Friday, June 6, 2014

Playing Baseball in Cooperstown!

The kids and I are heading out to Cooperstown, NY for my son's baseball tournament! This is the tourney we spent months fundraising to cover the costs. It's finally here! We're pretty excited.

My teenage daughter is not excited about the prospect of camping and non-stop baseball for a week, but I'll sweeten the deal with plenty of short trips to the adorable downtown, and we'll take swim breaks. And do some fun girl stuff. 

One thing I'm extremely grateful for? All the terrific parents. My son has played for two competitive baseball teams, and both had wonderful parents. Spending a week with people we like makes the experience that much nicer!

If you're looking for ways to raise money for a youth team or organization, check out my article on how we raised over $20,000 for this tournament, "Fundraising Methods for Youth Sports Teams." (Huge shout-out to our generous community!!)

I'll share plenty of pictures when I get back. See you on Wednesday, June 18 with a very special guest for Writer's Life!!

Baseball screams "summer" to me. What screams "summer" to you?

Have an amazing week!


  1. Sounds like a blast--enjoy the trip!

  2. Have a great trip! And Go Team! Summer to me is the sun room. TV, table and chairs, desk to hold art supplies and I am a happy clam

  3. Have a safe trip.Travel mercies for all.

    You ask what summer shouts out to us. For me, it means a beautiful outdoors. I love the colors of summer, they are so bright and cheery.

  4. Pee Wee Little League. Delicious ice cream from a local spot that makes their own. Chattering birds and croaking frogs here on The Three, summer camps, and missions trips. It's summer's revolving door!

    Have fun!

    Rhonda Schrock


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