Monday, September 8, 2008

Random Acts of Romance

Last week, I went to the beach on a most gorgeous, sunshine-filled day. The waves leapt with joy as children frolicked in them. Up and down the beach, couples reclined on blankets and lawn chairs with coolers nearby. The smell of barbecue mingled with the fresh sea air. Seagulls circled above, lurking for that stray potato chip which might suddenly appear.

The atmosphere simultaneously felt laid-back and festive. As I scanned the faces of strangers, I detected no tension, only happiness. Sunshine will do that to you.

A couple lie facing each other on a blanket about 20 feet away from me. Maybe it's not polite to stare at strangers, but in this instance, I couldn't help myself. They were just too cute. I'd guess they were in their late sixties, and they seemed so much in love.

The man kept carressing the woman's shoulder. They talked the entire time I watched them, and I couldn't help but notice the love shining in the woman's eyes. Everything he said lit up her eyes bringing crinkles into the corners. They seemed genuinely happy and content on their small blanket, touching each other, talking to each other.

And I have to say, my heart always sings at romance and I can't really relate to the Grinch, but even I understood how the Grinch felt when his heart grew. When you see people so obviously in love, you're hard pressed not to feel your own heart expand.

If I had to define romance, I would say it's the connection between two people who deeply care about each other. It isn't flowers, candy, a backrub, a special dinner--all of these things are great--but the desire to make your loved one's day a little better. The enjoyment of sharing special moments is what romance is all about.

Because I can tell you right now, there is nothing more romantic than sharing a blanket on the beach, looking in each other's eyes, and listening to each other. What a lovely example to follow.

Enjoy your week.

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