Monday, January 19, 2015

Pardon My Mess

All January I've been working on a new website. I'm starting the transfer process this week, and most of my current website will be disabled. My blog will still be functioning on Wednesday when I have a terrific guest lined up, so be sure to stop by then!

It feels good to "clean" my cyber home. I cleaned out our hall closet, my bedroom closet and my entire office recently too.

Do you get hit by the organizing bug this time of year?

Thank you! Hope you're having a wonderful January so far!


  1. I'm trying to keep the cleaning bug a year long habit. Daily and weekly chores so the house is always tidy (or quick to pick up!). Spring and Fall cleaning won't be massive chores because these chores are incorported in the weekly stuff. The schedule is loosely based on Zones with the mission cleaning for things in my house. Hopefully, no more cleaning frenzy when company is coming!

  2. That's a good habit to make! I'm not a fan of the cleaning frenzy either. Sometimes I wake up and something snaps and I have to clean the whole house!!


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