Monday, March 30, 2009

A Final Note on March

March can be a tough month for anyone, including me, who lives in northern climates. I've already survived a solid five months of winter and believe me, I'm ready to pack away the sweaters, the winter coat, and gloves.

When I'm writing a book, there comes a point when I feel exactly like I do at the end of March. It's always at the same place: about three-quarters into a manuscript. I get to the tail end of the middle, and I'm poised to write the black moment, but the entire process begins to weary me. I can't wait to get to the big finale, but more key scenes need to be written first.

I'm so tired
Photo by jpockele

Are there aspects of writing that tire you? Spots where you just can't wait to get on with it--you know--get to the good stuff? Or is it all good stuff for you? If it is, than I'm jealous!

What do you do to get through those final scenes? What strategies get the pages out?

I plow through, rewarding myself with chocolate and coffee. Another approach (and probably a healthier one) would be to skip to the good stuff. That's correct. Go ahead and write that black moment; whiz through the finale. You can come back and fill in the blank scenes afterward, when you're re-energized.

That's the nice thing about writing. You can skip to the good parts.

If only I could skip to the apple blossoms on the trees instead of waiting for the buds to appear...

Springtime flowers.
Photo by beamillion

Join me on Wednesday--APRIL!!!--when we'll begin a discussion about fear.


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  1. Hi Jill,
    What adorable pictures! I totally understand your desire for spring! After months of darkness and cold, we Michiganers are so excited for any aspect of spring: seeing a robin, a few blades of green grass, the tiny prennials poking through! Anything, right?

    As a historical writer, I get bogged down when I start a new scene that requires a lot of research. I tend to zip through some scenes, but then lose momentum when I have to stop to research. Sometimes near the end of the book, when I've already got the research done I can write much more freely. Hope that makes sense!

  2. It makes perfect sense to me, Jody. If only all research was a one-stop shot. Time just slips away as I hop from source to source. I feel your pain.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. us new yorkers are excited for spring too!!!! I can't wait. I get bogged down when I can't think of way to write that conveys the exact feeling I want to come across. Sometimes its not finding the right words or even the right environment to write in! So, yes, I reward myself with coffee as well...and sometimes it takes some great music to get those weary juices flowing again :)

  4. I'm guessing spring is pretty spectacular in NY. I have a mental picture of lush greenery surrounded by trees in full blossom.

    And now you've got my interest piqued--what music would you recommend? I love trying new (to me) artists.

    Thanks Amber!

  5. oh i can't wait for the greenery here! New York is amazing in the summer and the fall...the I will ABSOLUTELY give you a few ideas. I listen to anything and i don't have a specific genre, but whatever works!

  6. Amber, I find myself drawn to different genres of music seasonally. Right now I'm listening to a lot of Christian pop, but I have a feeling I'll be into the top 40 stuff soon.
    Thanks again for stopping by!


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