Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Walking Turns the Brain On

I finished the revisions for my latest book and sent it off to a few generous souls who had offered to critique it. While waiting for their comments, I started plotting my new book. You'd think I would focus exclusively on the new one, right?


Oh, I'm doing the necessary research and outlining the plot (it's going to be a blast to write!), but my mind keeps returning to the just-finished manuscript. And, as I try to swish the doubts from my mind, little things pop up, but in a random way, leaving me feeling queasy. Did I wrap up the loose ends? Did I sustain the conflict? Is my grammar horrific? Am I lying to myself--should I just burn the whole thing? (I feel sorry my brain was assigned to me. It could have gotten a normal human, but no, it's stuck with Ms. Neurotic.)

I've found the solution to all the angst: I walk.

On Saturday, I headed outside with my warm coat, ear muffs, gloves, and sneakers. The light drizzle and gray cloud cover didn't stop me. I needed the frigid air, needed the blood in my veins to flow. About halfway through this power walk, I realized I had indeed left a loose end. Did it terrify me? Oh no. Instead, I felt the sweet sense of relief. After all, I can't fix a problem until I know it exists.

That's why I love walking. It somehow alligns my thought process to reveal things I need to know.

If you ever get the crippling doubts or the raging fears, try walking. Just go out and walk. It won't solve all of your problems, but it might just solve one of them.

Enjoy your week!

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