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How to Stay Sane During the Holiday Season: Guest Alexis A. Goring

I'm excited to be hosting special guests for the next several Wednesdays! Please join me in welcoming Alexis A. Goring!


The holiday season is upon us and Christmas Day is less than two weeks away.

It’s known to be the “most wonderful time of the year”, but if you’re anything like most Americans during this time of year—especially Americans who are hosting their entire family in their house for Christmas dinner—you are stressed. You’re running around from store to store, hoping to be done with Christmas shopping only to find out you need more: More gifts, more food, more greeting cards, more money and more time! Your life around this time of year may look more like a tailspin than  It’s A Wonderful Life (classic Christmas movie) and maybe, just maybe you’re hoping to be through with it all so that life can be a little less hectic and you can breathe again.

I am here today to gently encourage you with this Bible-based wisdom which is, “Be still and know that God is God” (Psalm 46:10). Based on Scripture, this timeless truth which is also a song by Christian contemporary artist Steven Curtis Chapman, can give you quiet and lasting relief from the hectic holiday season.

What does it mean to “be still and know”? I believe to every person, it may mean something different but to me, it means that in the middle of the crazy, God’s love, majesty and promises to protect, keep and deliver us are still good and true. Ultimately, it means that spending time with God every day is important for me because He is my Rock and to spend time in prayer and study of His Word (The Holy Bible) is priceless because it is in those devotional moments that I find my peace in the midst of the crazy. It’s where my soul is soothed and my mind is calmed as God gives me a peace that as the Bible says, “passes all understanding” (Philippians 4:7). Try it and see what I mean—people will be completely amazed at how you can keep it all together and be so calm this holiday season, especially if you’re married with kids and hosting your entire family for dinner on Christmas Day.

If you take my advice to “be still” and “know” that God is God every day this holiday season, I’d like to know how it turns out for you! I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to survive this hectic time of year if you start your day with God in sincere devotional time with Him. Perhaps you can revisit Jill’s blog after New Year’s Day and leave a few comments on my guest post here to let me know how it went! I’d love to hear your stories of how God kept you sane, happy and blessed this holiday season all because you took time to “be still” and “know” that He is God.

May God bless you, keep you and protect you today, tomorrow and forever.


I needed this message today, Alexis! Monday morning was hectic with a capital H, but when I took ten minutes to pray, the day got a lot better! I love the Bible references you used. My "one word" this year was PEACE, and I find I'm needing it more than ever as the holidays approach. Thank you so much for being my guest today!


About Alexis ~

Alexis A. Goring is a college graduate with a degree in print journalism from Washington Adventist University in Takoma Park, Maryland. Writing is her passion. She hopes that her stories will touch hearts, bring smiles to faces, and inspire minds to seek God whose love for humanity is unfailing.
Alexis loves connecting with her readers! Follow Alexis on Twitter @pennedbyalex, “Like” her Author page on Facebook, visit her official website, and read her blog, “God is Love.”


“Be Still” as performed by Steven Curtis Chapman, 

*Lyrics to “Be Still” song,


How do YOU stay sane during the holiday season?

Have a terrific day!!

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