Friday, February 19, 2010

Awards! Yee-haw!

It's awards season. The Oscars are coming (I didn't miss them, did I?) and the Olympics are in full swing; both honor the best of the best. I figured it's also time for me to pass on the awards I've been given the last few months. I am truly sorry this has taken me so long. What can I say? I messed up. I owe everyone Cadbury Mini-Eggs! Aren't those little chocolates delightful??

Okay, I got sidetracked by tantalizing thoughts of mini-eggs. Back on track...
Tamika, over at The Write Worship, gave me this "fabulous" award! I love the design and the thought behind it. Thank you very much!

I'm passing the "Your Blog is Fabulous Award" to:

Stephanie Faris at Steph in the City for her fabulous, intriguing posts.
Maryse, aka Wifsie, at BluAmaryllis for the grace with which she explains life.
and Robyn Campbell at Putting Pen to Paper for always putting her heart out for others.

The next award comes from Cindy at Cindy R. Wilson. It's the "Happy 101 Award," and that's how Cindy makes me! Thanks, Cindy!

I'm passing the "Happy 101 Award" to three bloggers who always make me happy.

Lisa and Laura Roecker at Lisa and Laura Write. They crack me up on a daily basis!
Tess Hilmo at Tess Hilmo. Wicked sense of humor and always posts helpful tips.
Georgiana Daniels at Georgiana Daniels. Love her honest and relatable posts.

Jennifer Shirk at Me, My Muse and I gave the "Helpful Blogger Award" to me. This one has rules.

1. Post one thing no one knows about me.
2. Quote one sentence from a favorite book.
3. Pass it on to seven bloggers.

1. I don't think there is one thing NO ONE knows about me. Hmm... Well, here's a possible one. When I was about ten, I fell in love with Noel Streatfeild's "Shoe" series of books. After reading "Skating Shoes," I attempted to ice skate in our frozen corn-field. I actually did a few figure eights, but corn stalks poked up through the ice, and let's just say, I didn't attempt skating again for a long, long time!

2. Mary Wibberley's Man of Power is one of my all-time favorite books. It's a Harlequin Romance written in 1980. Here's why I love it:

"Well!" she gasped. "You take the biscuit! You're aggressive, bossy, and you have the nerve to tell me I'm prickly! There's nothing wrong with me, chum. Nothing at all!"

He began to laugh--deep, amused, his face transformed. Sara whirled away from him, incensed. "Don't laugh at me!" she yelled, and looked for something to throw at him--but he came after her, caught her, and pulled her around.

Seriously, is that not delicious dialogue? And who says "take the biscuit" or "chum"?? I love it!

3. Here are the seven helpful bloggers I'm passing the "Helpful Blogger Award" to:
Susan J. Reinhardt at Christian Writer/Reader Connection
Maria Morgan at Life Lessons
Kristen Torres-Toro at Write in the Way
Brittany Laneaux at A Penny For My Thoughts
Patti Lacy at Patti Lacy
Melinda Marie at CMOM Productions
T. Anne at White Platonic Dreams

The next award comes from the lovely and gracious Stephanie over at Steph in the City.

Here are the rules:
1. Post where you would like to be in 10 years.
2. Pass it on to 10 other special Bloggers!


1. I know exactly where I want to be in ten years: in a room with all of you fabulous bloggers. We're chatting about the amazing journey we've all taken. Of course, we're signing our books and passing them around. I'm dying to read all of your work.

Did I mention we're in Paris? Yeah, we are. And we are having the weekend of our life! It's all about us, and we're sharing the struggles we overcame to make it in the publishing business, but most of all, we are celebrating.

Here's a toast to the future and a toast to all of us!
The ten terrific blogs I'm passing the "You're Going Places Award" on are:
Paul Greci at North Writer
Jeanette Levellie at Audience of One
Jennifer J. Bennett at Jennifer J. Bennett
Jaime Wright Sundsmo at The Jaime Reports
Sherrinda at A Writer Wannabe
Tabitha Bird at Through My Eyes
Krista Phillips at Krista's ReflectionsAngie Muresan at Angie Muresan
Natalie Bahm at Natalie Bahm
Beth at This Mommy's Life

I literally could have passed awards on to thirty other blogs, but I'm sure you get tired of me talking about them! And for any of you who received an award but do not wish to accept it, that's okay. My goal is always to highlight fantastic blogs for those who might not be familiar with them yet.

Thank you all for sharing and making the blogosphere a welcoming place to be!


