ extra batteries for the wireless mouse)
    3. NO time contraints.

  19. I would probably need snacks and water too. Sunshine helps also. :O)

  20. I'm with you! Sounds great:) I'd add some water, a diet coke, and some chocolate rice cakes.
    Happy weekend,

  21. Solitude. It would definitely include solitude. Then, I need coffee, snacks, and a comfy chair. :-)

    I LOVE the picture.

  22. Joanne: How could I have forgotten the hot fudge??

    Susan J: Oh, I feel your pain. My computers have been nothing but trouble lately. *Hugs*

    Charlotte: Welcome! Cottage? Fireplace? Take me with you! I'm more relaxed just thinking of it.

    Tess: One nap, coming right up!

    Elana: Time. I want more too!

    T.Anne: Hunter's ear muffs--hilarious!

    Patti: There's nothing like being in the zone!

    Nancy: You know, I have to say it's not rare. Not regular, either!

    Tamika: Nice! I think you're good at making this date.

    Kristen: You have fudge?? I want some too. Adding it to my list... :)

    Erica: NO TIME CONSTRAINTS. Right on!!!

    Diane: Sunshine is a must. I'm sunlight deficient right now!

    Karen: I haven't tried those chocolate rice cakes. Hmm...I might have to buy a bag!

    Shannon: Love comfy chairs. They're a must!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  23. My perfect reading day is pretty similar to yours. Except I'd have coffee and grapes.

  24. Perfect writing date...???

    My kids are asleep...and so is my husband. The house is clean. My music is on and I'm not thinking about bills, potty training, or work...

    Great date...

  25. Sharon: Mmm, grapes! Yummy!

    Brittany: Potty-training is so stressful. *hugs*

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  26. What a great resource!


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