Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool's Day!

How many times have you been fooled on April 1st over the years? For that matter, how many times have you forgotten it's even April Fool's Day? When I was in elementary school, April Fool's Day was right up there with Valentine's Day for good old fashioned fun. No, it wasn't anywhere near the level of Christmas or Easter, but it was still something to look forward to.

I don't pull pranks on April 1st anymore, for the main reason that I'm horrible at thinking up a joke and even worse at pulling one off. I don't mind if someone plays one on me, as long as it isn't mean-spirited. I cringe at the lengths certain television shows go to in order to embarrass someone. Is there anything more cruel than making someone feel guilty over something they haven't even done? Terrible!

Packing Tape Practical Joke
Photo by lenore-m

But when I began saddling up my high horse, I realized that I am required to inflict pain as part of my profession. If my characters don't suffer, they're boring and unreadable. Who could read about someone's perfect life for long without gagging, throwing the book, or both? No. Pain draws us. We need to empathize with characters we read about. We share their pain, their joys, their triumphs.

I've cried many a time over fictional characters. If my favorite authors didn't, in essence, pull pranks on their characters, I wouldn't have felt the same deep emotions.

This month we're going to delve into another painful feeling: fear. So join me on Friday when we'll get the fun going!


Write Already! It's Wednesday!


  1. Good Morning Jill!
    I've been fooled twice this morning! I'm really gullible, but I'm terrible at fooling anyone else. I wear my emotions for all to see!

    You have a great point about inflicting pain on our characters. I can usually think of great physical situations that inflict pain. (Since my WIP is medieval, it's VERY easy!) But I find it much harder to inflict inner pain, at least the inner pain that isn't cliched or already overused.

    Hope you're having a great week!

  2. Hope the rest of your day isn't TOO full of pranks, Jody! And I agree, cliche's and overuse are to be avoided. Although, I still manage to slip a few in with every rough draft--ha,ha!

    Thanks for stopping by!


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