  1. Awwww, thank you soooo much! You are so sweet. I've been trying to unplug this week, but have had a hard time staying away from all the great blogs. So I've been lurking!!! lol

  2. Awwww, thank you soooo much! You are so sweet. I've been trying to unplug this week, but have had a hard time staying away from all the great blogs. So I've been lurking!!! lol

  3. Congrats to everyone on the awards! It is in the air these days, isn't it?

  4. Jill, thanks for the award! I hope you have a great day!

  5. Thank you Jill! I've never seen that one before and it's super cool. Congrats to you!

  6. There are some awesome awards out there!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Jill, LOVE this award! Hmmmm. One thing people don't know about you???

    Easy!! You gave me my first-ever award!!!!!

    Hmmm. One sentence from a favorite book? Why not one sentence from a hundred favorite books? I'm just being feisty b/c I have a deadline looming and need to take it out on SOMEONE!!!!

    "Sisters are overrated," she decided. Julie Lessman, A Passion Most Pure. SOOOOO encapsulates the theme of this book. It's been such a blessing to watch things change in the next two novels in the series.

    Have a GREAT WEEKEND, Jill! Can't WAIT to visit some of these other blogs.

    Thank you for helping me break into the blogging world. Yep, YOU.

  8. Thank you so much!! I surely hope I'm "Going Places" with as much caffiene/coffee as I've downed this morning! :)

  9. Congratulations to you and all the other winners!
    Blessings and Happy Weekend,

  10. Great lineup! anyone that can throw "chum" into a story is awesome to me too. :O)

  11. Woo Hoo to the winners. New blogs to check out...oh me oh my!
    ~ Wendy

  12. Wow, you must feel like you've won the Gold!! Congrats, and have a great weekend :)

  13. Thank you so much for my award Jill! ANd HUGE congrats to you for earning all of these fab awards. I'm totally with you, I'd love to be in a room with all of these great bloggers in ten years chatting it up about how we knew each other when... A girl can dream right?

  14. Congrats to everyone. All deserving blogs.

  15. Okay, I'm tearing up. Partly because the wireless router, which everyone says is, and I quote, "really simple to set-up," has been a hot poker in my foot the last two days, but I have it running again. Maybe, this time it's for good?? I can only hope...Anyway, your comments have made my day. Thank you so much and I can't wait to pass on a few more awards soon!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  16. Wow, thanks Jill! Would you believe Humphry Bogart is my DH's fav actor?

    I appreciate the award and I appreciate YOU.

    Shall I send you my addy so you can mail me the Cadbury mini eggs right away? I love those babies!

    Sunny Weekend,

  17. What wonderful awards and you deserve them all. And Congrats to all the winners, it will be fun checking out some new blogs:)

  18. Congrats on all your awards, Jill!

  19. My first award!!! Thank you so much Jill!

    First I just want to thank the academy and...wait...this is for blogging. Never mind...I just want to thank you Jill!

  20. Oh and have a shout out in my latest post on my personal blog...

  21. That ceertainly is a nice group of awards. I love the one with the fashior lady. It reminds me of the old Vogue magazine drawings of beautiful new dresses. And it would be so much fun to meet in Paris in ten years. Wow, what an idea.

  22. Woohoo, look at all those awards! Congrats to you and to those nominees. :-) You deserve these.

    I loved the excerpt you posted! Any chance Mrs. Wibberly is Australian? LOL

  23. THank you so much, Jill! Definitely a bright spot in my day, and an honor too :D

  24. Whew! You put a lot into that, Jill!

    Congrats on your awards. Much deserved. And I love your ten year vision!

  25. Hi Cindy -

    Congratulations on your awards.

    Thanks for passing on the Helpful Blogger Award to me. What a delightful surprise after being offline for a day!

    Susan :)

  26. I have Internet again!! All your comments put the biggest smile on my face. Thanks for coming by and sharing!!

  27. Aw, Jill, thank you so much. I really am thankful and so glad to have you as a friend. I will cherish this award all of my life.

    And congrats. Girl, you are getting the awards here. You go girl. =)

  28. Congratulations to you, Jill. You have one of the most informative blogs on writing I have come across. I hope you keep it up. Either that or write a book on the art of writing.

    Oh, and THANK YOU for the You're Going Places Award!

  29. A very belated thank you for the "Helpful Blogger Award," Jill!! You're too sweet! I'm honored that you chose my blog to be one of the seven recipients. Any time limits when it comes to passing it along?

    Looking forward to your next post! God bless! :)

  30. A very belated 'thank you' for the "Helpful Blogger Award" Jill!! I'm honored to be one of the seven recipients of this sweet award! I look forward to passing it on to seven more bloggers.

    Can't wait to read your next post! God bless!! :)

  31. Oh my gosh, I can't believe we're so late getting over here to thank you for this amazing award. We are so honored Jill! Your blog is one of the most informative that we read. You always have a great angle on interesting topics for writers. THANK YOU SO MUCH!


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